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The Best Travel Insurance in Singapore 2020


The holidays are nearing and you may be considering going on a vacation, outside of Singapore soon. Some of you may even have heard or seen advertisements about travel insurance offers. Perhaps, this is a good opportunity to find out more about travel insurance in Singapore and which company offers the best among them.

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is a form of insurance that can help you to cover any possible monetary expenditure or incurred loss, if anything unfortunate were to happen while you were on holiday. Travel insurance also helps to shield you from risks when you are travelling abroad.

Why Should You Get Travel Insurance?

You should look into getting a travel insurance policy as soon as you book your flights and accommodation. It will shield you from unnecessary risks and expenditures in the event of any unforeseen circumstances, which is something you definitely don’t want ruining your holiday! Not only could it potentially save you tons of money, the whole process of getting insurance is also so convenient these days. All you have to do is pull out your phone or laptop, and visit a trusted travel insurance company’s site to get yourself covered.

How to find the Best Travel Insurance in Singapore?

The trickier and more time-consuming portion of signing up for travel insurance is figuring out which company offers a policy that is best suited for your needs. After all, we’re spoiled for choice by so many insurance providers in Singapore these days!

While the biggest factor could be finding the most affordable travel insurance that provides the best coverage, other equally important factors should be taken into consideration before deciding on your travel insurance plan. Some of these factors include a hassle-free claims procedure, 24-hour customer support, and of course, coverage. It’s also worthwhile to check out customer reviews and testimonials that might give you a clearer idea on a provider’s credibility and level of service.

The Best Travel Insurance in Singapore?

There is no single travel insurance plan that will be the best for everybody. We all have unique needs and holiday itineraries as well! That’s why at DirectAsia, we want to give you the option to customise your travel insurance, so you can maximise coverage and minimise costs! Here’s some basic information about our travel insurance:

For individuals:

  • Individual travel insurance plans start from only S$14.70.


  • Under family travel insurance, children get to travel for free with 2 adults.Covers you, your spouse and up to 4 children.


  • Suitable for groups with 2 to 6 members
  • Enjoy an additional 10% off with at least 3 travellers

While other insurance providers may have payable limits based on the age groups of an individual, we at DirectAsia offer the same payable limits for both children and adults so you and your family can focus on fully enjoying your vacation!

In addition to this, if an unfortunate incident leads to you being hospitalised overseas for at least 5 continuous days while you are on your holiday, we will pay for a family member or friend to be by your side.

Besides the usual safety measures, we also realise that some travellers may want to take part in some serious adrenaline -pumping activities. Instead of signing up for pricey plans that include these more uncommon coverages, we offer add-ons that you can opt for on top of your annual travel plans:

Extreme sports and activities:

  • Skiing and other recreational winter sports
  • Hiking or trekking up to 4,000m in altitude without ropes or specialist equipment
  • Martial arts, boxing or other similar activities
  • Organised races where you are competing against others
  • Sports tours where you are competing against other teams

You will also be covered for more activities if you have a licensed guide or are using a registered operator for your activities. To get the full list of these addition activities, contact us here!

Sporting equipment:

  • We will cover any loss, theft or accidental damage to your sports equipment. Your skis, snowboards, poles, scuba equipment, specialist apparels and more can all be covered.

Coverage for your helpers:

  • Families with young children may need the extra assistance while on holiday. Instead of opting for an extra policy, we provide an additional coverage to help you save, and also enjoy your holiday to the fullest!

Travel Insurance Singapore

Whether you’re planning on chilling out, or chasing your next thrilling adventure, we’ve got you covered with the best travel insurance wherever you may choose to go! To get yourself covered, just visit our website today.