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Your customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority. That’s why you’ll work with one Personal Claims Specialist, dedicated to supporting you and your claim from start to finish. Our Claims Philosophy is simple and based on three components:

Our Claims Promise
Same day acknowledgement, a quality guarantee and speedy service are all part of our Claims promise to give you the best service, everytime.
Dedicated Claims Officers
Our Personal Claims Specialist receive quality training to ensure we continue to deliver exceptional service for your claim from start to finish.
Our Claims Values
Anchored in 4 key principles of Speed, Fair Paying, Greater Service, and Quality, it is our privilege to be there for you when you need us. 
Plan Limits
Here’s a quick, easy guide that shows exactly what you’re covered for. 



What if I've booked my holiday and I get too sick to travel? 

If you, a relative or travel companion become injured or sick before your trip and have to cancel it then we will help reimburse your fare and accommodation charges less the amount you are able to claim from the travel provider or carrier.

What if my father who is not travelling with us, becomes sick during my holiday? 

We will help reimburse you the cost for the rest of your planned trip (less the amount you are able to claim from the travel provider or carrier) if it has been disrupted due to an unexpected death, serious injury or illness to either yourself, a relative or travel companion.

What happens if the travel company goes bankrupt and cancels my trip? 

If the NATAS registered travel company becomes insolvent and you can't proceed with your trip as planned, then we will help to compensate you.

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