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News and Press Releases

  Car Insurance : Efficient and good service

Ahmad Fairuzi Bin Mohd Kamal
4 June 2018


  Car Insurance : Very good customer service. Professional and clear explanation given on the policy details.

Yuan Guan Terence Tan
26 April 2018


  Travel Insurance : Prompt service to getting my claims approved. Good job done by Elyn.

Jiehe Wang
26 April 2018


  Travel Insurance : Claims is fast and efficient, great customer service from Elyn Pan.

Chinnskii Goh
26 April 2018


  Travel Insurance : I would definitely recommend DirectAsia. Their travel insurance are reasonably priced and yet they offer very good services!

Goh Yan Ran Tessa
25 April 2018


  Travel Insurance : Staff response was swift, be it claims or inquiries.

Nooraisah Bte Abdul Rahman
25 April 2018


  Travel Insurance : Excellent, professional service that is positive and 100% client-friendly. Communications were clear and staff was compassionate.

Wayne Fozzard
24 April 2018


  Travel Insurance : As always, service was efficient, friendly, courteous and fast. They got back to me by phone within 2 days to clarify, DirectAsia has always been responsive, informative and friendly in their interactions. 

Floydd Patric Wood
24 April 2018


  Travel Insurance : Prompt reply from the claims officer. Helpful in explaining the issues regarding claims.

Muhammad Nor Idzwan Bin Raeimi
24 April 2018


  Car Insurance : Very good services!

Wan Lu How
20 April 2018


  Travel Insurance : Super easy to claim, fast and efficient service.

Chia Shaobin Jervis
20 April 2018


  Travel Insurance : Quick and easy to make a claim. Service was polite and responsive. Very pleased with the overall process.

Glen Hayden Kenny
16 April 2018


  Travel Insurance : Speedy, courteous, professional.

Chee Boon Leong
16 April 2018


  Car Insurance : Prompt and professional replies

Alex Choh Chaw Tat
13 April 2018


  Travel Insurance : Claim process was quick and easy. The rep pretty much took care of everything.

Choon Seng Ho
13 April 2018


  Travel Insurance : Very prompt service, I like that DirectAsia was clear in their instructions on submitting claims. The process was very easy.

Chan Fahn Wei
10 April 2018


  Travel Insurance : Fast and professional service.

Somporn Ling
10 April 2018


  Car Insurance : This is my first claim and really it unexpected that it is a breeze and really efficient.

Dick Chan
10 April 2018


  Travel Insurance : Prompt response and efficient service.

Wan Wei Hoong Alex
9 April 2018


  Travel Insurance : Super quick in processing claims.

Koh Soon Hee
9 April 2018


  Car Insurance : Very friendly customer service officer. Efficient. Updates were given when due.

Kamsir Bin Kasiman
6 April 2018


  Car Insurance : Great customer service and quick response to inquiries. Guided me step-by-step on the claims process and provided prompt follow-up.

Will continue with DirectAsia Insurance service going forward as long as the price is within reasonable range.

Hui Lang Goh
3 April 2018


  Car Insurance : Trouble free claims.

Chen Ling Lim
2 April 2018


  Travel Insurance : The process was fast and fuss free. As Long as supporting documents are provided. I would definitely recommend to my friends who are always travelling.

Lim Meng Choo Juliet
28 January 2018


  Travel Insurance : Quick response and processing of claims. No hassle.

Soh Chun Janet Wong
24 January 2018


  Travel Insurance : Fast and responsive. Accepting scan copies instead of originals is very productive. Hence hassle free.

23 January 2018


  Travel Insurance : They are great in customer service, professional and very fast response. Definitely I will recommend friends.

Klevis Shima
23 January 2018


  Travel Insurance : I have constantly found Direct Asia to be professional, very responsive and always delivering on their promise to pay valid claims.

19 January 2018


  Travel Insurance : Outstanding experience all around. I had the misfortune of falling ill while I was overseas. The claim process was a breeze. The only thing that would make it better would be to make claim process online but absolutely no complaints. Online claim process. But the manual process was super smooth anyway!

Ramaswamy Vinod Kumar
19 January 2018


  Motor Insurance : A clear explanation and a good and reliable follow ups on my motor insurance claims. Officer was fair in judgement. Credits to Roger for giving us a clear explanation.

Rasidah Binte Mohamad Rasid
18 January 2018


  Car Insurance : I was at a lost when I heard that my NCD has been reduced to only 20% because I have a claim case which has not been settled. Ms Sharon Tan is very patient and she explained to me very clearly what are the options I have currently and how should I proceed. She is extremely friendly and always listen to me patiently. I have spoken to her a few times already. Thank you Sharon!

Wan Chin Lim
15 January 2018


  Travel Insurance : Fast and responsive travel claim processing

Po Keng Hsieh
15 January 2018


  Travel Insurance : Direct Asia sets the bar of making claims really easy. It can be easier of course, but I really appreciate the prompt reply of what proof of documents I need to submit or missed out, though the onus is on me, their prompt replies ensure that the claim isn't delayed (because of me). I also like that I can submit pictures and email attachments without going through the hassle of printing (and wasting paper). This is really important because I submit/reply on the go without having to go to do so which create an opportunity to forget. Proud customer!

Baldwin Ng Junxiong
15 January 2018



Michael Derrick Tan
15 January 2018


  Car Insurance : Very quick response when I had a problem with my windscreen. They helped me arranged an appointment at the car workshop within 10 mins !!

15 January 2018


  Motor Insurance : No hassle for claim.

Teresa Leow
12 January 2018


  Travel Insurance : Straightforward and easy claims process. Simple documentation submission process. Assistant on the call helpline was good in following up to make sure I knew what was needed to be submitted. Claims was processed relatively quickly as well. Keep up the good work

Kelvin Tang Seng Lok
12 January 2018


  Travel Insurance : The 1 day turn-around of my claim was a real positive surprise. Never in my life did I get an insurance claim approved in 1 day. I also appreciated the fact that I could submit the entire claim by email, without a phone call required and without filling out any form. It was so simple! You should promote more heavily how simple it is

Grobys Sebastian
11 January 2018


  Motor Insurance : The reason for the rating above is due to the service and support provided to me by DirectAsia across the whole process. The customer service officer who attended to me when I met with the accident was calm and composed. Her direction and instructions were simple and clear which I was grateful for since I was shaken up by the accident. It is unfortunate I cannot recall her name. Elyn, Claims Specialist officer, then took over and I appreciated the great communication and her prompt follow-ups on my case. All-in-all, I am happy to be a DirectAsia customer for the past 7 years.

Zulkarnain Bin Zainal Abidin
11 January 2018


  Motor Insurance : Fast, Efficient and Great Customer Service

Eng Tat Goh
11 January 2018


  Motor Insurance : They responded promptly and provided the necessary information to assist me in getting the accident reported and filed.

9 January 2018


  Travel Insurance : Claim specialist, Elyn Pan, handled my claim, professionally, she was polite in her speech and greeted me cheerfully. I had thrown away my boarding passes, without realising that it was needed for the claim as prove of travel. However, suggested to her, that my membership with Korean Air has details of the flown sectors, if it could be accepted as the prove. Not only did she assured me that it would be okay, she confidently mentioned that it will be processed within 3 days. Truly, I've gotten my refund approved already. I've been buying travel insurance from DirectAsia for 4 years now, am very happy and satisfy with the service. Not only it's affordable and the service is really good. Will continue to use them whenever I travel overseas. Thanks DirectAsia Insurance! Suggest to highlight or gentle reminders to customers to retain boarding passes for travel insurance claims. Not everyone has time to read all details of an insurance claim. Thanks

Sim Hai Choo Christina
6 January 2018


  Travel Insurance : Exceeded Expectation in terms of customer service.
I always trust DirectAsia with my insurance needs! Everything has been seamless and job well done

Tan Chong En Jordan
5 January 2018


  Motor Insurance : Guiding me on what to do. Updating the status of the incident.

5 January 2018


  Travel Insurance : I was super stress after having such a bad trip with my luggage being delayed and then my daughter gotten into and accident. Came back to Singapore and filled in the claim and I was so surprise on how easy and prompt Elyn was in replying and processing my claim! I will never leave Singapore without an insurance from DIRECT ASIA and have mentioned to all my friends and family on how easy is it to deal with you guys!!! Thank you for being there and easing my worries! Keep up the great work guys!

Noraisah Binte Jaafar
4 January 2018


  Travel Insurance : Very efficient service, with no unnecessary delays and paperwork.

Wong Shi Hui Rachel
3 January 2018


  Car Insurance : Renewal reminders are great, and the process was speedy. We had an accident claim where the other party was fully liable, and this was duly reflected in my insurance premiums *no increase + 50% NCD. Was fuss-free.

2 January 2018


  Car Insurance : The overall experience was good. The action after reacting to my distress was fast. Was really impressed by the after action rendered.

Peng Wee Tan
21 December 2017


  Car Insurance : You have great claim process. Very fast processing.

Jayasekara Korallage Nanda Ranatunge Ranatunge
15 December 2017


  Car Insurance : The good thing was definitely the quick turnaround of the customer service executives and their patience in handling my queries since I was worrying about my vehicles condition. They were clear about my insurance policies and the assistance they could to bide.

