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You're protected by a Lifetime Repair Guarantee1

Our approved workshops come standard with all DirectAsia car insurance policies. We carefully choose the garages we partner with, ensuring both the quality and timeliness of their work. We choose only those workshops who can guarantee their repairs and who have a proven track record.

Guarantee on repaired parts
We are confident in the work done by our partner garages so we give you a Lifetime Repair Guarantee1 on all repairs done at our approved workshops (with effect from 1 April 2017). This guarantee:

  • Covers your own damage repairs as long as the date of the accident is on or after 1 April 2017; and
  • Applies for as long as you remain insured with us.
DirectAsia Most other insurers
Lifetime repair guarantee Up to 12 months repair guarantee
or until your car turns 10 years old

But what if you'd rather choose your own workshop/garage?
Maybe you already have a trusted garage? If you’d rather use your favourite local garage, select the My Workshop optional benefit. My Workshop gives you the choice of where to get your repairs - our shops or your own.

This benefit is only available for Comprehensive and Third Party, Fire & Theft (TPFT) car insurance plans.

Fast, helpful claims support
While your car is in for repair you’ll be supported by your dedicated personal claims specialist. He or she will keep you updated along the way and ensure your car is delivered back to you as soon as it’s ready.



















Effective 1 April 2017, Direct Asia Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd (“DirectAsia”) now provides our car insurance policyholders with a Lifetime Repair Guarantee for repairs carried out at our Approved Workshops, for as long as you are insured with us.

The Lifetime Repair Guarantee is offered on workmanship related to own damage accident repairs carried out by our panel of Approved Workshops.

However, this guarantee does not apply:

  • To repairs that you authorised yourself;
  • To repairs you arrange after we pay you the reasonable cost to repair your vehicle — that is, we cash settle your claim;
  • To deterioration and/or wear and tear caused over time, by using your vehicle and by exposing it to the elements;
  • To deterioration and/or damage arising from another accident;
  • To deterioration and/or damage because of abuse, misuse, and/or inappropriate use of your vehicle;
  • To loss or damage to or failure of any mechanical, electrical and/or structural nature not related to the original accident;
  • To manufacturing defects of the repair parts used;
  • When you fail to follow any manufacturer’s recall or service bulletin;
  • When you sell or transfer ownership of the insured vehicle;
  • When you no longer have a valid car insurance policy with DirectAsia for the insured vehicle to which any such issues pertain, e.g., if you do not renew with us or if your car insurance policy with us is cancelled.

DirectAsia reserves the rights to determine and decide how any fault caused by poor workmanship is repaired.

Don't just take our word for it


 My experience so far has been that the team in DirectAsia processed my claim like a "blitzkrieg". It was superfast and extremely efficient. Never felt the same experience with other companies before. Cheers for such an amazing service. I was greeted with a great smile at your office reception by a lady when I came to hand over claims form with other documents. I had quite a positive feeling that I am in good hands and it truly was. The claims was processed in record time of 2 days. I hope DirectAsia keeps up the same service always.

- Timothy Loh Teck Keong, DirectAsia customer

 Shout out to Elyn Pan, she's the claim specialist who helped me through the process. She was very diligent in updating as well as following up outstanding action items especially on my end.

- Estacio Jenelyn Ocol, DirectAsia customer



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