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Electric Vehicle FAQs


Electric Vehicle FAQs

Our top electric vehicle frequently asked questions

In line with the Singapore Green Plan 2030 initiatives towards cleaner energy vehicles, DirectAsia is offering motor insurance cover for electric vehicles (EV). We continue to leverage our digital platform for you to get your electric vehicle insured with ease, offer good value coverages and customisable insurance based on your needs.

Does DirectAsia provide insurance cover for electric vehicles (EV)

Yes, DirectAsia provides insurance coverage for select electric vehicle models (EV). You can get insurance coverage instantly by selecting the make and model of your electric vehicle (EV) and continue to purchase.

If my electric vehicle (EV) breaks down and I have purchased ’24 Hour Breakdown Assistance’ optional benefit, what should I do?

If your electric vehicle (EV) breaks down, and you had purchased the "24 Hour Breakdown assistance", please contact our hotline 6532 1818 or +65 6991 3555 (overseas) to get assistance. Your policy will cover a reasonable cost for labour and towing.

Does DirectAsia’s electric vehicle (EV) insurance cover for third-party liability related to the use of charging systems or cables?

All claim related to the use of charging systems or cables should be covered first by the property liability insurance covering the charging cable or system.

Can my electric vehicle (EV) be repaired by DirectAsia’s panel of approved workshop and does Lifetime Repair Guarantee apply to electric vehicles (EV) too?

The DirectAsia select approved workshops are able to repair electric vehicles (EV) and the Lifetime Repair Guarantee applies for the repaired parts as long as the vehicle is continuously insured with us.

Does my electric vehicle (EV) insurance cover in the event my battery is out of power

No, we do not cover when you run out of fuel or battery charge. If your electric vehicle (EV) battery runs out, your vehicle will need to be towed to the nearest charging station. Our hotline 6532 1818 or +65 6991 3555 (overseas) will be able to assist you but this will be at your own cost. Thus, do ensure your vehicle is charged enough to complete your journey.

Does my electric vehicle (EV) insurance cover for damages caused to the charging station?

Yes, as long as the damage is caused by your vehicle, it will be covered in accordance to the policy terms and conditions.

Does my electric vehicle (EV) insurance cover accidents while the driver assistance system such as automated driving mode is activated?

Yes, as long as the driver assistance system is approved for use and allowed by the local authorities.

Does my electric vehicle (EV) insurance cover if I drive outside of Singapore?

Yes, your insurance policies will cover West Malaysia and Southern Thailand within 80 km from the border of West Malaysia. As the charging infrastructure differs in these countries, it is important to plan the travel to prevent the vehicle from running out of electric energy.

I cannot find the make and model of my electric vehicle (EV) in your website. Can I get insured?

Only select electric vehicles (EV) models are made available on our website which can be purchased directly online. If your make and model is not found, please call us at 6665 5555 during our operating hours (9AM to 7PM on weekdays, closed on public holidays) for further assistance.

Is my battery for my electric vehicle (EV) covered under the policy?

If your battery is damaged as a result of an accident, it will be covered. We do not cover damage due to wear and tear, electronic, electrical or other failures or breakdown whether caused by the manufacturer or otherwise.

Do you cover electric motorcycle?

No, we do not cover electric motorcycle currently.

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