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Customer Service Values

Our Customer Service Values

We don’t want to be a voice on the other end of the phone

If you call for a quote, to have a question answered or to renew your policy, our team of insurance experts will take the time to understand your needs and recommend the right level of insurance cover to match you and your situation.

It's important to us that you speak with trained experts equipped to handle your problem. Also that who you speak with is friendly, helpful and talks to you uniquely - you'll never have to sit through scripted service calls.  

Our goal is that you feel comfortable with your decision at the end of every call. This means you have all the right information so you clearly understand how your level of cover applies to you.

Our service centre was designed for you – easily accessible in the CBD. We're open until 8pm Monday - Friday, to better service your needs because we realise you can't always make time to talk about your insurance during the working day. 

Our Customer Service Values

At DirectAsia, we believe in being Bold, Bright and Direct. We regularly look through these values to make sure we're doing all we can to give you the best insurance customer service experince in Singapore. 




• We dare to be different
• We are decisive
• We try new things without fear of failure
• We stand up for what we believe is right
• We act fairly


• We are passionate about what we do
• We use common sense in all situations
• We make customers’ lives easier and happier
• We want to improve constantly
• We have fun!


• We deliver solutions direct to our customers
• We keep things simple
• We are straightforward
• We are transparent
• We do what we say when we said we would do it
Think positive

We Listen to and Use Your Feedback

Your feedback is taken seriously at DirectAsia. When you contact us to leave feedback we'll pass it directly to the team responsible for your feedback for their review. If anything's unclear, a dedicated staff member who handles feedback will call back you back to make sure your comments are completely understood.

Managers from every department meet regularly to discuss the feedback you share with us. They take your comments and discuss improvements and changes we can make as a company to improve your experience with us.  




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