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We love helping our customers get the right policy for their needs. Usually that also means savings since they’re only paying for the cover they need. Hear from our real customers on why they switched to DirectAsia and what they did with their savings.

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"Fast response within a week for travel claims. Will definitely choose DirectAsia again."

"Fantastic speed and efficiency"

"I am satisfied with the claim process. Claims officer Ms Sharon assisted me throughout the process. Thank you so much. Will definitely recommend to my family and friends."

"Sreekanth was detailed and provided constant follow-ups. The updates gave me peace of mind for my case."

"Hassle free claims process"

"Prompt response. Professional language. Claims specialist is clear and provides concise information"

"Swift and hassle-free!"

"Fast response and efficient. Best thing is that I got full reimbursement . Very happy with DirectAsia Travel Insurance"

"Very helpful!"

"Claim payment is always very prompt."

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