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Top motorcycle clubs in Singapore - What to Expect | DirectAsia

Keen to Join a Motor Club? Here's a Look at What to Expect
If you are passionate about bike-riding, want to make some enthusiastic friends and go on riding trips during the weekends, joining a motor club could be something you want to consider. As an avid bike-rider, you must have planned to join a local motorcycle club, but have had some hesitations. You might be apprehensive about how being a motor club member affects your life, the commitment level required, as well as how others might look at you. On top of that, most of these motorcycle clubs in Singapore are quite exclusive and have little publicity, so you might not know what they do and how to join one. If you’ve always been curious and would like to connect with like-minded motorcyclists, read on to find out which ones you can join and the type of activities/events they hold!
  • Harley Owners’ Group

Who can neglect Harley Davidson when we talk about motorcycles? The group consists of bikers who ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles with a passion. Currently, there are close to 200 registered members in Singapore and they are officially sponsored by the authorised Singapore dealership, Komoco Motorcycles Pte Ltd. Annual membership fee is at $57.65 and comes with member discounts, including discounts off Harley Davidson apparel, accessories and several F & B outlets. Contact: https://singaporehog.com/ Activities: Monthly member rides(usually to Malaysia), major destination rides, charity events, as well as Harley-Davidson Singapore events.
  • Sheriders Chapter

Established in 2002, Sheriders Chapter was created to share the passion for riding amongst female riders. The objectives of the group include uniting female motorcyclists and to provide support for women on their riding journey. Contact: Sheriders Chapter Facebook Group Activities: Riding trips, meetup sessions, charity rides and informing members on sales of riding apparel and accessories.
  • BMW Motorcycle Club

The official membership club open to all BMW motorcycle owners in Singapore. The club seems to be one of the most active around, with more than 3,000 members on its Facebook group. There is a one-time joining fee of $1 and memberships is renewable annually at $80 per year. Contact: BMW Motorcycle Club website Activities: Club rides, breakfast rides, club events and discounts on motor-related services.
  • Bishan Motorsports Group

The Bishan Motorsports Group is a registered interest group under the People's Association. It is an initiative started by a team of motorsports enthusiast at the Bishan Community Club. Membership is free and is valid for lifetime. Contact: Bishan Motorsports Facebook Group Activities: Focuses on live screening of various international Motor race at Bishan CC, keeping members informed of motor-vehicle related news and organising occasional carnivals.
  • Goldwingers

Founded in 2004, Goldwingers is made up of a tight-knit group of riders who seem to be pretty active in making short riding trips to Malaysia and Thailand. Their mission is to promote road safety amongst bikers, make friends through ‘winging’ and to live up to their slogan of ‘No Place Is Too Far’. Contact: Goldwingers Singapore Facebook Group Activities: weekly meetups for “makan session”, rides to Malaysia and Thailand It is always nice to be a part of something that excites you, challenges you and engages you with a thriving community. Joining a motorcycle club can be especially cool if you enjoy great company and are looking to do some longer rides to other countries. Before you go on your rides, remember to check that your motorcycle insurance covers the destinations you are travelling to. DirectAsia’s motorcycle insurance provides you with coverage when your motorcycle is crossing the straits between Singapore and Tanjong Belungkor, Johor and when you cross the straits between West Malaysia and the Malaysian islands offshore of West Malaysia. These destinations are also common areas where club rides are organised. Ready to take yourself on an adventure with your new bike club? Get an insurance quote with us before you zoom off!