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Understanding Car Workshop Options | DirectAsia Insurance

Safe driving is important but the condition of your vehicle is also a key factor. This is where vehicle maintenance comes into play. With early intervention, you can not only restore the state of your vehicle but also maintain it. It also helps preserve vehicle value and appearance besides ensuring improved driver safety. After all, it won’t matter even if you’re practicing safe driving, if your brakes fail.

What Ensures Safe Driving?

Safe driving depends greatly on clear visibility and driver-to-driver communication. A cracked or damaged windshield increases the risk of accidents due to poor visibility. This makes it impossible to see other vehicles, pedestrians, wildlife, lights, and sign boards on rainy days. Vehicle lights, too, are a necessity when driving at night, so other drivers are aware of your presence and your navigational intentions. If your wipers, mirrors, and lights aren’t working this adds danger on the road and highways.

Moreover, a dead battery may not seem dangerous; but on the road, any wheel or engine failure may prove catastrophic. When brakes are not properly maintained, they affect vehicle reaction time or fail altogether. Whereas flat or threadbare tires may result in blowouts or can be dangerous on wet, slippery surfaces. In addition, improperly maintained engines may result in engine fire, so make sure to schedule regular oil changes.

In a nutshell, badly maintained vehicles put every road user at risk. Therefore, do your part and keep up with your vehicle maintenance checks. As some car maintenance routines differ from vehicle to vehicle,  make sure to check your vehicle’s manual for specifics.

Additional benefits of regular preventive car maintenance:

• Reduces future costly vehicle repairs

• Improves vehicle performance

• Decreases the risk of being stranded (if your car breaks down)

To keep it simple, if you want to extend your car’s engine life, then you have to service your car regularly.

Here are some everyday services which car workshops in Singapore offer customers:

  1. Repairing and replacement of flat tyres
  2. Replacement of chipped windscreens
  3. Replacement of key engine parts
  4. Carrying out annual services and MOTs.

Your choice of a car workshop is very important. At DirectAsia, you can customize your policy to what suits you. and if you don’t have a preferred car workshop or repair shop – you can choose from anyof our trusted workshops.

Choice 1: DirectAsia Car Workshops

  • Make your life easier by choosing a cheaper and trusted car workshop under us.
  • We have done the work and chosen a few car workshops in Singapore that come with our personal guarantee.
  • Enjoy a lifetime repair guarantee if your car insurance is with us.

Choice 2: Your Car Workshop

  • Maybe you have a car workshop that has been servicing your family vehicles. No problem! The Third Party Fire & Theft and Comprehensive policy comes with the ‘My Workshop’ optional benefit which simply means that you have the freedom to repair your car at any chosen car workshop.
  • Ask for a quote today and pay only for the coverage you need.

Getting Car Workshop Coverage in Singapore

  • DirectAsia currently offers the ‘My Workshop’ add-on for the Comprehensive and Third-Party Fire & Theft (TPFT) car insurance covers.
  • Opting for our pre-approved car workshops ensures that you are protected by a Lifetime Repair Guarantee for as long as you are insured with us.

What is the best option for car repairs if it is still under warranty?

  • Did you know that according to the Competition & Consumer Commission of Singapore, since 2017, warranty restrictions are no longer valid? This ensures your car dealer does not reject warranty claims when your vehicle is repaired at an independent workshop.
  • Choose from DirectAsia’s list of authorised car workshops or opt for the ‘My Workshop’ add-on instead.

DirectAsia’s Optional Car Insurance Benefits

  • Provides the option to tailor your car insurance policy precisely to your needs.
  • Opt for the ‘My Workshops’ option for a small fee.
  • Note that it is only available as an add on under 2 car insurance plans and ensures that your vehicle is serviced at reliable car workshops in Singapore.
  • Remember! Opting for the car insurance workshop add-on on top of your standard cover plan ensures that your vehicle can be repaired at any Singapore car workshop of your choice.