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Motorcycle Personal Accident Insurance


Upgrade Your Insurance to Protect Against Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle on Singapore’s roads comes with its fair share of risks, as accidents can happen at any time. While you can play your part by driving safely, one way to enjoy peace of mind is to get accident insurance coverage. 

The personal accident add-on is an optional benefit you can select to enhance your motorcycle insurance policy with DirectAsia Singapore. By taking up this benefit, you will receive up to $100,000 for death and/or loss of sight or limbs that arise from an accident while riding the insured motorcycle. Rest assured that your No Claim Discount will not be affected for any claims made solely against this personal accident benefit, and you will continue to be entitled to the renewal premium discount. 

Enhance Your Motorcycle Insurance with Accident Coverage 

Considering how motorcyclists are highly vulnerable to road accidents, and also face a higher risk of sustaining injuries, opting for motorcycle accident insurance coverage is a worthwhile investment. It serves as financial protection and a safety net for you and your loved ones in the event of such an unfortunate incident. Optionally, you may pair it with our medical expense benefit to cover yourself, your named rider and your passenger for any injuries caused by accidents. 

You will be eligible for personal accident insurance under any of our three motorcycle insurance cover types — Comprehensive (COMP), Third Party Fire & Theft (TPFT), and Third Party Only (TPO). For the utmost protection of your motorcycle, we recommend selecting the full Comprehensive cover.  

Receive a Quote for Motorcycle Accident Insurance in Singapore

While protecting your motorcycle is important, protecting yourself and ensuring financial stability is just as vital should an accident occur. Request for a quote online today! 

Have any questions about our optional benefits, or unsure which best suits your needs? Our professional advisors are here to help. Contact us at 6665 5555 or fill in our inquiry form here

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I’m in a motorcycle accident? 

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, try to remain calm and check to ensure everyone is safe. If someone is injured, call 995 for emergency medical services. Refrain from discussing liability with any involved parties. Call us at 6532 1818 in Singapore or at +65 6603 3699 (Overseas/Emergency) if you are in Malaysia or Thailand and our professional claims advisor will guide you through next steps. 

The General Insurance Association of Singapore stipulates that you should report an accident to your insurer within 24 hours (or the next working day) regardless of any damage. For more information on how to report an accident and lodge a claim with us, click here

Are there certain cases that are not eligible for compensation? 

Yes, under our policy terms and conditions, we will not pay if the death or bodily injury: 

  • is not directly caused by driving your motorcycle
  • happens more than 3 calendar months from the date of accident
  • is directly or indirectly the result of intentional self-harm, attempted suicide, suicide, or any physical or mental defect or infirmity
  • is caused by driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or medication 

What other benefits can I add to my motorcycle insurance policy? 

In addition to our personal accident benefit, you may select the following optional add-ons for your insurance plan: 

  • 24 Hour Breakdown Assistance
  • NCD Protector Plus
  • New for Old
  • Any Rider
  • Medical Expenses 

The available benefits depend on your chosen cover type. Learn more about optional motorcycle insurance benefits here.