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Car Insurance Coverage & Options FAQs

Our top cover and options frequently asked questions

Get all the answers you need on our car insurance coverage. We’ve compiled the top car insurance questions related to details of coverage as well as the option available to extend protection. Can't find what your answers? Send us an email

How does your ‘New for Old Replacement car’ work? Do I receive a physical new car? Or do I purchase the new car and submit a claim?

In the event of a Total Loss or theft of your vehicle, we will either offer cash compensation or a replacement car to you; it will be at DirectAsia's discretion and approval. You need to submit the claim to us first for assessment before going ahead with the new car purchase. We will advise you in writing of the method of settlement.

This benefit is available for Comprehensive cover only and will not be renewable when your vehicle reaches 3 years old from the vehicle registration date

Do I have to submit a receipt to prove the sum insured for my car accessories?

No, this will not be necessary.

How much can I insure my car accessories for?

Depending on the different car accessory selected, the maximum sum insured can range from $1,000 to $5,000.

What car accessories can I insure?

Here is a list of car accessories that you can insure:

  • Air intake/exhaust system
  • Body kit
  • Car camera
  • In-vehicle entertainment system
  • Rims/tyres
  • Solar film
  • Suspension/stabiliser system

Note that all your car accessories have to be LTA compliant.

What is an excess?

Excess refers to the amount that you are required to pay towards any claim. These amounts are cumulative and the total cumulative excess is payable by you.

Do I need to pay any excess under the Third-Party Fire and Theft plan?

Yes you will have to pay the policy excess if your car catches fire or is stolen.

What is the age of the vehicle that DirectAsia can insure up to?

Plan Vehicle age
Comprehensive Up to 15 years old
Third-party fire and theft Up to 50 years old
Third-party only Up to 50 years old

What type of car insurance plans do DirectAsia provide?

We have 3 different plan types depending on your needs. They are Comprehensive, Third-Party Fire and Theft and Third-Party only.

Am I covered for the modifications/accessories on my car?

Yes, we will cover your modified air intake, exhaust system, body kit, rims, tires, suspension/stabilizer system as long as these modified accessories are LTA compliant and/or approved. If you take up the optional benefit of ‘My Accessories’ to cover your Car camera, In-vehicle entertainment system and Solar film, we will cover these modified accessories with additional premium. All modified accessories have to be LTA compliant and/or approved.

Is my policy still valid if I have carried out modifications to my car?

Yes, your policy remains valid even if you have had modifications done to your car, provided these modifications are LTA compliant and/or approved.

Can I buy a policy from you if I purchase a brand new car?

Yes. You just need to tell your car dealer that you will be getting your car insurance from DirectAsia.

In what countries am I insured to drive?

Your policy covers you when your car is in Singapore, West Malaysia and Southern Thailand (this is the part of Thailand within 80km of the border between Thailand and Malaysia).

We also cover you when your car is crossing the straits between Singapore and Tanjong Belungkor, Johor and when you cross the straits between West Malaysia and the Malaysian islands offshore of West Malaysia.

Is my COE covered under the insurance policy?

Yes. We factor COE in with the market value of the car.

Are my windscreens and windows covered against damage?

Windscreens and windows are covered against breakage for repairs authorized by us and carried out at the approved workshop. We will charge an excess of S$100 if we have to replace windscreens or windows, but this is waived if the damage can be repaired. We will not replace the solar film or similar as a result of replacing the windscreen unless you have selected the ‘my accessories’ optional benefit or it was standard fitted by the maker/distributor. Do inform us before any repairs or replacement of your windscreens or windows. We will send someone to you to carry out the work at your convenience. (Note: This only applies to our Comprehensive plan)

Will I get a courtesy car while mine's being repaired?

We do not provide a courtesy car, but you can take out our optional benefit called Loss of use.

With this benefit we will pay you a daily rate of S$50 to help you with transport costs while your car is being repaired (up to a maximum of 10 days per accident and 20 days per year).

Who repairs my car?

You are allowed to use a repair workshop from our list of approved workshops. Repairs done at our approved workshops come with lifetime repair guarantee.

If you have selected our optional benefit of My Workshop/ My Authorised Distributor Workshop you can use any repair workshop of your choice for your Own Damage claims.

What if my car stalls or is damaged in a flood?

DO NOT try to start your car as the flood water may damage the engine. Call us immediately to arrange the car to be towed. Call in Singapore 6532 1818 or +65 6991 3555 (Overseas/Emergency).

What if my car is damaged in an arson attack?

If you are in or near the burning car, get far away from it quickly. Your safety comes first. Call 995 for the fire brigade. Get details of the officer who attends to the fire and a copy of the fire report. If your car is damaged in an arson attack, report it to the police so that they can investigate and find the culprit. Get a copy of the police report and call us to lodge a claim on In Singapore 6532 1818 or +65 6991 3555 (Overseas/Emergency).

What if my car is stolen?

Report it immediately to the police so that they can investigate the matter and try to find the car. Get a copy of the police report and call us to lodge a claim on In Singapore 6532 1818 or +65 6991 3555 (Overseas/Emergency).

Do I need to do anything if there's an accident and I settle a dispute amicably between myself and a third party?

If you agree to settle the matter with the other driver, there is usually no need to make an insurance claim.

