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Travel Insurance Plan Types

Protection for Annual and Single Trips

We're famous for our love of travel in Singapore. But our travel styles can be very different. Some travel occasionally with friends or family to share the memories. Others escape every long weekend to chase personal adventure. That’s why we offer you a choice of single trip and annual travel insurance plans to choose from, and you can even buy travel insurance online from the comforts of your own home. 

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Annual Plans

Are you someone who takes every long weekend or holiday as a chance to fly off on an adventure? If you will travel more than 3 times a year our annual travel insurance plan was made for you. Buying an annual travel plan saves you time as you only buy once to cover a full year of travel and you also enjoy substantial savings over booking each trip individually. 

  • Travel for up to 90 days each trip
  • Enjoy savings with an annual plan
  • Choose cover for Asia or Worldwide
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Single Trips

Single trip travel insurance plans are designed to cover only one specific trip or holiday. Since you're buying your travel insurance directly you'll still save more over buying from an agent or bank. You can also book single trip plans with 2 or more friends under Group Travel policy to enjoy even greater savings. Single trip plans are a great choice even if you’re going on a longer trip.

  • Your trip can last up to 182 days
  • Single trip rates start from only S$14
  • You can even book last minute on way to airport
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