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Which kinds of gloves you can wear in Singapore - DirectAsia

Trust us, we understand. The heat and humidity in Singapore right now sucks. There’s just no other way to say it. To be honest the heat never really goes away, it’s just part of the ride here. Why on earth would someone recommend wearing leather gloves in this kind of heat? Gloves are already often too warm even in the dead of winter, much less when it’s near 40 on the pavement. But hands are exposed, delicate and fingers scrape way too easily. That kind of damage is visible for the rest of your life. Unless you’ve been trained not to, most will fall forward palms down to stop the fall. Add speed and pavement and that equals instantly shredded hands. Some have reported blood loss of 2 quarts just through your hands. I’ll deal with a bit of sweat to protect against that. So yes, it’s hot out, but wear gloves when you ride. View it as an extra layer of style you can add to your look. There are plenty of lightweight leather and textile motorcycle glove options out there that will protect you without adding too much heat to your hands. I’ve never personally scraped hands in a motorcycle crash, but just on a skateboard has been bad enough. Can’t imagine at 100 kph. It's not just falls too. When you ride rocks and other debris can and will fly up off the road and impact your hands, particularly if you ride without a screen. Some might ping off, but many of those can do some serious damage at speed.

A Note on Fingerless

They seem like a great warm weather solution and I guess if you scraped a very specific part of your hand they might be seen as worthwhile to wear. In the end they are definitely made more for fashion than real protection. If you see people rocking these, it’s all for show and part of the costume. Wear something better and get full protection.

Some Glove Recommendations

Roland Sands Mission Perforated leather gloves with a bit of extra padding in the knuckles and palms. Actually a bit toned down compared to some of the other RSD gloves out there, so if you’re looking for something louder this isn’t your glove. Icon 1000 Beltway The Beltway Glove by Icon 1000 is a French cowhide material fitted with D3O impact protectors across the knuckles. A well-ventilated glove with a mid-length wrist and a strap to keep it bolted to your hands. Get them in red to really stand out. Held Air n Dry These aren’t cheap, but they come with full Gore Tex waterproofing to ensure you keep dry as well as safe. They even have a built in visor wipe in the index finger. No clue as to how well that actually works, but in theory it’s a fun detail that shows they’re taking rainy riding seriously. Alpinestars Spartan Made for street riding, the Alpinestars offer extremely lightweight construction incorporating a durable microfiber and stretch air mesh main shell for ventilation and close fit. Added polymer knuckle guards help give you additional impact performance. Vanson Leathers Rocket The cruiser crowd should already know Vanson leathers. This zip up gauntlet is straight cruiser style with no logos or glitz. Just double reinforced leather where you need it most. They’re not the coolest on here, but some of the cooler looking if that counts more.

Keep Yourself Protected

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