Nitu Mohanty
7 December 2017


  Travel Insurance : This is the first time I am submitting a claim and I am honestly surprised at how quickly I received a response from the claim specialist. Thank you Elyn for assisting with my claim!!!

Kwan Yuk Kam Adeline
27 November 2017


  Travel Insurance : Thumb up for your very very quick response and confirmation of my wife medical claim. Your company DIRECT ASIA and the staff has already proven what your marketing and promises are. Well done !...Looking forward to receive the cheque.....that will be the final bravo to your organisation. Thank you. (Has been your customer for nine years for my vehicle insurance policy).

Lam Huat Tee
24 November 2017


  Travel Insurance : Extremely unexpected simple and fast claim process. Very very impress.

Ang Wee Han Kelvin
8 November 2017


  Travel Insurance : Elyn Pan was very helpful and efficient whilst dealing with my claims. She explained with details and patience on the questions that i was not clear on. Great customer service. Every thing has been great since i started with Direct Asia. I will surely recommend Direct Asia to my family and friends as they are the best i know.

Shang Chia Meng
8 November 2017


  Car Insurance : Ground operations services provided was well organized n the end result was excellent, plse maintain this service standard st all times. Well done n keep up the service standard. Cheers

Shashi Sivaraj
24 October 2017


  Travel Insurance : DirectAsia showed such compassion and empathy in approving my claim and the speed at which it was approved (submitted on a Sunday night at 9pm and approved at 1pm next day), shows that the right people are empowered in their positions. Within the next 3 days, the cheque was in my mailbox. I felt that I was dealing with PEOPLE WITH HEART, as opposed to a CORPORATE ORGANISATION. No fuss, no excuses, no hard policies to adhere to. Similarly, my husband who submitted his side of claim to his insurance organisation is still awaiting approval.

Susan Tann
13 October 2017


  Travel Insurance : I am very impressed with the speed and efficiency of my claims. I would definitely recommend Direct Asia without any hesitation!

Stephen Cheng
10 October 2017


  Travel Insurance : The reply were very speedy from the moment I lodged the claim and then throughout the process. Stellar service.

Sofiane Behraoui
10 October 2017


  Travel Insurance : Prompt responses received for inquiries. Fuss free claim process, which is a strong pull factor for future purchases of insurance from DirectAsia. Keep up the good work!

Pang Xiang Yun
3 October 2017


  Travel Insurance : Wow Direct Asia has been the fastest and best travel insurer I have experienced in the decades I have been covered! Elyn Pan showed so much concern for my wife and me when we were hospitalised in Cyprus and Mexico respectively. Am going to be insured with Direct Asia for life and recommend all my friends and family!!

Gary Goh Suan Seng
2 October 2017


  Travel Insurance : Claim officer, Ms Elyn Pan is very efficient, clearly explained to us on damaged baggage claim procedure, and follow up at fast speed. Thank you!

Tracy Sim
1 October 2017


  Travel Insurance : It was all a good experience. Flora was fast and reliable on my claim process. I didn't expect this to be resolved in just less than 24 hours! Good job to Flora and the Claim department!

Nur Fuanni Binte Adnan
26 September 2017


  Travel Insurance : Thanks to Shahilah who promptly referred my case to your claims section and Elyn was very fast and efficient in processing my claim. Very impress with the speedy service and certainly offloaded my worries! Can't ask for more :)

Will Teow
21 September 2017


  Travel Insurance : The 24hour hotline is very easy to go through. The towing services is very fast. Good job done. Very appreciate of the services. Please keep up the good work and services. It is good the towing services able to understand English.

Mohamad Nur Adzhar Mohamad Sani
20 September 2017


  Travel Insurance : Extremely efficient. The call centre answered all queries and assisted me on the claim procedure. Friendly and professional service. I submitted my initial claim through email and to my surprise, my claim was immediately approved on the very same day. This is customer's service excellence. I am grateful to Ms Flora Quek Senior Claim Specialist who attended to my claim and did a commendable job. Thank you.

Tengku Bahdar
20 September 2017


  Travel Insurance : Flora Quek, the Claim Specialist, was beyond excellent! Her personal touch and attention to my unfortunate experience (having belonging stolen) really made a difference. Please extend my appreciation and commendation to her. I will definitely recommend DA to all my friends! Keep up with the excellent customer service. Please don't change a thing:)

Leonard Thangavelu
20 September 2017


  Travel Insurance : Email acknowledgement to me immediately upon receipt of my claim. Followed by a call from the Claim specialist Elyn. Very impressed with the level of service. Left me with a very good impression as this is my first claim experience due to baggage delay.

Huat Seng Tan
19 September 2017


  Travel Insurance : I previously had a flight delay and the claim was processed very fast and efficiently. Everything is good, just keep up the good work!

Chinnskii Goh
14 September 2017


  Travel Insurance : I would like to compliment on Elyn Pan - Claim Specialist on her excellent service and altitude. I had received the claim acknowledgement and the reimbursement email well under 1 hour. Keep up the great work. Thank you

Seng Kim Quek
11 September 2017


  Travel Insurance : I am very happy with the way DirectAsia attended and responded to clients. As a customer I have extremely satisfied experience and may not able be enjoying from other insurance company. Without a single contact with me, the claim manager has been empowered to pay claims due to travel inconvenient. Keep up good practice

Wandy Syahrir
11 September 2017


  Car Insurance : Its the best claim experience I ever had. Cheers DirectAsia. 5 stars service and commitment to customers. (:

Fidelis Woo
8 August 2017


  Travel Insurance : Direct Asia has always been able to exceed my expectations in terms of the response time of claim process. Elyn did an excellent job in providing me the necessary information and follow up with me on every detail of the claim. I highly appreciate Elyn Pan's great work!

Yan Shixing
26 July 2017


  Travel Insurance : My travel claim was resolved in an amazingly short span of time by Elyn, all within a couple of hours, without any hassle. Love the service and would definitely tell my family and friends about it, and will certainly buy from DirectAsia again.

Gloria Kwok
14 July 2017


  Travel Insurance : The promptly response is really a big surprise to me. And also the whole process is extremely smooth. I've heard some bad comments about DirectAsia's claim processes but since I had my car insurance with DirectAsia so I would like to give a try on the travel insurance plan. This experience proved that they were all wrong. Direct Asia has the excellent and trust worthy services.

Zhang Lei
10 July 2017


  Travel Insurance : After insuring with DirectAsia for more than five years without incident, I was beginning to wonder about the unrealised support and efficiency should an incident occur, but obviously nobody would wish for a mishap just to "test out their insurance". Unfortunately a family tragedy did recently occur, forcing my wife to rush back to SGP just 3 days into our holiday in Norway. Long story short, through this episode DirectAsia had proven to accord truly incredible understanding and support in processing claims, and I'm also really impressed with its speedy efficiency. In conclusion, we're absolutely glad to have chosen our travel insurance with DirectAsia.., which now have us as Satisfied, Justified, and Guaranteed Customers for Life..!

Wilson Lee
7 July 2017


  Travel Insurance : Easy to buy the insurance online. Staffs were very helpful, know their work well, polite. With such good products and great team, perhaps you would like to do more online advertising such as FB etc so that more people will know. Saying this because most of my friends and colleagues not aware of DirectAsia travel insurance but fear not, I had help you guys to promote to them. Keep up the good work !

Teo Teck Heng
6 July 2017


  Car Insurance : Great customer care and excellent follow up. Two thumbs UP!!! :-)

Too Fuh Goh
4 July 2017


  Travel Insurance : The speed and efficiency are fantastic. I don't know about other insurances but based on my experience with DirectAsia, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another travel insurance on our next trip from your company. Thanks a bunch DirectAsia.

Ayessa Mae Gimutao
4 July 2017


  Travel Insurance : It is simple, easy and straightforward to file claims with DirectAsia. Definitely recommended! I am a happy customer. Thank you for your support and guidance where required team! Keep up the good work!

Kang Xiu Zhi Charlene
3 July 2017


  Travel Insurance : Ms ELYN PAN service has been exceptional, she has been very prompt in her reply..responded very quickly to my emails n settled my claims without any delay! She is very helpful n professional in her clientele services! I will definitely renew my annual travel insurance with DirectAsia again!

Ong Kah Hoo
3 July 2017


  Travel Insurance : The speed of your response and the positive attitude of your staff made the claims process exceptionally easy. Thank you.

Wayne Fozzard
30 June 2017


  Travel Insurance : Claim process was easy and clear. Processed same day. Excellent!

Mak Wai Peng
29 June 2017


  Travel Insurance : Claims process was fuss-free! As easy as buying the insurance online!

Liang Chengmei
27 June 2017


  Car Insurance :  love the service. I called to renew my motor insurance and it was done in 5 minutes. So prompt and the customer service guy is quick, knowledgeable and even funny. Thank you for the fab service again!

Mary Grosvenor
27 June 2017


  Travel Insurance : This is the first time I claim from DirectAsia. The customer service is very nice with the service, and Hannah Choo works efficiently for my claim. This company is reliable and I will share my experience with my friends.

