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Motorcycle Insurance | Insured Rider Categories


Motorcycle Insurance: What Category of Riders Are Insured?

Reading time: 3 mins

As the owner of your motorcycle, do you know that you have the option of adding someone else as the main rider or additional riders under your motorcycle insurance policy?

Although the thought of someone else riding your motorcycle may make you break out in cold sweat, sometimes having an additional rider can be useful. Besides a lift to the station, or doing the supermarket run, it can also be useful to know that someone else can ride your motorbike – insured – in the event of an emergency. 

That said, it’s essential that you have the right insurance in place first, before you hand over your motorcycle keys. Every bike rider has different riding habits that poses its own risks, so motorcycle insurance companies are specific about who they cover.  

To make it clear, the section below explains the various rider categories in your motorcycle insurance policy, who can be named under your motorcycle insurance policy vs. riders that will not be covered, and what happens to your No Claims Discount (NCD) if you add a named driver to your insurance policy.

Types of rider categories in your motorcycle insurance policy

1. Policyholder (aka Vehicle Owner)

This refers to the registered owner of the vehicle. Basically, only the registered owner of the motorcycle can sign off on the insurance policy document as the main or primary policyholder.

2. Main Rider 

This is the person that uses the motorcycle most frequently. Take note that the main rider must be aged 21 to 65 years old, with at least 2 years of riding experience.

3. Named Riders 

These are riders that you specifically list as part of your motorcycle insurance policy. They have to be aged 21 to 65 years old, with at least 2 years’ riding experience as well.

4. Authorised Riders 

These are family or friends that are not named within your motorcycle insurance policy, but you allow to use your motorcycle. 

Who can be named under your motorcycle insurance policy?

If you have listed another person as a named driver under your policy, that rider will enjoy the same coverage as you. You could also choose to add on the ‘Any Rider’ optional benefit that ensures all authorised riders are also covered with the same coverage when riding your motorbike.

However, all authorised – or – unnamed riders must meet the following criteria, to be covered under your motorcycle insurance policy. The authorised rider must:

  • have a valid Singaporean motorcycle license, with a minimum of 2 years driving experience in the country.
  • have no at-fault claims (meaning accident-free) for 3 consecutive years prior to the start of the policy.
  • not be under suspension or disqualification from driving in the last 5 years.
  • not use the insured motorcycle for rental or delivery purposes, even if the delivery usage is declared and selected within the motorcycle insurance policy.
  • ride the motorcycle only with the permission of the policyholder.
  • be at a minimum age of 25 or 30 years old, and a maximum age of 65, depending on which ‘Any Rider’ optional benefit is selected.

Riders that will not be covered under your motorcycle insurance policy

However, most insurers strictly exclude some riders from your insurance policy. Insurance companies typically will not cover you if:

  • Your application to renew your policy in the last 3 years has been declined.
  • Your policy has been terminated in the last 3 years.
  • Your license has been suspended or cancelled in the last 5 years.
  • Your motorcycle is registered under your company (i.e. business use).
  • You use your motorcycle for commercial purposes, hire or reward.
  • You use your motorcycle to perform delivery of services, whether on a full time or part time basis, unless you declare such usage truthfully and select the right cover.

What happens to your No Claims Discount (NCD) if you add a named rider to your insurance policy?

Adding a named driver to your motorcycle insurance policy won’t change the way your no claims discount is accumulated. However, it does mean your discount is likely to be affected if the other rider has an accident and makes a claim, as it will still be made on your policy.

Should you consider listing named riders and authorised riders under your policy?

The named rider coverage can be a helpful feature, but the benefits need to outweigh the costs and risks. If someone else will be riding your motorcycle frequently or for a long duration, like going on a road trip, it may be wise to add them as named riders to your policy. But, be careful who you add to your coverage, because adding a high-risk rider can potentially increase your rates significantly.

If you’re ok letting your bike buddies ride your motorbike frequently, adding on ‘Any Rider’ may be a better choice. However, do take note of the riders that will not be covered under your policy if they do not meet the criteria as stated within your insurance policy.

Before finalising your insurance decision, it’s always best to compare motorcycle insurance quotes online for the best options. If you’re undecided on which provider to use, consider speaking to a qualified insurance professional.