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Third-Party Fire and Theft Car Insurance


Third-Party Fire and Theft Car Insurance Cover

Basic coverage with protection from fire and theft

Our Third-Party Fire & Theft (TPFT) insurance plan is a good  in-between plan for those who don't want the full benefits of a comprehensive car insurance, but still want to be covered against incidences of fire and theft. This option is the suggested choice for cars over 8 years old with drivers who have more driving experience.

Choosing our Third-Party Fire and Theft option also gives you access to more optional benefits than our regular Third-Party Only (TPO) plan. With TPFT, you can add extras like My Workshop (for choosing the garage you want for repairs), 24 Hour Breakdown Assistance (for labour and towing costs from car breakdowns) and My Accessories (to cover your LTA approved modifications). 
However, do keep in mind that compared to our Comprehensive (COMP) car insurance (which is our most thorough insurance policy plan) there are still some areas not covered by TPFT. Our COMP insurance not only covers everything under the TPFT plan, but also incidents like car crashes, non-crash damages, and natural disasters or Act of God events such as floods. Besides the age of your car, the plan you choose will also depend on the level of your driving skill.

When do we recommend Third-Party Fire and Theft coverage?

If your car is more than 8 years old, you may not feel that it’s necessary to buy full comprehensive car insurance aimed at covering your car from common accidents. Nonetheless fire and theft are still serious events that a car owner might want to be insured for. This insurance policy scheme will not only save your pocket from losses due to fire and theft impacting yourself and your car, but also the injuries and damages inflicted on third parties and their properties in such events.
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Coverage & Optional Benefits in More Detail

Core Benefits Cover Limits
Own Damage - All Accidents Not Covered
Third Party Bodily Injury Unlimited
Third Party Property Damage Up to S$5,000,000
Own Damage - Fire Up to the market value of your car
Own Damage - Theft Up to the market value of your car
Own Damage - Natural Disaster/Act of God Not Covered
Windscreen/Window Breakage Not Covered
Accident Towing  Up to S$200 in Singapore
Deductible of Own Damage As shown in your policy schedule
Optional Benefits (For drivers and passengers)
Personal Accident for Driver Up to S$500,000 
Medical Expenses for Driver and Passengers Up to S$3,000 per person
No Claim Discount (NCD) Protection  One claim per policy per year
My Workshop/My Authorised Distributor Workshop Up to market value
24 Hour Breakdown Assistance Labour and towing costs
Loss of Use S$50 a day up to 10 days per accident, 20 per year
Repatriation Costs S$200 per person and up to S$3500 for towing
My Accessories Cost of replacing or repairing declared accessories

Frequently Asked Questions About Third Party Fire and Theft Car Insurance Coverage

Should I choose your Third-Party Fire and Theft insurance or another plan?

Our Third-Party Fire and Theft insurance provides quality coverage for incidences of fire and theft. Owners driving cars older than eight years old might want to opt for this plan. If you would like to review all the other plans we have on offer. Read our simplified guide comparing the similarities and differences between our various insurance policies.

How does your Third-Party Fire and Theft plan differ from your Third-Party Only plan?

If you only want an insurance plan that meets the least amount of legal coverage possible for you to still drive a car around Singapore, you can opt for the Third-Party Only plan. The Third-Party Only plan will insure others in the case of accidents, but not yourself. Therefore TPO is recommended to drivers with more experience whose cars are nearing the end of their COE.

What countries am I insured to drive in?

Your Third-Party Fire and Theft insurance will provide coverage when you drive throughout Singapore, West Malaysia and Southern Thailand (a distance of 80km from where Thailand and the Malaysian border meet). We also provide coverage for your car trips across the strait between Singapore and Tanjong Belungkor, and between West Malaysia and its associated offshore islands.