Chen Hsing An
22 June 2017


  Travel Insurance : I was quite impressed to receive the email reply when I submitted my claim within 2 hours. No hassle or claim form to be filled up. Just provide the medical receipt & the flight information. This is related to my travel insurance of course.

Bernadette Babe Low Mee Chin
21 June 2017


  Car Insurance : Efficient Customer Service and Towing Sevices Been with Direct for 8 consecutive years. Happy customer and many more years.

Hadi Irwein Bin Selamat
20 June 2017


  Travel Insurance : My child's medical claim is settled very quickly and hassle free. Elyn Pan is very prompt with handling my claim and kept me updated on the progress. Thank you. Keep it up. :)

Derrick Quok
19 June 2017


  Travel Insurance : Questions asked were direct to the point. Approval was quick. Flora has done a good job. Assured that she will assist if my travel partners have issues claiming for some hotel expenses that were paid by me on behalf of my friends.

Lo Tai Jong Winnie
15 June 2017


  Travel Insurance : Yes. Hannah was very fast in getting my claim processed once she got how of my flight details. This is very excellent. The Singaporean way.

Cynthia Lim
13 June 2017


  Car Insurance : It's good that I could email my queries and thanks to Ms Elyn Pan, all my queries were promptly responded to. The claim process was also expedited quickly so that the workshop can proceed with the repair.

Sebastian Andrew Koh Chee Beng
13 June 2017


  Travel Insurance : Claims is efficient and super fast. All the enquiries I called from overseas is super helpful which that time I really in the lost. I dont mind paid for the roaming call charged so long their really give help when needed. Ms Elyn Pan & Nina(message her thru facebook messenger) hand in their help when my luggage is DELAYED without any clothing during winter time in Australia now. All service provided is super good, stick to the current service to all the customer.

Tong Yee Ling
13 June 2017


  Travel Insurance : I'm so delighted, that there is no other way I can imagine that the process could be easier. Very impressed!

Floydd Wood
9 June 2017


  Car Insurance : The claims specialist who was in charge of my case, Ms Joleen was very professional and familiar with the details of the case before contacting me. She was able to clarify my queries and showed concern for my well being and claims against the 3rd party. I definitely look forward to renewing my policy with direct asia again.

Cai Zhehong
7 June 2017


  Travel Insurance : I was expecting for the approval of my claim to be in 5~7 working days, unexpectedly Direct Asia response to me the very next day and approved shortly after the response mail. Will share my this experience with all my friends and relatives. Cheers!

Choo Kong Liang
7 June 2017


  Travel Insurance : Staff was very patient and understanding when taking my details for the claim. Processing is efficient and communication with clients effective. So far as in this claim experience which is my first, I'm very satisfied and glad to be covered by DirectAsia Insurance.

Martin De Souza
2 June 2017


  Travel Insurance : The speed and efficiency of the claim handling process was terrific. Very simple and very straightforward to file a claim and then a very swift turnaround to acknowledge receipt and then issue the result of the claim assessment. The communication via email from the claims handlers was well structured and polite - something that not many service providing companies pay enough attention to these days.

Timothy James Wilkins
2 June 2017


  Travel Insurance : Hassle free & seamless based on submitted documents. Travel claim accepted in 3 hours.

Pal Singh S/O Kartar Singh
1 June 2017


  Car Insurance : They were incredibly helpful in processing my claim in a very efficient manner despite the fact that I had to make a claim on my car 5 days before I was due to fly out of Singapore to move back to the US. Thanks to the DirectAsia team, things went as smoothly as possible and they exceeded my expectations in every respect.

Cameron Spendlove Nelson
1 June 2017


  Travel Insurance : Before 2017, I had never made any travel claims. Within a year, I experience flight cancellations and accidental injury during my travel. Luckily I was covered by DirectAsia and they were swift with verifying the details and making payment. I have every confidence that their service will continue and I'll be a customer moving forward! Well done DirectAsia team!

Lau Yang Shang George
29 May 2017


  Car Insurance : It was very simple, I just called the center at the time of accident , tow vehicle was arranged to send to the registered workshop of my choice and its done. after repair I just collected the car and the rest settled by DirectAsia.

Mohan S/O Thangavelu
19 May 2017


  Car Insurance : I am very surprised by how fast the repairs on my damaged car took. The car was up and running in just 5 days! Awesome work!

Faizal Ali
18 May 2017


  Travel Insurance : There were several areas, first, the phone support guy, Jit, was patient and helpful in validating the type of documents that I need. Second, within a day of acknowledging the receipt of my claim form, Hannah contacted me via email. Third, Hannah asked only 4 questions. Lastly, the claims was approved within 3 days from my reply. I thought it would be a lengthy process with several emails but Direct Asia has proven me wrong.

Kok Mun Kiat
8 May 2017


  Travel Insurance : My claims experiences with DirectAsia had been very pleasant - the claims were resolved quickly and the staff are efficient and helpful.

Koh Kian Chiang
5 May 2017


  Travel Insurance : Jenny Lew & Flora Quek responded very quickly to my emails n settled my claims for my son's accident without any delay!  They are both very helpful n professional in their clientele services! I appreciate it greatly!! Thank you Jenny & Flora for your invaluable help!! I have no complaints but all praises!!

Doris Goh
2 May 2017


  Travel Insurance : I can say you have made the claim process very simple and transparent. I have bought travel insurance policies from many other companies before, but NONE of them measure up to the level of service that you provide for your customers. You have proven very responsive and did not drag your feet over legitimate claims. Well done! I will definitely recommend you to others.

Tan Raymond
28 April 2017


  Motorcycle Insurance : I forgotten to cancel my insurance after selling my motorcycle. However the claims officer attending to me was very helpful and prompt in assisting me for the claim made against my motorcycle since I sold 4 months after the claim was made against my policy. I hope to u can keep up the good work as a team.

Yi Lin
21 April 2017


  Travel Insurance : Efficiency. It is unbelievable Elyn Pan takes only two business working days to call me about the approval of my claim. I have been a customer with DirectAsia for the past few years, and it is great to know, through this unfortunate incident, that the insurance company is ever ready to deliver its promise with hassle-free and efficient process. Great Job, and I look forward to being continuously insured for the years to come!

Lei Yu
19 April 2017


  Travel Insurance : The claim was resolved exceptionally very fast on submission of relevant data. Upon submission, they called for some verification and within few hours got the confirmation mail for the claim with mentioning very clearly, the amount of claim. You can actually put a tab on your website for recommending to a friend. I was so impressed by the process that I suggested to a friend, and she took the direct Asia travel insurance same day. You can make this process of recommendation a little easier.

19 April 2017


  Travel Insurance : I like how fast a claims specialist was assigned and attended to my case. The claims specialist, Jenny, was also very empathetic and understanding. She also made the process very simple, easy, straightforward and quick.

Low Kian Voon
7 April 2017


  Motorcycle Insurance : I had issues applying motorcycle insurance due to a change in motorcycle and with the insurance company.
Jit attended to me during my 2 calls and the way he handled my matter, shows how experienced he is. He must have handled similar past cases. Jit was able to 'renew' my insurance with your company despite the overlaps with the current insurer. It was within a span of just 10mins and it was all settled. No disruption to work just like a visit to the restroom .For the past 5 years or so, never once had an unpleasant experience with DirectAsia. You guys rocks! Shout out to Jit and the team.

6 April 2017


  Car Insurance : Helpful staff, efficient and to-the-point, spent less than 5 minutes on the phone resolving my claim and setting up repair with Glass-Fix. Much appreciated.

Sek Loong Mark Foo
24 March 2017


  Car Insurance : As I had difficulties in walking after the accident, directasia staff was able to despatch a rider to my area for statement taking etc, instead of making me travel to the office. Really appreciate the effort. As of now, I am satisfied with the service received from directAsia. Thank you.

Chiau Khean Gavin See
23 March 2017


  Travel Insurance : DirectAsia acknowledged receipt of the claim promptly, and your Claims Specialist Jenny Lew got in touch with me a few days later to resolve some issues with my documents. The claim was settled shortly after. The terms of DirectAsia's travel insurance, and the efficiency at which DirectAsia settle claims gives me a peace of mind to plan for my trips. I'm confident that DirectAsia will take care of my prepaid expenses or medical expenses should unforeseen circumstances happen, and I always recommend my friends to buy travel insurance with DirectAsia.

Lin Junjie
21 March 2017


  Travel Insurance : DirectAsia has set industry standard benchmarks on outstanding service and all companies need to learn and emulate from Direct Asia.

Nuggehalli Sunderraj Keshav
20 March 2017


  Travel Insurance : Very happy with the assistance from your claim staff. You process the claim promptly and helped to advise the documents needed.. thank you. Happy overall.

Bak Leng Lim
17 March 2017


  Travel Insurance : Impress to receive call and follow by email to inform me the process and my claim has been approved only a few hours after I submitted my claim online. With no question asked. Very happy with the speed and personal touch. Well done.

Toh Foo Hing
10 March 2017


  Car Insurance : The speed at which things get done was great. My window was broken and if it rains water will come in so an immediate fix was necessary and I was glad that things got resolved within one day.