You must still report the matter to us. It will not affect your No Claim Discount. Complete and send us a copy of the Private Settlement form when you're reporting the claim.

Can I make changes to my policy?

You can contact us to request a change to be made to your policy. Call our customer service centre hotline at 6665 5555 Monday - Friday: 9am - 7pm or email us at [email protected].

Please give us 7 days' notice for the change to take effect.

What car insurance plan should I get if I've had multiple accidents?

Our SOS Car Insurance is comprehensive cover aimed at high risk drivers who would otherwise be refused insurance or have difficulties renewing their policy because they have had two or more at-fault accidents. Or they have been refused insurance for other reasons including having made multiple claims on their insurance.
At DirectAsia we believe in giving people a second chance. Our SOS Car Insurance does just that! It takes the hassle out of buying your car insurance, getting you back on the road quickly and easily.

Are there any specific brands of car cameras that are allowed/ not allowed in order to have the car camera discount?

There are no restrictions on the brand of car cameras to be installed in the car.

Can reverse camera be considered for the car camera discount?

No, the purpose of my car camera discount is for policyholders to provide the footage of accident events. Thus if there is no photographic record/video captured, it will not be considered.

Do I have to install both front and rear cameras to enjoy your car camera discount?

Not necessary. As long as you have a front car camera installed in your car which is able to record continual video footages of your journey, we will give you a 4% discount.

Is there any condition upon taking up my car camera discount?

Upon accident, you are required to provide us the accident footage of your video camera. If not, an additional excess of $1,500 will be applicable.

What can I do to keep my premium low?

We make our policies in such a way that you pay only for what you need. Here are a number of ways you can cut costs on your premium.

  1. You can select your level of cover according to your needs
  2. The higher the excess you choose to pay, the lower the premium (only for Comprehensive)
  3. Certain car models are more expensive to insure than others. Purchasing a safer new vehicle will lower your premium.
  4. Choose only the options you need

How do you calculate the premium?

Your car insurance premium is based on a number of factors including driver profile which looks at your age, driving experience, No Claim Discount and the number of young and/or inexperienced drivers named on your policy. We also take into account the car's make, model and age. The excess you choose will also affect your premium. The higher the excess, the lower the premium. (Note: This only applies to our Comprehensive plan). Any optional benefits you choose will also affect your premium. Read more about the factors affecting the price of car insurance, and who will get the cheapest car insurance in Singapore.

Do you provide car insurance for my car that has been modified to CNG?

Yes, as long as the modifications are LTA compliant and approved.

Do you provide car insurance for my car that has been modified for the physically disabled?

Yes, as long as the modifications are LTA compliant and approved.

Can a person with disability but valid driving license buy a car insurance policy?

Yes, as long the driver has a valid driving license.

Why can’t I find my car model on DirectAsia’s online list?

Your car may be new, high-performance or a luxury model that requires more information for us to provide a quote. Do give us a call at 6665 5555 to find out more.

My car is still under manufacturer/dealer warranty. If I choose DirectAsia's authorized workshop for repair, will it affect the warranty?

It should not affect the warranty as the Competition Commission of Singapore had announced on Dec 2017 that they had worked with major car dealers to remove restrictions on car owners from using independent workshops. Car dealers can no longer use this to void car warranties.

Who will be covered in Personal Accident optional benefit?

The authorised driver of your vehicle at the time of accident.

Why does it say "market value" for the coverage limit of my car in the policy document?

The value of your car depreciates each day, and the condition of the car matters, thus the coverage limit is based on a fair market value as prevailing immediately before the accident.

Does your car insurance cover for loss of car keys?

No, we currently do not offer this coverage option.

My car is registered under company name. Can I get the quote online?

We do not cover ‘Commercial vehicles’ under ‘Vehicle Type: Z10/Z11R/R10/R11 Private Hire’ used or under any form of commercial, leasing, rental and/or hire and reward purpose

However, if your Company ‘Private’ vehicle is under ‘Vehicle Type: P10 Passenger Motor car’. Please call us at 6665 5555 for a quote. We'll be happy to assist.

Can I get car insurance online for my brand new car if I do not have car plate or chassis number?

Yes, if the model is available on our website or please call us at 6665 5555 for a quote. We'll be happy to assist.

Can my vehicle be covered for non-food related deliveries, i.e. parcels and other goods?

We do not cover your car if it is used or under any form of commercial, leasing, rental and/or hire and reward purpose.

Why can't I get coverage for Private Hire cars?

We do not provide cover for your car if it is used or under any form of commercial, leasing, rental and/or hire and reward purpose.

Will my car insurance policy cover my passenger in the event of death, disability or bodily injury due to accident?

Yes, we do cover your passengers under the Third Party Liabilities for death or bodily injury and there is no limit to this coverage per accident/person.

Is my panoramic roof or sunroof covered under my car insurance policy?

Such damage are not covered under windscreen benefit but will be claim under own damage section of the policy coverage.

Can my car be covered for GrabHitch?

We are no longer covering Hitch car pooling for new policies taken up from 3 August 2021 onwards. If you have an existing policy with Hitch ride coverage, it will cease on the current policy expiry date.

For complete information, see our Policy Documents & Wording
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