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How to Choose a Car Seat Cover | Factors to Consider


3 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Car Seat Cover

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Car seat covers are not something most drivers in Singapore consider when thinking about car accessories. But, if you’re someone that spends a good amount of time in the driver’s seat, whether for work or leisure, then you should certainly consider the added comfort and back support a good car seat cover can offer. An achy back from the everyday shakes and rattles of daily commuting can take a toll on your body, which is likely to affect your driving.

 In other words, a comfortable car seat can increase your safety level while driving.. You’ll be able to focus more on the road, instead of battling with the discomfort you feel. By making minor adjustments to your car seats, you can make your car more comfortable for any drive. 

One easy improvement you can make immediately would be to adjust the position of your car seat so that your back is properly supported even as you reach for the steering wheel and foot pedals. Bear in mind that you should not have to stretch your arms or legs too far out in both cases. The other adjustment you can easily make is to get a neck pillow and a comfortable car seat cover that supports your back properly.

Read on to find out what you should consider when looking for a car seat cover and other varieties that you may find in the market.

What to Consider When Buying a Car Seat Cover?

Besides the all-important comfort factor, there are 3 other aspects you should think about when buying a car seat cover. Here’s what they are and why you should give it some thought:


1. Aesthetics 

Texture, designs and styles are important elements to consider because your car seats are a major part of your car interior and overall aesthetics. Good thing is, car accessory makers know this too, so most car seat covers are made to either blend in with your pre-fitted car seat material, or to enhance it with sporty trimmings and colours.

Some car seat covers come with statement centre panels and quilted seams, as shown in the image above. While other materials like leather exude a vibe of class and luxury. However, you should also weigh the following two factors before making your purchase.

2. Material

There are many types of materials that car seat covers are made of. There’s fabric, mesh or leather options. If you do a quick search online, you’ll probably come across various materials like velour, jacquard, canvas, neoprene, and even denim (but you probably don’t want to match your car seat when you drive with jeans on).

Your choice of material should not only be based on style, but you should also check on its durability, feel and breathability. Weigh the pros and cons and choose what works best for you and your lifestyle.

For example, velour is the basic material choice for car seat covers. It is designed to look like the original upholstery in modern vehicles so it’s ideal if you’re looking to add comfort and protect

your seats without changing the look of your interior. The material is soft and comfortable compared to the slightly rough and hardy jacquard, but not the most durable or waterproof. However, velour is a good economic, multipurpose option for any vehicle.

On the other hand, neoprene is comfortable, highly water resistant and durable. This material choice is suitable for you, if you lead an active lifestyle. Made from wetsuit material which is 98% rubber, neoprene may be a better choice for a hot climate like Singapore. The last thing you want is for your car seat to become a hot seat. On that note, leather car seat covers can get very hot during the day, although it does elevate in style. Faux fur might also be stylish but perhaps not the best option when considering the final factor below. 

3. Ease of Cleaning

Car seat covers can become a host to dust, bacteria, and viruses that you may not be able to spot with the naked eye. It’s important to properly disinfect your car every once in a while, so you’ll want to get a car seat cover  that is easy to clean. 

If you choose a fabric cover, use a handheld vacuum to remove the little bits ingrained into the seams. Then, spray on an upholstery cleaner and go over it with a soft-bristled brush. If it’s leather, use warm water and soap. Do not use bleach or ammonia-based cleaners as it can damage the leather. You should also avoid scrubbing it with a rough brush, as this will leave scratches. Depending on how often you drive, you should consider changing your car seat covers every 6 months to a couple of years or even before that, if it’s already peeling, faded or has a foul smell.

It’s also worth noting that some covers are made up of safeguarding materials, which can protect your car seat from rips and spills –  Just in case you accidentally tip your coffee over in a rush one morning. This is why water-proof, car seat covers are usually the popular choice that potentially trumps the rest.

black and gray car seat

What are other varieties of car seat covers available?

Here are some other varieties of car seat covers that differ in aesthetics, material and ease of cleaning. You may want to look out for these keywords when you do your search.

Universal Fit Flat Cloth – this type of car seat cover functions more as a protective drape over your car seat rather than an exact-fitted cover.

Anti-spill – another way of saying waterproof but also suggests that it’s easy to clean up any liquid spills.

Faux Leather – an inexpensive substitute to leather car seat covers.

Padded Memory Foam – yes, just like your pillow and bed, this type of car seat cover has extra padding to help cushion your neck and back better. 

Massage car seat cover – can help alleviate pain and soreness brought on by driving, with adjustable heat and vibration options. The massager seat cover also adds extra padding to your seat that helps protect your body from road vibrations.

Comfort is Key!

Comfort while driving is important, not only to ensure that you arrive at your final destination without pain but also to ensure you reach safely. Driver discomfort, aches, and pains can lead to distracted driving, which can lead to an accident. 

That’s why it is also important to get good car insurance. There are many factors to consider when choosing car insurance in Singapore, one of which is customization. DirectAsia allows you to choose what suits your lifestyle and pay for what you need. Take all these extra precautions and be safe as you drive in comfort!

Do you use a car seat cover? What type of material and variety do you prefer? Let us know if we missed out any worth mentioning in the comments section below.