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We love helping our customers get the right policy for their needs. Usually that also means savings since they’re only paying for the cover they need. Hear from our real customers on why they switched to DirectAsia and what they did with their savings.

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"I made a claim for damaged luggage wheels. After a few tries, I got through the claims hotline. The claims specialist was friendly & efficient in processing the claim. After providing the necessary documents, within 2 days, the bag was collected from my home for repair. The bag was repaired & returned 2 days later. Everything was done in a fuss-free & efficient manner."

"Quick response and painless experience when I made a claim. Very hardworking staff."

"Quick and easy claim process."

"Easy to claim, true to their word. Very highly recommended!"

"Quite quick in approving my insurance claim and also answering the questions I have."

"Direct Asia is really swift in attending to customer's claims. There is no form to fill and receipts and boarding passes are submitted via email."

"After I submitted my claim, they replied to me within 7 working days and let me know that my claim has been processed.  Good response and service from them."

"Fast response and easy to make claims. I will definitely buy travel insurance from DirectAsia again."

"Your staff was polite and helpful when I called in. He acted immediately by sending me the claims form via email. You also sent me my cheque pretty fast. I am satisfied with this claim experience."

"Amazing experience. Claims team is super helpful, policy is value for money and I love the coverage, it's more comprehensive than the competition. VERY HAPPY :)"

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