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Customer Care Specialists

Insurance Isn't a Product, It's a Service.

Better customer service through comprehensive training

Our customer care team is central to who we are and how we serve you. That's why our team of insurance experts go through a minimum 6 week comprehensive training course before they ever handle a single live customer phone call alone. While most people think insurance is complex, our team will help you understand your cover. We aim to keep it simple, clear and transparent. You'll only buy what you need and you'll feel like you're in control. 

Our Customer Care Specialists help people like you make great, informed choices about the level of insurance cover they need. Call us today at 6665 5555.

Customer Care Specialists are Trained in 4 Key Areas

Value Training

Values Training

Their training starts with getting to know who we are and how our values of being bold bright and direct place the customer at the heart of everything we do.

Industry Training

Industry Training

Next they learn about the industry guidelines and Singapore regulations. They also sit multiple exams to gain the certifications required to serve customers.

Products Training

Products Training

Each Customer Care Specialist is tested internally by our product experts on all of our products so they can help you make the right decision on which insurance to buy.

Systems Training

Systems Training

Lastly they learn the external and internal systems and processes. Each Customer Care Specialist has the right tools and knowledege to answer your questions, first time. 

We want you to receive the best possible customer service every time you call DirectAsia. So, once a Customer Care Specialist has completed their training, our Underwriting and Product team pose as customers to test our new recruits. After satisfying our quality assurance program, new team members are allowed to take customer calls.

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