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Extreme Sports & Activities Travel Insurance


Optional Benefits for Travel Insurance to adventure safely

The Extreme Sports and Activities add-on is an Optional Benefit that travellers looking to partake in adrenaline-pumping activities can leverage to customise and craft the most suitable travel insurance policy with DirectAsia. Available for individual travellers, this Optional Benefit ensures that you are covered when participating in both non-extreme sports and activities, as well as those we deem as high risk.

As an insurance add-on only available with an annual policy, it guarantees that your insurance protects you from unfortunate incidents and injuries sustained while having fun with specific extreme sports and activities. Whether you are hiking, trekking, mountaineering, or scuba diving with a licensed guide or participating in extreme contact sports like rugby, this insurance add-on ensures that you are fairly covered and your travel adventures are enjoyed to the fullest.

So, if you would like to live a life filled with thrills and excitement, you can consider opting for a travel insurance in Singapore that covers extreme sports.

Getting Travel Insurance For Extreme Activities in Singapore

We currently cover the Extreme Sports and Activities Optional Benefit with an Annual Policy. When you include this Extreme Sports Optional Benefit to your travel insurance, some of the sports and activities included that you will be covered for are:

  • Hiking and trekking up to 4,000m in altitude without ropes or special equipment
  • Martial arts
  • Winter sports
  • Sports tours and organised races where you are competing against others

In terms of extreme sports that require a licensed guide or registered operator, your travel insurance policy will cover the following:

  • Scuba diving up to a depth of 30m
  • Mountaineering, hiking, and the likes in hazardous areas that require ropes
  • Skydiving, water skiing, bungee jumping, and loads of other activities that are listed under Section 10 here

Even if you are participating in non-extreme sports and activities such as fishing, surfing, and cycling, DirectAsia Singapore will still cover them under this Optional Benefit. However, do note that there are certain sports and activities we do not cover under this add-on. Rules and safety procedures must also be followed at all times, and appropriate safety gear should be utilised when required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is not covered under the Extreme Sports & Activities Insurance Optional Benefit?

If you have opted and paid for this Extreme Sports and Activities Optional Benefit, do take note that DirectAsia Singapore will not cover the following:/p>

  • Participating in sports activities as a professional or for incentives and rewards
  • Any form of racing that is beyond the scope of those done on foot, cycling or swimming
  • Any activity conducted above 4,000m in altitude
  • Participating in a range of activities without a licensed guide even when required
  • Activities such as ski jumping, BASE jumping, heli-skiing, and more that are listed in our travel insurance coverage
What are the other Optional Benefits that can be added to my travel insurance cover?

In addition to our Extreme Sports and Activities insurance, we offer a range of Optional Benefits:

At DirectAsia Singapore, we understand that each of your travel needs is unique. Find out more about all our Optional Benefits that you can choose to customise your travel insurance plans for your next adventure.

What documents are required to make a claim?

Making a claim under your travel insurance policy is a hassle-free process. Within 30 days upon your return from a trip, simply fill in our Online Travel Claims Form and have at hand proof of your travel and any other supporting documents. Our Claims Specialists will get in touch with you as soon as possible. For more information, feel free to reach out to us at +65 6532 1818 (Singapore) or +65 6991 3555 (Overseas), or visit our page on How to Make a Claim. With DirectAsia, you can adventure freely with a peace of mind.