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One of the most common discounts you can get from your auto insurance in Singapore is Low Mileage. Apart from savings in your motor insurance policy, there are a lot more benefits you can get from this discount. In this article, we answer the questions you may have regarding this very favourable discount.

Can your car qualify under a low mileage scheme?

DirectAsia car insurance rewards drivers who spend less time on the roads with a low mileage discount.  We offer this discount through two different ways – Off Peak Car and to those who drive less than 8,000km per year. An Off Peak Car, or better known as OPC, is a scheme by the Land Transport Authority of Singapore to get more vehicles off the road. Under this scheme, the driver can only drive the vehicle on designated days and hours throughout the week. People who drive less than 8,000km per year will also qualify for this discount. This discount on your motor insurance in Singapore is suitable for those who use their car rarely or only drive in short distances. Best of all, cars that have less than 8,000km per year can carry over their balance to the next policy year.

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How can you benefit from low mileage?

There are so many different benefits you can get from driving your vehicle less. Here are some significant ways to save on your motor expenses with a low mileage scheme.

  • Cheaper Motor Insurance Motor insurance is a constant expense for car owners. If you own an Off Peak Car or you don’t drive your vehicle regularly, it just doesn’t make sense to pay the same car premium as that of a normal vehicle. Through a low mileage car scheme, you can save as much as 15 to 20 percent off your motor insurance.

  • Save on Petrol One of the convenient ways car owners can save on a low mileage scheme is through consuming less fuel. Based on the Land Transport Authority of Singapore’s 2015 brief, an average car in Singapore will drive 17,500km. By driving less than 8,000km per year, you can reduce your petrol spending by more than half.
  • Less Stress Whether it is being stuck in a traffic jam or getting cut off by a reckless driver, driving on a daily basis can take a toll on your stress levels. With less time on the road, not only do you ease the traffic congestion, but you also minimise your car related stress.

A low mileage car gives you all the conveniences of owning a car with less cost. This scheme is perfect for those with a secondary car, those who use the vehicle rarely, and those with an Off Peak Car. This can significantly reduce traffic congestion and, best of all, decrease unnecessary car expenses.

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