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Compensation Insurance for Loss of Car Use


Compensation for loss of use is an optional benefit that you can choose for additional protection when you get your car insured with DirectAsia in Singapore. When you choose this optional benefit, you can get S$50 per day to cover your transportation expenses while your car is being repaired for up to a maximum of 10 days per accident, and 20 days per year. The purpose of loss of use auto insurance is to temporarily maintain your standard of living and ensure that you have other means of getting around while your vehicle is sent for repair.

If you rely on your car for daily commuting, you can consider opting for loss of use coverage on top of your car insurance. 

How to Get Loss of Use Car Insurance Coverage in Singapore 

We currently offer compensation for loss of use as an optional benefit for drivers who are insured under the Comprehensive and Third-Party Fire & Theft (TPFT) car insurance cover types. 

We recommend the Comprehensive cover for drivers who prefer complete peace of mind. When you get insured with our comprehensive car insurance, you are protected from daily dangers faced by you and your car, including uncommon dangers like floods, natural disasters and fallen trees. Generally, any car under 6 years old and younger, inexperienced drivers should get comprehensive coverage. 

The Third-Party Fire & Theft (TPFT) cover is suitable for those who don’t want the full benefits of comprehensive car insurance but still want coverage for fire and theft. We recommend this plan for cars above the age of 8. 

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Get additional protection with our compensation for loss of use benefit and save up on extra costs arising from unexpected circumstances. Obtain a quote in Singapore for our customisable car insurance policies today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who does your car insurance plans cover? 

We currently offer three types of driver plans: Value Plan, Value Plus Plan and Flexible Plan. The types of motorists covered under your policy depend on the driver plan you choose: 

  • Value Plan: The main driver and up to 4 other drivers named on your policy schedule 
  • Value Plus Plan: The main driver and any authorised drivers who are aged 30 years and above and who hold a valid driving licence for at least 2 years in the period immediately preceding the policy date 
  • Flexible Plan: Any driver is covered. There is no need to name any drivers. 

For more information, please refer to our Driver & Usage FAQs

What are the other optional benefits available? 

Apart from compensation for loss of use, we also offer the following optional benefits: 

  • 24 Hour Breakdown Assistance 
  • New for Old Replacement Car 
  • My Workshop 
  • Medical Expenses 
  • NCD Protector Plus
  • Repatriation Costs
  • Personal Accident
  • My Accessories 

More information on the optional benefits that you can choose to customise your car insurance plans. 

I’d like to make a claim. What documents do I need to prepare? 

You will need a copy of your SAS Accident report, Certificate of Insurance and your accident vehicle and make your way to any of our Authorised Workshops to claim under your policy. If you have any questions, please call us at 6532 1818 or drop us an email.