Kian Mun Ho
9 March 2017


  Travel Insurance : The follow-up was very efficient and fast, and I received the compensation within 1 week, thanks ElynDirect Asia sent me different inquiry emails regarding the incidents, would be better to ask all the questions in one go.

Nyu Cheau Jiun
7 March 2017


  Travel Insurance : I had a bicycle accident and the subsequent claims were expeditious and service by Elyn was excellent. However, on the day of accident when I called the hotline for advice, I was quite in distress but the telephone customer service officer wasn't too helpful except ask me to keep receipts to claim later. Perhaps, more experienced people who knows how to calm customers who just gotten into accident should be manning the emergency hotline. Keep up the good work direct asia! My friends are all switching over to you! After I shared with them my experience.

Kwang Liang Tan
1 March 2017


  Travel Insurance : Submitted my claim today and it was resolved and settled within the day without much fussExtremely satisfied with the prompt assistance!

Chi Hui Tan
1 March 2017


  Travel Insurance : Very efficient. Friendly and helpful staff. And even though the claim form and staff said to submit hardcopy of documents by mail, the staff was able to resolve my claim very speedily based on the soft copies i emailed over. :)

Joo Kiang Low
1 March 2017


  Travel Insurance : Ms Jenny was really great! From my initial enquiry to settling and sending the cheque, she kept me informed of the process. Although the delay was unfortunate, it really helps to know that at least there was someone there to help me smoothen the process to claim by letting me know all the necessary document that I had to safekeep or request from the airline. Speed, efficiency, attentiveness and attitude was all awesome. It will be great if from time to time we can see information of incident of claims settled, and amount, and claim process time on a no name basis. Sometimes when I tell my friends about directasia they would say that your claims were small claims of course easily settled. What if buy only per trip insurance, what if higher claims like repatriation, death, accident, are you sure they will honour their promise. It would be good to see such figures as a testament to the reliability. 

Wong Joy Ling
28 February 2017


  Travel Insurance : Overall I am pleased and impressed with the professionalism and efficiency of DA staff (especially Elyn and Jenny whom I spoke to, and many others I am sure); the process and making the rather painful and heart aching incident a smoothing and comfortable one in this process! Well done DA!No, DA team is amazing.

Cher Fong Sim
23 February 2017


  Travel Insurance : Claiming is easier than i expected thanks to efficient staff.

Muhammad Helmi Asral Bin Jasrah
22 February 2017


  Car Insurance : I'm staying in the East, the reporting venue at ETHOS Tampines is very convenient. The staff kept me updated of the progress of the whole process.

Zakaria Bin Ayoob
20 February 2017


  Travel Insurance : Amazing speed! Submitted my travel medical claim on 7 Jan 2017.Would be great if we could submit our claims online. Saves a lot of hassle. 2 days later, received an email from Elyn that my claim was approved.
In less than a week later, I received my cheque! I am really amazed at the efficiency of the staff compared to other insurance companies which would take at least over a month! Thank you, Elyn.

Liew Lye Foong Perilla
17 February 2017


  Travel Insurance : I'm happy that Jenny called me to clarify the post trip medical claim n also asked if I've fully recovered. I'm happy for her concern. At the front desk office, the receptionist was very helpful to help me photocopy all the documents n was thorough in checking that I've all the necessary documents submitted. I'm happy with the overall experience.

Tay Leh Ping
17 February 2017


  Car Insurance : I am impressed and pleased that your staff, Jenny listened patiently to my problem and resolved it quickly.

Isabelle Chai Hong Gan
15 February 2017


  Travel Insurance : For every call made to Direct Asia, staff was helpful and kind in answering my queries. Very much appreciated. Because of that, claiming was like a breeze.

Nur Asilah Sabawi
14 February 2017


  Travel Insurance : The speed was amazing for the claim....totally satisfied. Thumbs up!

Chua Seng Kiat
13 February 2017


  Travel Insurance : It is very efficiency, I am very satisfied for your staff Miss Elyn of your Claim Dept. She is very helpful, friendly and Efficiency!!! Direct Asia Insurance is Best!!! Thank you very much for your good Services!

Seow Yeen Ang
6 February 2017


  Travel Insurance : Shout out to Elyn Pan, she's the claim specialist who helped me through the process. She was very diligent in updating as well as following up outstanding action items especially on my end.

Estacio Jenelyn Ocol
30 January 2017


  Travel Insurance : Staff friendly & approachable. Great service.

Sadhana Bte Abu Bakar
25 January 2017


  Car Insurance : I had encountered the accident during the weekends, and I called DirectAsia for advices on what procedure and options that I have, however was originally disappointed with the weekend staff that do not guide me well. Had a call on Monday morning again and the representative that helped me greatly was named Harna - she is very patience and also went through different options in details that allow me to know choose correctly.Met up with the Surveyor - Derrick and he is very professional and direct that I felt very comfortable and glad that was with DirectAisa :) 

Han Peng Goh
18 January 2017


  Travel Insurance : Team was efficient and gave prompt advices over the phone. Claim was quickly resolved without any hassle.

Poh Si Hui Grace
18 January 2017


  Travel Insurance : Speed and efficient in gathering details and entire approval process.

John Meng Teik Lim
11 January 2017


  Travel Insurance : Speed is pretty alright. Not Super fast but the friendly customer service makes up for that.

Darren Chan Matthias
10 January 2017


  Travel Insurance : Very prompt and efficient. Officer was easy to liaise with. (Jenny)

Mun Yee Bernita Woo
4 January 2017


  Car Insurance : My workshop did everything for me. Filing and submitting claims etc. All seems smooth and especially through the festive holidays, I thought I'll collect my car much later. Thanks Direct Asia for the speedy clearance.

Tze Hean Chris Chen
3 January 2017


  Car Insurance : Claims process was swift and efficient. Hassle-free procedures which doesn't take up much time. Excellent customer service experience so far. Should create a mobile apps which we can upload photos or videos & drawings of accident footages. May also look into deploying mobile officers on highway to attend accidents involving DirectAsia customers but this require additional operation cost.

Ammar Mohd Murat Mohd Aris
29 December 2016


  Travel Insurance : Was pleasantly surprised that just one day after my travel claim submission, I received a call the next day that my claim has been processed and a check will be sent to me. To purchase a travel insurance that is more than 6 months in the future, will have to go down in person to DirectAsia Office as the system does not allow me to book it online.

Ang Khiaw Chor
29 December 2016


  Travel Insurance : Overall it was a good experience. I never expected the process to be so smooth as other insurance companies usually have alot of questions and doubts during a payout. Great customer service.

Ee Ren Tay
20 December 2016


  Travel Insurance : Overall it was a good experience. I never expected the process to be so smooth as other insurance companies usually have alot of questions and doubts during a payout. Great customer service.

Ee Ren Tay
20 December 2016


  Car Insurance : Personal claims specialist was helpful and prompt in replying.

Teck Meng Ivan Chew
16 December 2016


  Travel Insurance : The claim process was speedy and smooth.

Lum Oi Cheng
15 December 2016


  Travel Insurance : Speed of settlement is very important for customer. It shows trust between customer n insurance company. It is no doubt u have reach this level of services. Congratulations. Hope this trust could be maintained for the long term benefits of Direct Asia.

Goh Chor Teng
14 December 2016


  Travel Insurance : Efficient and fast. Hassle free and easy.

Siew Li Tan
14 December 2016


  Car Insurance : Very helpful customer service, speedy and hassle-free claim process.

Chi Kit Choy
13 December 2016


  Travel Insurance : Everything is as expected. Elyn did a great job. Respond was good. Keep up the good work.

Ying Hoh Kwok
12 December 2016


  Car Insurance : Very professional telephone support, took me 3 clicks to get to the right person, no real waiting time, and then very helpful service. Cant really be much better in my mind. Also very flexible and helpful on the service end in trying to help finding a slot both fast and at best convenience. Simply great. Not much, I am surprised that I ended up being happy a day I expected to be frustrated. Thanks

Erik Andreas Larsson
12 December 2016


  Travel Insurance : Pleasantly surprised by claim approved in short time frame.Bank in via Internet banking. Do away with cheques. Save on paper stamp envelope signatures etc..

Lai Leng Lam
10 December 2016


  Travel Insurance : Thank Ms Hannah Choo, for her kind assistance and swift claim forms.

Wee Hong Tin
9 December 2016


  Travel Insurance : Everthing went well. Smooth and efficient.Everything was above expectations from the first call made till the final claims being processed. Thumbs up to the team especially, Elyn Pan. Thanks.None to think of that is lacking and need improvement. So far all is good. Thanks.

Salbinah Binte Mohamad
8 December 2016


  Travel Insurance : Elyn Pan, claim specialist, handled my case really fast and efficient. Everything was settled within a short period of time. I had a fantastic time dealing with her.

Millie Ming Huei Chin
8 December 2016


  Travel Insurance : Excellent speedboat claiming. Knowledge on product should be ensured to help customer with claim.

Tan Choon Leng Jim
8 December 2016


  Travel Insurance : Efficiency and professionalism from Ms Elyn who is in-charge of my case.

