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Motorcycle Insurance NCD & Savings FAQs

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What is a No Claim Discount (NCD)?

A No Claim Discount is a discount that we offer you on your renewal premium if there are no claims on your policy during the current period of insurance. You may still be entitled to a No Claim Discount even if you have made a claim, provided you are not liable for the accident or in cases of thefts and Acts of God.

If You've Had Zero 'At-Fault' Claims For The Last: NCD Level Premium Discount
One (1) year NCD10 Up to 10%
Two (2) consecutive years NCD15 Up to 15%
Three (3) consecutive years NCD20 Up to 20%


We wish to reward safe riders even more with our latest NCD discounts which are the highest in Singapore and only available at DirectAsia.

If you are currently at NCD20: Your No Claim Discount at DirectAsia is:
For one (1) year 25%
For two (2) or more consecutive years 30%


Is my No Claim Discount (NCD) transferable to any other person?

Your No Claim Discount is not transferable to any other person. However, your No Claim Discount can be transferred from one motorcycle to another.

For example: You've sold your 10-year-old motorcycle and purchased a brand new one. You can transfer your existing NCD from your old motorcycle to the new motorcycle.

If you bought a second motorcycle, you can decide which motorcycle will benefit from the NCD you've earned on your first motorcycle.

What is my NCD if I have been riding as a named rider on somebody else's policy?

If you have been a named rider on someone else's insurance, you are not entitled to any NCD.

What is my NCD if I were riding a company motorcycle?

If you have been riding a company motorcycle and you then buy a personal motorcycle, you would be allowed to transfer the NCD. This is provided you can show the number of "claim-free" years you have with a letter from the HR department of your employer or from the leasing company, if the motorcycle is leased.

What is my NCD if I am a foreigner / expatriate coming to live in Singapore?

You may be entitled to motorcycle insurance NCD, if you provide us with a letter from your last insurance company stating the

  • Period of insurance
  • Number of "claim-free" years
  • No Claim Discount entitlement

What happens to my NCD when an accident happens?

Where an accident happens, an automatic reduction in your No Claim Discount will apply. Your No Claim Discount will be reduced as described in the table below if one or more claims have been made by/against you during the same period of insurance:

Please note: NCD25/ NCD30 that is protected under our DirectAsia policy is not transferable to another insurer and also does not necessarily protect you against non-renewal or cancellation of your policy by us.

Your current No Claim Discount Your reduced No Claim Discount if you have 1 or more at-fault claims
30% 0%
25% 0%
20% 0%
15% 0%
10% 0%
0% 0%


What happens to my NCD if I do not report an accident?

If you do not report an accident to us within 24 hours or by the next working day and/or do not provide your motorcycle to us for inspection in accordance with the terms of the Motor Claims Framework, we may reduce your No Claim Discount upon renewal of your policy as follows

Your current No Claim Discount Upon renewal (non-reporting)
30% 25%
25% 20%
20% 15%
15% 10%
10% 0%
0% 0%


Can I protect my NCD? What is NCD Protector Plus?

DirectAsia offers customers with NCD20, NCD25, and NCD30 the opportunity to protect their NCD status through the purchase of NCD Protector Plus for a nominal fee. This way, if you have an at-fault claim, the NCD Protector Plus will allow your NCD to advance to the next level (up to a maximum of NCD30) the following year. Most insurers will only allow you to maintain your NCD status when you have an at-fault claim. Find out more about NCD Protector Plus.

Is NCD transferrable to another person?

Your No Claim Discount is not transferable to another person. However, you can transfer your NCD from one motorcycle to another and applies to only one vehicle at any one time only.

I don’t know my NCD. How do I check what is my NCD?

You may refer to your existing policy documents or renewal notice. However, if you need help, please call us at 6665 5555. We'll be happy to assist.

Can NCD be split between multiple motorcycles?

Your NCD applies to you and not to your vehicle. You will retain your NCD if you sell your motorcycle. However, if you own more than one vehicle, you might have a different NCD for each motorbike as it cannot be applied to more than one vehicle at any point in time.

I have earned NCD on my car. Can this be transferred to my motorcycle?

The NCD on your car is not transferable to your motorcycle & vice versa.

How long will my NCD remain valid after I stop owning a motorcycle?

We will honour your NCD up to 24 months from the last day of your policy coverage.

If my motorcycle insurance policy is in force, can I transfer my NCD to another motorcycle?

Yes, you may. However, it is subjected to no accident or claims on your policy and additional premium payable by you.

For complete information, see our Policy Documents & Wording