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Aprilia RS 125 Review: Motorcycle reviews in Singapore | DirectAsia

For those who love to ride a sporty motorbike, you might be thinking of buying Aprilia’s RS series, especially in the resale market. We have consolidated here what netizens have to say about this bike, specifically the Aprilia RS 125. Aprilia RS125 was designed based on a Grand Prix model of theirs. The brand used their many GP wins experience in the 125 cc and 250 cc classes to build this model for the road. It is a two-stroke engine motorcycle that was first introduced to the market in 1992 and has since gone through many upgrades up to the present series. The Aprilia RS125 has a fuel capacity of 14 litres, and the seat stands at 805mm. The brakes are consistently highlighted as being exceptional, especially models made from 2006 onwards. One reviewer commented that the front brake discs work better than the rear because the discs are larger, i.e., 320 mm vs. 220 mm respectively. The front radial calipers were described as ‘sexy’ and that the forks give good control. Aprilia RS125 needs to be warmed up for a few minutes at the start, or it will seize. This is typical of a two-stroke motorbike. Engine seizure happens when the it loses lubrication, and the moving parts start to rub directly on one another. The heat and friction cause the engine to fail. One owner mentioned that the best thing about the bike is the acceleration. It goes faster than most 125 cc motorbikes and at the same time has superior handling capabilities. It is known to give a good ride with good stability when making corners. The motorcycle also does not lose much power even if you have a pillion with you. You need to use a good two-stroke oil to keep the engine in top shape. The exhaust positioning has been highlighted to get in the way of your foot positioning. When riding, you will find your heel resting on it. The heat of the exhaust can affect your shoes. However, it is a small issue. Maybe slight changes to your foot positioning and making that into a habit can mitigate this problem. If you are looking for sleek, stylish indicator lamps, you won’t find it on this motorbike. They have an old style look, but they do their job well. There is some storage space under the seat, but there is not much that you can put into it. This is expected for a sporty bike. So be prepared to carry your helmet and belongings with you if you are planning to own this Aprilia. Many owners have claimed that Aprilia RS125 parts are expensive, and the service charges can be high partly due to the two-stroke motorcycle oil. Some complained that this bike would start to give more maintenance problems as it ages. Overall, Aprilia RS125 is always praised for its look, style, ride quality and brakes. One line sums it up – Aprilia RS125 is worth it if you can afford it. Aprilia RS125 is one of the many bike models that are covered by Direct Asia. It just takes 5 minutes for you to choose the exact plan you want. You can save up to 25% on your insurance by buying direct with DirectAsia Insurance.

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