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5 Undeniable Benefits of Buying Annual Travel Insurance


Whether you are travelling for business or for leisure, a safe and smooth journey should always be your top priority. As one of most frequent travellers in the world, there’s a genuine need for Singaporeans to protect themselves overseas. Cancelled flights or a medical emergency can be an unexpected expense that can easily turn your trip into a nightmare. Aside from protecting you from unforeseen costs, travel insurance gives you peace of mind. In this article, we are listing down the benefits of multi-trip insurance for constant travellers.

It’s cheaper.


Although initially more expensive than single trip insurance plans, annual travel coverage can actually save frequent travellers money. Multi-trip insurance is more affordable for those who travel internationally more than 3 times a year. Fun fact: Annual travel policy holders can save as much as 40% off their annual trip insurance plan with DirectAsia.

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It’s more convenient.


It takes time to plan a trip. From booking flights to looking for more affordable accommodations, planning a business trip or holiday takes a lot of organising. If you are a frequent traveller, an annual travel insurance plan takes out the hassle of having to purchase single trip insurance multiple times.

It’s flexible.


Since most Singaporeans head to Malaysia or other regional destinations for business or weekend holidays, our annual travel insurance plan allows you to opt for “Zone Asia”. By limiting your annual insurance coverage to only Asia Pacific countries, policy holders can further reduce cost of their travel insurance. Countries under Zone Asia are Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, China (excluding Tibet), Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Macau, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, and Taiwan. For those who plan to travel to other countries not on this list, a “Worldwide” cover is more suitable.

It’s comprehensive.

Other trip insurance plans in the market lessen their travel coverage in order to keep their prices low. The great thing about DirectAsia’s annual travel insurance plans is we provide our clients with the same travel cover protection throughout our plans.   Rather than limit your travel cover, we allow you to choose between 3 different plan limits depending on your budget: Travel 100, Travel 200, and Travel 500. These different levels allow you to choose based on your budget and how much payout you will need in an event of a claim.