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The famous bike club in Singapore "Vespa Club Singapore" - DirectAsia

Speak of Vespa and you can't help but conjure up retro images of the sleek city scooter and its hipster rider. The appeal of Vespa has never waned since its creation in 1946. Singapore has its own fan club - Vespa Club Singapore (VCS). While the club was officially registered in 1996, its origins apparently date back 20 years. The young adults that make up the majority of the members today seem to have lost its ties to the original members. “What we know is that a guy named Alvin started this club, probably out of pure joy of riding a Vespa. He wanted to bring people with similar interest together,” says Nur Azman, the current club president. VCS is not affiliated in any way to Piaggio, the company that produces Vespa. It is formed by true fans. That makes the passion in the club all the more authentic. They call themselves Vesporean, a smart portmanteau of Vespa and Singaporean. The club has been attracting a good following of Vespa owners. Nur Azman is supported by four other committee members that manage the club. They are in charge of organising events and keeping the Vespa buzz going. As a team, they have done charity events, rides during festivities and even marshaling at cycling events. They have, of course, ridden up north to Malaysia. “There was once when we teamed up with many other Vespa groups to rally together and just ride. It was a head-turning sight of more than 200 Vespas on the road!” says Nur Azman. It must have been quite a sight. They are looking into organising another rally soon. For most VCS members, being with other Vespa riders and enjoying the ride is the whole point of subscribing to its membership. But there are also some understated perks to being in the club. One member who is a menswear consultant is known for his OOTD, short for Outfit Of The Day. This attention to creating a ‘complete look’ started to rub off on the other members. They began to hitch a few free style consultations from him. In 2013, VCS organised The Singapore Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride that came with a sponsored photo shoot. And then there is the inevitable attraction between the guys and gals of the club that makes for good pulp fiction. “Some got together for a while. Some liked some, but feelings were not reciprocated. But one lucky pair eventually got married!” says Nur Azman. If you own a Vespa, or thinking of getting one, now is a good time to be a member of VCS. Direct Asia is having an exclusive 10% discount for Vespa Club members on our motorcycle insurance till the end of 2016. The investment is only S$40 for a lifetime membership. The club is open to people of all backgrounds and nationalities. “The love for Vespa shall bring people together. VCS always welcome back members who have ventured on to other bikes and yet came back to a Vespa somehow. Once a Vesporean, always a Vesporean," says Nur Azman. VCS is a registered non-profit organisation. Your membership fee will go towards covering running costs. You will also enjoy special deals on Vespa merchandise and with their participating partners. Most of the bike workshops you are familiar with are probably already on their partner list. So it is worth serious considerations. Check it out here.
"On 17 July 2016, VCS will be organising Viva Vespa 2016, a day of fun for its members. We look forward to seeing you there," says Nur Azman.
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