Ernie Binte Supandi
6 December 2016


  Car Insurance : I have made several requests on towing of my bike and all went well. I have also made a claim for my travel policy in October, I had gone to your office and met Pramila, she was fast and very knowledgeable. Recently also I spoke with Pramila and renewed my motorcycle insurance and she assisted me with enthusiasm. She explained to me more about the Fire and Theft policy coverage. The information was pretty useful. Please send my compliments to Pramila!

Nur Fuanni Binte Adnan
3 December 2016


  Travel Insurance : Claim was processed with ease. Clear with information of what documents were needed. Friendly and helpful assistance provided by Ms Elyn Pan. Kudos! So far so good. :)

Ai Ping Ng
30 November 2016


  Car Insurance : The speed rendered to my claim of the windscreen was unexpected. This is especially when I was in need to return back to the inspection centre on the same day to avoid some extra payments if I were to come back the next day. It was beyond my expectation that the change of the windscreen could have been fixed within a few hours. Whislt at the workshop waiting, I overheard of other customers who was told that their repairs would be covered for 6 months from the other major insurers, but was surprised to hear that Direct Asia covers 1 year warranty instead of 6 months! I really appreciate and would definitely quote this experience to my friends for their future insurance. Maybe, what Direct Asia can do is to make a courtesy call to the workshop and finds out how things are. And to call the customer if everything has been done. That will certainly wins the customers' heart. Frankly speaking, those driving branded cars and those who only knows how to drive but doesn't care about other things about cars, they do not have the confidence of insurers like Direct Asia. These people keep coming bck to big insurer like NTUC because of the brand.

Jasman Bin Kasian
29 November 2016


  Travel Insurance : Very efficient in processing claims, with responsible and responsive staff like Elyn Pan. Good job!

Joey Lim Shi Lei
22 November 2016


  Travel Insurance : Efficiency and speed of response from the staff was exemplary. Friendly staff, Elyn, makes the whole claiming process a breeze.Thank you!

Muhammad Saifuddin Bin Jalil
17 November 2016


  Car Insurance : Very efficient in contacting the workshop and passing on my details to them.

Sarah Anne Mchugh
9 November 2016


  Car Insurance : It was relatively speedy. It'd be good to know the consequences of claiming for the next premium.

Shahjehan Ibrahim Kutty
8 November 2016


  Travel Insurance : Very professional and efficiency! Two thumbs up! Everything is good!

Jason Tan Tien Eng
8 November 2016


  Travel Insurance : So far so good (I hope don't have to claim often). Once is good enough…as my loss was minor, my experience with the claim process is satisfactory. Hence, no suggestion for now.(U act much faster and prompt then the agent for my office claim (due to flood - common area water pipe burst. It happened in early August and no action till now)

Lai Yin Lee
8 November 2016


  Car Insurance : Thank you very much for your close follow-up. I was pleasantly surprised when I received an email and a call from Ms Hannah Choo, Claims Specialist @ Direct Asia, regarding my recent accident. She clarified and provided guidance around my options and what steps I may wish to take in order to expedite the repair of my car. It was also very consoling when she assured me that my NCD would not be affected by this accident since the accident was not my fault. A lorry had hit the rear of my car.

Kheng Choo Lena Chan
8 November 2016


  Car Insurance : Authorize workshop was good in handling claims and the work done was up to expectation. More proactive with the claims progress.

Jia Lin Chua
8 November 2016


  Travel Insurance : I had dealt with claims with a number of insurers either for myself or on the behalf of my family. And I must said the claim experience with DirectAsia is by far the most satisfied experience even when I compared with the most established players in the market. Not only did the whole claims process is fast and easy, the constant update of your claim status is superb. Keep it up, DirectAsia! Im sure in no time to come, you will be the top notch insurance company not only in Singapore but in the whole wide world! How about updating user of their claim status via SMS besides email.

Yam How Alan Tan
7 November 2016


  Travel Insurance : Fast and expedient in claims.

Siew Chai Ng
4 November 2016


  Travel Insurance : Elyn Pan handled our claim very professionally. The claims process was easy to understand and fast. Thank you.

Vorster Steven John
3 November 2016


  Travel Insurance : You guys are doing a freat job. It's hassleless dealing with Elyn. (Freat: A word that shortens the phrase "freaking sweet" into a single declaration of excitement that is being imposed upon something that could be awesome.)

Llorico Lizlie Ebrio
3 November 2016


  Travel Insurance : Speed of service on hotline and processing is great never expected it. I used to have a perception you won't be as efficient as the insurance companies . Would purchase car insurance from you next round too. Keep up the good work.

Xante Koh Hui Lee
1 November 2016


  Travel Insurance : Claims process was very fast and clear. There was no need for further questions via phone as the agent was competent. This saves me much trouble. The claim approval also came within 3 business working days. Would be good to review the claims payout to remain competitive in the market. Travel delay payout should include other incurred expenses such as phone bills, hotel expenses and ebooking fees due to the incident. Sometimes such amount is higher than the claim amount which discourage the purchase of insurance.

Chong Jia Wei Serene
29 October 2016


  Travel Insurance : I think that once again, I am glad that I bought my travel insurance with direct Asia. the claim whether successful or not aside. the customer service is exceptionally good. I feel the trust, I feel the hospitality. I feel I made the right choice. I must say that Jenny, the officer handling my case. She observed the discomfort from the sound of my voice and made a simple heart warming response by acknowledging my condition. That's human touch. rare nowadays. keep it that way.

David Quek Hiap Ywong
28 October 2016


  Travel Insurance : Speedy Claim. Good Value.Policy Details should be included and emailed together with the policy. Consumer would know the claims limit.

Lim Yizhi
27 October 2016


  Travel Insurance : Nothing to complain about. Pramila, the front desk person whom attended to me during my claim and also Elyn who handled my claim process, both were excellent and fast.I am a happy customer :-)

Nur Fuanni Binte Adnan
26 October 2016


  Travel Insurance : All is good! Very happy with directasia, and have no issue at all.Would be good if you can have more selection of policy rather than just vehicle and travel.

Lim Pin Kuan
26 October 2016


  Travel Insurance : Good: I received follow-up call from your staff, Kumar, after he sent me the email requesting for support docs. Really appreciate for your effort to make sure our case is in process.Improve: Price competitiveness, especially those travel insurance offered alongside with air ticket.Simplicity of claim policies.Appreciate the simplicity by using table representation for different insurance premiums.Wish there would be one similar to that for claim amount under different categories being insured.

Dang Huy Trieu
25 October 2016


  Travel Insurance : Really fast, efficient and the claim specialist, Ms. Elyn Pan that handle my case is very efficient and friendly.keep up with the great and efficient work

Amalyasa Mohamed Khalid
25 October 2016


  Travel Insurance : Very efficient process. Keep it up!I think the whole process can be automated through electronic forms instead of having to print and scan out a hard copy. I would like to commend Elyn Pan for personally following up with on the claims process. Every step of the process was clear and transparent. Elyn was very patient, polite and professional throughout. Well done!

Kim Ming Liew
25 October 2016


  Travel Insurance : Good

Sarima Binte Subahan
25 October 2016


  Car Insurance : the claim officer Charun is helpful and he keeps me informed of the situation.No really, I m a satisfy customer.

Seow Peng Tan
25 October 2016


  Car Insurance : Your customer service was excellent but unfortunately it can't be said the same for the tow truck service. Are the workshops you engage external parties? If it is, you might want to review them as they are giving Direct Asia a bad name with their their lack of efficiency.Review the external parties such as the tow truck companies that you engage to serve customers.

Mustajab Bin Ibrahim
24 October 2016


  Travel Insurance : Claim officer Elyn was straightforward, to the point hence made things short and sweet. Suits my busy schedule.Elyn should hone her phone skills to sound more professional over the phone. As, if she hadn't identified herself as being a representative calling from Direct Asia, I would have thought someone from the wet market called probably over a fish I left behind.

Yong Tang Lee
21 October 2016


  Travel Insurance : I did not have a bad experience. I was surprise when Elyn called so fast the next day after I submitted the email. Elyn was very polite and helpful throughout the process. Is it common to use the email to submit our claim and supporting documents? I am not sure about others but I find email a good way to submit documents as compared to the snail mail. The only problem is DirectAsia server has limited size. I had to send the copy of medical bill, translation of the bill, passport, intinerary and Claim form in 3 separate emails. And the Claim form is the largest file of all the documents I need to submit. So the emails bounce back a few times.

Swee Hwa Ang
20 October 2016


  Travel Insurance : Fast response

Tay Kian Tiong
20 October 2016


  Travel Insurance : I called the first time as per the instructions in the website, but told everyone was at a meeting and someone would return my call. No one ever did. I called back few days later and told to file a claim which I did and this was more effective. Website instructions should be far more easy and clear on the steps such as ALL claims must be downloaded and completed. Submit by mail or email @ There is no reason to call that I can see.

Connie Hum
19 October 2016


  Travel Insurance : I like the speed of processing the claim but the only area that I don't like is the sending to original receipt by post, I don't know if there is any way that this can be improved.Instead of filling in physical forms, is it possible to fill in the form directly online and print out in pdf if necessary. Supporting documents can be uploaded online.

