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Guide on buying motorcycle gears in Singapore - DirectAsia

Reader Shailesh recently asked us in our comments where to get good motorcycle clothing in Singapore? It’s a great question and one with many answers! Singapore is a great home for motorcyclists in Asia. With over 100K active riders there are shops catering to every style and segment of rider out there. Cruisers, sport bike riders and even vintage bike guys all have shops they can visit to get clothes that reflect their particular riding lifestyle as well as proper riding gear. This list is far from exhaustive, but will hopefully help you find the right shop for your needs.

The Style Rider

Love RSD, Deus Ex, Vintage Bell, and similar brands? Motorwerks is the place to go if you’re into café, tracker, or general vintage style and culture. Basically if you love checking BikeExif, this shop’s for you. Even if not, they have some great sportier styled gear as well. They’ve got everything from trucker hats and retro T’s to proper jackets and Kevlar reinforced jeans. Definitely worth a visit.

The HOG Rider

Prefer your arms up in the air, cruising to your destination rather than slicing through traffic? For most cruiser riders there is only one brand that matters, the big H. Harley Davidson has a full scale shop in Singapore as well as two clothing outlets if you’re just wanting to dress the part. Everything from the clothing line to the riding gear is heavily branded though, so it’s only for hard-core brand loyalists.

The Sport Rider

Have you ever imagined yourself on the starting grid at Sepang or just enjoy an aggressive stance over the bike? Sport bikes are hugely popular in Singapore with many younger riders starting their journey on the ever popular Repsol Hondas. Today’s sport bikes deliver power and performance that surpasses race bikes of even a few years back. So when heading out for regular riding or a track day, it’s essential to dress appropriately. Motoworld Singapore sells more gear than most will ever need from racing leathers to rain gear and everything in between.

What’s Your Favourite?

Have a favourite motorcycle shop we haven’t covered here? We know there are many in Singapore and these are only a choice few to get those new to riding started. Please feel free to share any great locations you love in the comments below.

Ride Protected

Always head out with proper ATGATT and make sure you have motorcycle insurance that protects you and your bike. Check us out for a free quote and see what you could be saving on your motorcycle insurance and if you have more than one bike be sure to ask about our multiple bike discount.