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How to enjoy membership at all exclusive Vespa Club Singapore

“In the summer I turned forty I bought an old Vespa on eBay and rode it from Milan to Rome. The Vespa was a beautiful coffee coloured ’61 model with saddle seats and a little too much chrome. I called her Sophia after Sophia Loren and the Italians loved her as much as I did.” - Peter Moore, Vroom With A View
Can’t imagine writing something this compelling about a Hyundai Matrix. And whilst many people are sealed into their chilly metal boxes called ‘cars’, the Vespa rider is easily the most stylish, most sophisticated thing on the road. If you must have a car, the equivalent would be a VW Beetle. Every Vespa comes with a snippet of nostalgic innocence. There’s a reason why people look happy riding one, like the difference between eating at McDonalds or finding a little beach café tucked away on the coast of the Mediterranean. Not showy, not too expensive, just right.
“You know how much I want a Vespa. I’m Vespa Desperate. It’s a medical syndrome, you know. I see Vespas and I want to chase them down the street like a rabid terrier.” -  Elle Casey, By Degrees
If you are dreaming of getting a Vespa, or you are already smitten with one of your own, we have lots of good news for you. There are Vespa loving people from all kinds of backgrounds and nationalities who’d love you to join them at the Vespa Club Singapore (VCS), a non-profit organisation. Right now membership is only SGD40 for lifetime membership and you’ll receive a Limited Edition CashCard designed by VCS. Vespa owners who join will also enjoy a special VCS discount for parts, service, food & drinks, including 10% off motorcycle insurance when they buy from DirectAsia. And if that’s not enough, here’s a compilation of Vespa loving tunes to get you in the mood. Now as the Italians would say Carpe Diem. Seize the day. Join VCS and let the games begin!