Kim Siah Koh
19 October 2016


  Travel Insurance : Claims specialist was courteous and quick to respond.cant think of anything at the moment

Tan Keng Hock
19 October 2016


  Travel Insurance : Elyn replies quickly, and showed concern for my injury. She was also very informative and friendly. There's nothing to improve.

Sagunthla Ramaya
18 October 2016


  Travel Insurance : Helpful service by Elyn Pan, many thanks .It would be good to clearly state the documents required upfront, as much as possible, to speed up the process.

Jacqueline Tan
17 October 2016


  Travel Insurance : The medical claim is good but direct asia shouldn't ask a letter to be mail as now people use scan not mail. Perharps sending everyhthing through mobile phone to make it fast and simple.

Mohamad Fazil Bin Yusoff
17 October 2016


  Car Insurance : Waiting room could be more spruced up to decrease the discomfort of waiting 3 hours for windscreen to be replaced.Clearer instructions to the customer on how to proceed with repairs such as windscreen replacement. the workshops do not handle simple windscreen replacement and I was sent from AMK to Ubi. Normal procedure is for customers to call in to inquire and I was directed to come in the the AMK workshop where i was told that they only handle accidents claim. Glass Fix is the place i should have called. Luckily I called Directasia first before proceeding to Ubi.

Tang Sheng Yun Maria Goretti
14 October 2016


  Travel Insurance : Will be good to have paid postage envelopes available.

Han Tiong Toh
12 October 2016


  Travel Insurance : Elyn Pan has been really helpful and prompt in all her replies. Thank you (:

Chua Mui Shan Jolyn
12 October 2016


  Travel Insurance : Overall my first claim experience was very Good. Online submission would b more convenient. 
Sanjeet was fast and efficient.

Pramila Sanggu
11 October 2016


  Travel Insurance : Was surprised that the claims was expeditiously clarified by the handling Officer and settled. Cheque was received promptly and earlier than the indicated time frame.

Eng Kwang Teo
8 October 2016


  Travel Insurance : Claims Department: 1) Operator: Did a very good job in answering all my questions politely and explained in detail of the claim process. And email me the Claim Form although we can find and download it from the website on our own. 2) Claim Specialist: Elyn Pan replied my email instantly and got my claim resolved efficiently within 3 days after i submitted my documents. My experience with DirectAsia Insurance was almost perfect! Perhaps full insurance policy can be attached and email send to both policy holder and insurer once signed up, since we had filled in our email addresses.

Hui Jia Ong
6 October 2016


  Travel Insurance : if email attachments are acceptable as proof instead of hard original copies would be a plus for claiming

Fang Chung Foong
6 October 2016


  Travel Insurance : Nice to get a call - human touch. For travel claims really it calls for a leap of faith - cos things or emergency happens last min and we dun even know what can be claimed and what not:- your policy doc i download and read it in hotel, but frankly it is not clear enough.- you should consider a chat line service on website for such claims

Darren Goh Chee Joo
5 October 2016


  Car Insurance : The tele operator was polite and efficient. I requested him to arrange the tow driver to come faster as I have something urgent to attend and he repiled he will tried and indeed the driver came earlier by half hour as he initially told me took about 45 to 1hr. It could have more early as the driver don't know where was the exact location, as I mentioned to the operator was located in the shopping center basement carpark. end up the driver had to call me to direct him to my location.The communication between the two could have improve if the location can be send direct to the driver phone and he can can use goggle map to direct him the way.

Hwee Boon Tan
4 October 2016


  Car Insurance : Friendly and efficient

Ibrahim Muhammad Salleh Lim Wei Ren
4 October 2016


  Travel Insurance : I submitted the claim on Tuesday, and a Claim specialist contacted me about the claim on the following day. I was amazed at how efficient the processing time is. I provided the additional information requested, and the claim was processed within 24 hours of my reply. I have submitted an insurance claim where it takes me >6 months to get the refund. Sanjeet Kumar was very polite and responsive (not to mention efficient). Online claim, make the process easier, get rid of paper prints, do our part to save the planet. 

Helen Wiryadinata
30 September 2016


  Travel Insurance : Efficient and prompt. Accommodating and helpful

Esther Teo Mei Hui
30 September 2016


  Travel Insurance : I am very pleased with the service and speed in which my claim was resolved to the letter of the policy terms. Thank you so much to all concerned.Just keep doing what you do. Good service and honor the terms of the customers policy. It's just that simple to keep a loyal customer. I'll refer your company to anybody I know interested in buying Travel Insurance.

Michael Conard Frank
28 September 2016


  Travel Insurance : Speedy and no hassle!Fully online. Won't need to mail documents.

Sharifah Nor Azlinda Binte Saleh Aljunied
28 September 2016


  Travel Insurance : Your staff were helpful and efficient.As I am a loyal supporter of Direct Asia as can be seen by my car and travel policies with you over the years, it would be great if I could get more discount for my premiums.

Chua Poh Neo Agnes
28 September 2016


  Car Insurance : It was not a claim. I called for roadside assistance. Nevertheless assistance came satisfactorily fast.From the moment i called for assistance, would be good if 1 person handled the call and verified particulars and stuffs and then inform me when help will be coming.

28 September 2016


  Travel Insurance : Constant update on progress (eg acknowledge receipt of package, status of review). A call by the agent to explain before sending final email on outcome was very helpful. None as it has been excellent!

28 September 2016


  Travel Insurance : My first experience of travel insurance claim for my son medical expenses in oversea as well as my flight ticket due to his admission. Thanks to Elyn for her prompt feedback and her efficiency in handling my claim.Very satisfied with the service.

27 September 2016


  Travel Insurance : Efficient and effective

Guo Zhijian
26 September 2016


  Travel Insurance : Efficient and clear. 

Hoe Boon Lai
26 September 2016


  Travel Insurance : Keep up the good jobi

24 September 2016


  Travel Insurance : Jamie Lew, has a great listening ear which is a great point for people who works under this line. And she's well knowledgeable about the things I tried to explain. Overall, she has been a great help for me. 

Soh Sze Hian
24 September 2016


  Travel Insurance : I would not I had a bad experience but there is room for improvement. I believe Direct Asia customer service staff work knowledge and work processes can be improved. In my recent experience the staff that attended to me on the phone and that I met at office gave slightly different list of items to be submitted with travel claim application. Finally, the claims officer put me at ease saying the documents that I submitted was sufficient from the claim process.

Mathews Mathen
23 September 2016


  Travel Insurance : Jenny Lew tried to facilitate the claim however way she could instead of insisting the customer accommodate the provider's preferences, which is par for the course in Singapore customer service. Efficient and reliable online claims submission. I had to download the form, print it out, fill it in manually by hand, and send it in.

Yeo Kwang Hwee Daniel
23 September 2016


  Car Insurance : The customer service office was very helpful in sharing the necessary information and explaining details i needed to understand

22 September 2016


  Car Insurance : Constant updates during the claims procedure.Some of the time I had to email DirectAsia myself for an update.

Muhamad Firas Bin Noordin
22 September 2016


  Travel Insurance : Fast and efficient. Staff clearly and nicely explained the company policy and what to do if face with similar situation in future.Criteria for claims on damage goods still not clearly mentioned in policy documents or claim form. Probably easier for staff and clients if these are clearly stated. 

20 September 2016


  Travel Insurance : Very fast followup and resolved quickly.Would be great if it's made more obvious that luggage damage can be repaired through DirectAsia.

Chan Hoi Yi
20 September 2016


  Car Insurance : Please improve on claim issues and emergency response matter. Towing fee for overseas was not a reasonable price and there no proper towing company that can trust in johor(Malaysia). The price was given the company and drive or big difference. Hope see some improvements on the emergency response matter. Thanks you.

20 September 2016


  Travel Insurance : Very prompt response from your staff and also very helpful

Kum Hoong Yip
19 September 2016


  Car Insurance : rapid response.24 hour available for claims.better towing services esp from msia to spore

19 September 2016


  Car Insurance : Quick and efficient. Instead of tolling my car to the workshop, he has tried to restart my car due to battery flat. And he has successfully started my car which I can drive to workshop to fix the battery. He has saved me a lot trouble to follow the tolling truck. So far so good.

Lim Yee Ho
19 September 2016


  Travel Insurance : very efficiency, fast and reliable insurance company. Overall I think the service is very good. No need any other comment.

19 September 2016


  Travel Insurance : No questions asked on claims when necessary documents are provided. It was processed was quick and I received the cheque for the claim within 2 weeks' time.

Jolly Chua
19 September 2016


  Travel Insurance : Yes. Your company and staff is more then perfect . Love everything 

Irfan Fraz
15 September 2016


  Travel Insurance : The speed of processing is astonishing.Please incorporate online submission of claims docs.

Martin Magmarigen Wong Kwan Ken
14 September 2016


  Car Insurance : Great service

Rajinder Rai
10 September 2016


  Car Insurance : The hotline verification process is slow even when I have my policy cert and number right in front of me.

Mun Yew Lai
9 September 2016


  Travel Insurance : The speed in which it was handled

Cheryl Downes
9 September 2016


  Car Insurance : Can't think of anything at the moment.

