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Get an additional 10% discount on your car insurance

NCD60: First in Singapore, exclusively at DirectAsia

Safe drivers now save even more with NCD60!

If you've held NCD50 for at least the last five (5) consecutive years, you qualify for NCD60 and an extra 10% discount on your car insurance base premium.

How do I get NCD60?

I'm a new customer
Step 1.
Get a quote online or call us at 6665 5555.
Step 2.
During the quote process,
tell us your NCD level.
Step 3.
Have NCD50 for at least the past 5 years?
Congrats! You qualify for NCD60.
Step 4.
Buy Now and enjoy your extra 10% discount1.
only at DirectAsia
I'm an existing customer
Just 1 Step.
Call us at 6665 5555. Easy!

If you've held NCD50 with us for at least the last five (5) consecutive years, you don't need to do anything to enjoy the extra discount at your next renewal.

Other important information

  • DirectAsia will validate the number of years you have held NCD50 status, and the awarding of NCD60 with the extra discount is at our sole discretion.
  • For the purposes of third party records (e.g. Land Transport Authority), your NCD level will remain at NCD50. This extra discount and NCD60 status are exclusive to DirectAsia, and for our standard motorcar policyholders only. If in doubt, please call us at 6665 5555.
  • If you have held NCD50 for at least the last five (5) consecutive years but have had any gap in driving record during that time (e.g. due to sale of car and hence gap in car ownership), we reserve the sole right to decide whether or not to grant the NCD60 status. Please contact us if you have questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NCD60?

NCD60 is a fantastic new innovation to give even more savings to the safest drivers in Singapore.

Drivers who have held NCD50 status for at least the last five (5) years will get an additional 10% discount on their car insurance base premium, only at DirectAsia!

This applies to existing and new customers of DirectAsia, the first and only insurer in Singapore to launch this new innovation in the market. No other insurer in Singapore offers this great benefit to great drivers.

What do I need to do?

Continue to drive safely, do your best to avoid accidents and tell us if you have benefitted from NCD50 status for at least the last five (5) consecutive years. That's it!

This discount is awarded automatically for qualifying customers when you buy or renew your insurance with DirectAsia. For existing customers, the discount will apply on your next renewal; just call us to let us know - it's another great reason to stay with us.

Can I protect my NCD60 status?

DirectAsia Offers NCD60 customers the opportunity to protect their NCD status through the purchase of NCD Protector Plus for a nominal fee. This way, even if you have an at fault claim, the NCD Protector Plus will maintain your NCD level the following year.

It's worth remembering that DirectAsia will honour your protected NCD status with your current insurer if you've had an 'at-fault' claim - other insurers don't!

Can I keep my NCD60 for life?

To an extent. Like with NCD50, if you have qualified for NCD60, you can protect your NCD60 status by purchasing the optional benefit NCD Protector Plus which protects your NCD status against one (1) 'at-fault' claim during the policy period.

How does this differ from other insurers offering 'for life' NCD?

NCD60 offers an immediate discount for the safest drivers. Under other 'for life' NCD schemes, safe drivers only see the benefit in the event that they have a claim. We believe that NCD60 is much fairer, more rewarding and transparent - safer drivers save more with DirectAsia!

1Additional 10% discount is on top of the car insurance NCD50 base premium.