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Optional Benefits for your Car Insurance


Customisation for Every Driver

Enhance your car insurance plan with our optional benefits for each cover type

After you determine the type of coverage you need for your car insurance, you'll need to decide on your optional add-ons. Why did we leave these optional? Because not everyone's needs are the same and we'd rather you only pay for what you need.

Questions to ask yourself before choosing Optional Benefits:

  • Do you already have a favourite, trusted garage?
  • How good is your personal 'accident' insurance?
  • Are you currently saving extra because of NCD?
  • Do you frequently drive outside of Singapore?
  • Does your car insurance cover type protect you against all the things you need?

DirectAsia Car Insurance Optional Benefits

24 Hour Breakdown Assistance
We will send roadside assistance to help if your car breaks down. Not applicable for Third Party Only Cover.

New for Old Replacement Car
The same make and model will be replaced if the car is stolen or suffers total loss. Only applicable for Comprehensive Cover.

Compensation for Loss of Use
Get S$50 per day (max 10 days) for transport costs while your car is being repaired. Not applicable for Third Party Only Cover.

My Workshop
Have your choice of workshop for any Own Damage repairs you might need for your car. Not applicable for Third Party Only Cover.

Medical Expenses
Receive up to S$3,000 for you and any passengers if injured in a car accident. Applicable for all Cover Types.

NCD Protector Plus
Protect or advance your NCD with NCD Protector Plus. Only applicable for NCD30, NCD40, NCD50 and NCD60. Applicable for all Cover Types.

Repatriation Costs
Get reimbursed up to S$200 per person and S$3,500 for your vehicle towing back to Singapore from West Malaysia and Southern Thailand. Not applicable for Third Party Only Cover.

Personal Accident
Get up to S$500,000 in case of death/loss of limbs for the driver in case of an accident. Applicable for all Cover Types.

My Accessories
We will pay for or repair, as determined by us, covered accessories that were stolen or damaged. Not applicable for Third Party Only Cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you explain how your car insurance add-on works?

Unlike traditional car insurance covers, where everything is set in stone, our optional extra add-ons empower you with the option to tailor your car insurance policy according to your needs. Simply pick your base cover type and select the optional benefits you need above.

What are the benefits of add-on covers in car insurance?

Add-on covers ensure that you have a robust car insurance policy that works for you. Instead of having to fork out the sum from your own pocket, these optional benefits enable you to save a substantial amount of money in the event of unprecedented circumstances.

How does your New for Old Replacement car work?

In the event of a Total Loss or theft of your vehicle, we will either offer cash compensation or a replacement car to you; it will be at DirectAsia's discretion and approval. You need to submit the claim to us first for assessment before going ahead with the new car purchase. We will advise you in writing of the method of settlement.

How much can I insure my car accessories for?

Depending on the different car accessories selected, the maximum sum insured can range from S$1,000 to S$5,000.

Will I get a courtesy car while mine's being repaired?

We do not provide a courtesy car, but you can opt for our optional car insurance add-on called Loss of use.

With this benefit, we will pay you a daily rate of S$50 to help you with transport costs while your car is being repaired (up to a maximum of 10 days per accident and 20 days per year).