Yong Teck Benjamin Tay
8 September 2016


  Travel Insurance : Good-The officer handling my case well, Jenny Lew followed the case closely.Bad-the policy did not consider the purchase price that was before my loyalty disc $50 and upgrade eligibility disc $250. I still got to pay about $100 for repair. This is my 1st ever claim and fortunate to be able to make a successful claim. So I think Directasia had done well and I m glad I chosen Directasia for my travel and motor insurance.

8 September 2016


  Travel Insurance : the responsiveness of the claim officer was outstanding. I was impress by the speed of the processing of my claim

7 September 2016


  Car Insurance : Ms Elyn Pan the Claim Specialist has done a commendable job. The claim was approved and resolved in less then a week. An excellent service. Thank you

Abdul Latiff Bin Salleh
7 September 2016


  Travel Insurance : I like the efficiency and ease with which my claim was processed. It made me like dealing with you and I highly recommend your services to my friends.The policy could include examples of the type of medical claim that can be accepted. I find that this was quite brief when I was trying to get more details to understand what criteria needed to be met for the claim.

Yoong Yik Chen Theresa Maria
7 September 2016


  Travel Insurance : Claims Specialist Elyn Pan was very helpful and explained clearly the process of submitting the claim, I've never encountered any other insurance agencies that are so fast and efficient in processing a claim.Very good service.

5 September 2016


  Travel Insurance : No complaints. Joleen Tan and Elyn Pan were extremely responsive and helpful. So was the counter staff who took the original documents from me (I apologize I didn't get her name)

Chie Hong Ting
3 September 2016


  Car Insurance : Everything went well with no problems.

Michael Wood
1 September 2016


  Travel Insurance : The claim specialist Jenny was prompt and well versed with the claim process. All my questions were answered promptly. The claim was processed via email too as I was unable to receive calls. Good experience indeed!

Chee Kwan Boon
1 September 2016


  Travel Insurance : Everything is great! 

Reuben Lim Wende
1 September 2016


  Travel Insurance : At this time of servey I haven received by money, only told that my claim was approved. So you please tell me, if this experience is good or bad.Nobody have intention for claim unless so unfortunate, and so to help those approved case, payment should be paid out quickly. In the same way when we take up a policy we have to pay in advance before the policy comes in force.

Lee Mui Chye Martin
1 September 2016


  Travel Insurance : No complaints. Joleen Tan and Elyn Pan were extremely responsive and helpful. So was the counter staff who took the original documents from me (I apologize I didn't get her name)

Marc Low
1 September 2016


  Travel Insurance : It's super-fast, efficient, and painless process. So much better than what I had been expected. Putting up the claim form online for direct inputting via keyboard will be a way to make the existing very good process even better. Thanks.

Debin Gao
30 August 2016


  Travel Insurance : The efficiency of the claim officer was pretty fast and the claim officer had contacted me to notify on one particular claim that was not covered so that I will be aware before receiving the claims. 

30 August 2016


  Travel Insurance : Everything was pretty smooth, the customer service was great and my claim was settled within 2 weeks, really fast compared to a similar experience with a competitor of yours. If the form filling can be done and submitted entirely online, that will be really great. 

Lin Hui
27 August 2016


  Travel Insurance : The claim specialist handled the matter with professionalism and resolved this matter quickly. Perhaps could train the service reps on weekends to be able to advise on claims a little better. 

Isaac Perianayagam S/O G. Abraham
26 August 2016


  Travel Insurance : Joleen Tan was fantastic. I loved that she instantly asked how my son was doing...and then talked business. That made me feel happy, and I also loved the she was highly responsive

26 August 2016


  Travel Insurance : Very efficient and helpful, even though I didn't get back they call to follow up. Can't think of anything very impress with the service. 

26 August 2016


  Travel Insurance : The team knowledge is excellent. The staff who attended to me is Pan Elyn who is friendly and very helpful; she was able to process the claim within minutes. The only disappointment is the amount I was reimbursed; only $50 due to lack of a receipt for the broken luggage. Nothing at the moment. If I experience a setback in future dealings I will let you know :-) 

Yau Yuet Kwai
25 August 2016


  Travel Insurance : The officer is very knowledgeable and help me to identify all the documents I need to submit. In 7 working day, I receive the approve email of my claim. 

Cheung Wai Leung
24 August 2016


  Travel Insurance : Everything was perfect. 

Rohit Kumar Dubey
24 August 2016


  Car Insurance : I see improvement (in term of team knowledge) from my previous incident (where over the phone tell me senior not around cannot advise) compared to this one (the guy can answer to my questions and guide me on what to do next), it could be better. i.e. The recent incident is simply not my fault but to suggest to claim on my own insurance policy to fix first then claim against third party... somehow I felt is not right. Need to have a very strong experienced and knowledgeable tele team as the team is the front line that communicate directly with customer who is usually in trouble and need help, the last thing the customer need is more frustration created by the team; There is a direct correlation between tele team strength vs number of customers (and in fact happy customers). 

23 August 2016


  Travel Insurance : Team evaluation of case is good and patiently wait for my document. Specialist was knowledgeable. Follow up email with customer if there is no response from customer within one week to give us the assurance that case is still been tracked.

Koh Kwang Hwee
23 August 2016


  Travel Insurance : Prompt email response according to mentioned time-frame. Easier claims and purchase through mobile apps

Leong Shoon Wai Alex
23 August 2016


  Travel Insurance : The claim executive, Jenny Lew was friendly, helpful and professional, I enjoyed working with her. If you have some BigData infographics to share with us, on insurance related consumer topics of interest, that will be great! 

Chee Boon Leong
23 August 2016


  Car Insurance : super-fast, wind screen crack report logged at 12.45pm, appointment made 1.30pm, car repaired at 5pm. gone home with happy face and drive again on weekend :) .loyalty rebate to happy and return customer like me

Yen Bin Chen
22 August 2016


  Car Insurance : The officer checked my policy and despatched towing truck once he confirmed my policy. Sms estimated arrival time of towing truck. 

Zailee Bin Ramli
20 August 2016


  Car Insurance : In this high tech era, which ever possible in communication is well established by your company. Especially connecting oversea tow services. You guys did a great job. Not in the meantime, as i believe you have a large number of employees that is a driver themselves too. Contributing ease of arrangements after accident is important to a driver. 

19 August 2016


  Car Insurance : Customer service was good and friendly, so far all is good. 

18 August 2016


  Car Insurance : Very prompt and simple process! thank you Elyn pan .Getting into contact overseas was difficult because I could not call Singapore, I had to ask my friend to help me call. after that it was ok. 

Rachel Ooi Siew Hui
18 August 2016


  Travel Insurance : Very friendly and approachable staff. Ms Joleen Tan went the extra mile to resolve my claims . 

Choo Buan Chiang Daniel
16 August 2016


  Travel Insurance : Overall is great .Maybe you can specify more clearly on the breakdown of the claims . Thks 

Pei Ling Kwok
16 August 2016


  Travel Insurance : In general, the response from Joleen is good. 

Or Sau Ngor
16 August 2016


  Travel Insurance : Joleen was as helpful as she could verbally and in writing. The airline MU was not helpful, not willing to provide the confirmations of dates and times that Joleen asked for. This does not reflect negatively on DA but on the airline. DA performed its duties well tk you! 

12 August 2016


  Car Insurance : Keep the pricing competitive. Better rewards for returning customers - reward loyalty. Keep up the good work shown so far. 

Oliver Draper
11 August 2016


  Travel Insurance : I sent an email regarding my claim and was promptly replied by Jenny. Jenny was efficient in processing my claim form and was thoroughly professional and patient while receiving my other travel documents. She did not rush me, and ensured that my claim was successfully processed. 

Ng Min Er Lisbeth
8 August 2016


  Travel Insurance : Speed of collection and delivery of luggage. 

Eileen Ai Ling See
5 August 2016


  Travel Insurance : Speed & efficiency is good and fast. Need more protection on damaged baggage and missing items. 

Wong Sheau Tsuey
4 August 2016


  Travel Insurance : The communication on your claims requirements was clear. Your claim assessment was swift and your concluding offer to settle was matched clearly to the contract terms. Your settlement instructions were clear. Your staff was polite and patient. The transmission of my claim report could be improved. Seemingly your email inbox do not allow very large files to be emailed. My claims report had to be emailed in 6 tranches. 

4 August 2016


  Car Insurance : I’m happy with the present system. 

4 August 2016


  Travel Insurance : Elyn is very proactive and willing to help, when it comes to claims she is knowledgeable. 

Kayashino Cheung Wun Ting
4 August 2016


  Travel Insurance : ease and speed of claim. 

Kerri Lampard
3 August 2016


  Travel Insurance : Thanks to Elyn Pan claims dept. As this was my first time doing such claim. She was patient and helpful in following up my case which in the end make my claim so smooth. 

You Jie Chng
1 August 2016


  Travel Insurance : Good in speed process, Reward for renewal or early renew before policy expiry.

Kun Hang Lim
1 August 2016


  Travel Insurance : My claims experience with Direct Asia is always first class. the claims officer are interactive and human. Unlike other insurance companies that will go by the book and lose the human touch. I think the biggest differentiator of Direct Asia is the human touch of the claims officer, exactly as the company had advertised. Keep it up. 

Poh Lee Heng
1 August 2016


  Travel Insurance : Excellent speed of service and email correspondence. I was very impressed. Allow submission of documents via email. 

Peter Hart
31 July 2016


  Travel Insurance : Very fast and efficient. 

Yi Ming Kho
28 July 2016


  Travel Insurance : Speed and efficiency! Can be more efficient in the future. 

Karen Yan Wei Rong
28 July 2016


  Travel Insurance : All good. Continue with the good work. 

28 July 2016


  Car Insurance : This feedback was not for some accident claim but for towing services. It was a pleasant process on how you manage me. 

22 July 2016


  Travel Insurance : Joleen Tan, the claim specialist is very helpful. 

Vinchel Budihardjo
22 July 2016


  Travel Insurance : None. This is already my 2nd time purchasing your travel insurance and I’m extremely satisfied with your service. Thanks! 

Dimalibot Sheena Abling
21 July 2016


  Travel Insurance : Response by Jenny was fast & clear. Personal call by Jenny to acknowledge my claim is professional. Advice in helping me to obtain the medical report was relevant. Processing of my claim was efficient. 

Or Sau Ngor
21 July 2016


  Car Insurance : Good customer help line. 

20 July 2016


  Travel Insurance : I am always very pleased with the service received by Direct Asia. 

19 July 2016


  Travel Insurance : The officer that attended my call was very patient and efficient. He took the time to listen to my situation and assisted me throughout the process. He answered my questions accurately which gave me a sense of relief as this was my first time having to request for a claim. He was very professional. The only thing I regretted was that I didn't ask for his name. Hmm would greatly appreciated if the officer replying emails would take the time to address the sender's name or salutation correctly. Other than that, kudos Direct Asia! 

Saleha Binte Matnom
19 July 2016


  Travel Insurance : The officer handling my claim was prompt and thorough. Efficient and speedy. She could assist better with offering alternatives for my case as I don't have the airlines incident report. Perhaps officer can check through the system before asking for repeated information. They managed to find my claims when I told them to search for my email address. 

Tan Li Xian Jacquelyn
19 July 2016


  Travel Insurance : Overall good - I like how we can submit claim using email. During overseas, it will be easier if we can use internet chat to seek for help. Sometimes we cannot call back Singapore using our hp. 

Ng Wujie
19 July 2016


  Travel Insurance : Claim officer was responsive in handling my claim. Good work. And Satisfied. 

Vinchel Budihardjo
19 July 2016


  Travel Insurance : For travel claim , to tell the clients the need to keep a copy of flight ticket & boarding pass . No. I had a good experience with direct Asia . 

Jenny Wong
16 July 2016


  Travel Insurance : service was very fast and friendly ,very good .I am happy with Joleen tan 's service. Thanks

15 July 2016


  Travel Insurance : Every procedure is smooth and staff is very responsive. Keep up the great work :)There's nothing I can find fault in, Great Work DirectAsia. 

Swee Hoon Kho
15 July 2016


  Travel Insurance : Service was prompt and professional. You guys rock! That's why I'm a repeat customer!

Adrian Choo Wai Ying
15 July 2016


  Travel Insurance : Processing of claim was fast and staff showed concern on well-being of claimants and recovery from illness. Am very touched. You should also consider expanding into general coverage such as homeowners building insurance. Will certainly support your firm.

Keng Hock Tan
14 July 2016


  Car Insurance : Good response and turnaround time. 

13 July 2016


  Car Insurance : I was impressed with the speed at which my problem was addressed and resolved over the telephone. I was expecting help to arrive at the scene about 90 minutes following my call. However, the assistance arrived within 45 minutes. When the Direct Asia - Customer Service Representative receives the call for help, obtains the relevant information and takes the necessary actions, a short SMS should be sent to the person who called in. The short SMS should contain basic info such as confirming the location of the scene. This will help to reduce the anxiety of the person in distress as well aid in ensuring that the assistance party and the person in distress have the same location of the scene. 

Terrence Singam
13 July 2016


  Car Insurance : The service to change my flat tyre is fast within half an hour. Only issue is communication level as the person attended not proficient in English. 

12 July 2016


  Travel Insurance : Very good. Excellent. 

Albert Leng Chan Seng
5 July 2016


  Travel Insurance : The speed of getting the claim was very fast and impressed with the service. Great job Direct Asia 👍🏽So far everything seems good and great. I have recommended to many of my frens and colleagues. 

Annabelle Sridevi D/O Anandarajah
5 July 2016


  Car Insurance : DirectAsia customer service staff is top notch. Really appreciate the opportunity to excellent service rendered. 

Leong Rong An Edward
5 July 2016


  Travel Insurance : The claim experience with Elyn Pan after i came back SG is very good and smooth. I have made a few calls oversea to clarify the things which can be claimed. Some of the answers I received were a bit uncertain. Could be better if the customer service can be very sure of what can and cannot be claimed. 

4 July 2016


  Travel Insurance : Jenny helped liaise with the useless airline (Jetstar) and tried to get them to give a cash refund but the airline refused to honour their word when I called to counter check. Jenny then proceeded to process a full refund through Direct Asia. This is the second claim Jenny has processed for me and the service has been just as great. Thanks! 

Nandakumar Narasimhan
3 July 2016


  Travel Insurance : I feel it is efficient on the part of Direct Asia to take immediate action to look into my claim matter. Staff-in-charge is raising many questions daily to understand the situation of the incidents. This prove and show the Claimant that the Staff is working on the case daily. I am glad to receive the re-imbursement within 2 weeks of my submission, however, not the full amount of my claim. I believe that "Efficiency and Fast Reaction" is the main priority and criteria for Insurance company. This is because most claimant will want to hear from the company soonest about the claim. So to keep and maintain this speedy action and reply is utmost, and you are already one-up compare to others. FM: Christina Goh. 

3 July 2016


  Travel Insurance : Speed and competency of staff. Claim process was well handled and instructions were clear. 

Wee Eng Peow
1 July 2016


  Travel Insurance : Jolene was very helpful. though it would be better for claim experience if the policy schedule was more detailed. 

Chloe Chong Pei Yi
1 July 2016


  Car Insurance : I am direct asia customer for many years and i will continue using direct asia Due to excellent service from you. By the way, Any discount for regular customer? I would be happy if there is discount rate for me. 

1 July 2016


  Travel Insurance : Respond very fast. Gd. So far so gd. 

Neo Mui Hwa
28 June 2016


  Travel Insurance : Joleen is very fast and efficient in her response. Extend your insurance to home contents/home fire insurance. 

28 June 2016


  Motorcycle Insurance : I've got my insurance in few minutes on a phone call. Awesome and value for money.

28 June 2016


  Car Insurance : My particulars of incident was accurately passed on to the service provider. The service provider also attended to my case promptly according to the scheduled timing. I've waited for the service at the workshop itself as there were seats available for me to get back on my work via phone. It was a good experience. 

Shin Ying Lau
27 June 2016


  Travel Insurance : Jenny was very helpful. 

Bingxiang Wu
25 June 2016


  Car Insurance : The whole claim process was smooth and trouble-free. Everything was well taken care of. Service is excellent and no regret at all to be insured by Directasia. 

Chee Hou Dennis Kwok
23 June 2016


  Travel Insurance : Claims manager Jenny was helpful and polite. Well done! 

Lye Thiam Fatt Joseph Victor
22 June 2016


  Travel Insurance : Elyn Pan was extremely prompt and professional in reviewing my claim. Spoke with her on the phone and she responded in a very friendly manner on questions regarding the claim. My flight was delayed and when my husband who was in Singapore called DirectAsia to asked what is the policy for me to purchase a new ticket, the staff was not able to immediately reply and provide a satisfactory answer. As a result of this, I was stuck in Surabaya for over two days. 

Nurazza Binte Mahmood
22 June 2016


  Travel Insurance : The customer service attended to me, Jenny Lew was very prompt to my queries and follow up. The last portion to check my address and name was an overlooked on my part as I initially thought I have replied as confirming the details. It was only after 3 weeks that I wanted to check the receipt of my cheque that I realised that I did not send out the email after preparation. Would be good if this was being follow up. Thanks. 

Song Yee Wee Jacqueline
22 June 2016


  Travel Insurance : Helpful and speedy advice from Claims Executive. 

Woo Wai Han
22 June 2016


  Travel Insurance : Feedback on quality of claim was fast, and following clarification claim was approved almost instantly. And all of that over email. Simple, fast. I like it!! 

Sander den Hollander
21 June 2016


  Car Insurance : Prompt, helpful and courteous. Kudos

Jeanette LIAU Chinbg Ling
20 June 2016


  Car Insurance : Overall satisfied as team is knowledgeable & efficient. 

Leong Ngor Kuar
17 June 2016


  Travel Insurance : Though I happened to be the holder and not the claimant, I felt that the staff who spoke to me had been polite and careful on the phone. He needed to reach the claimant. The staff was very clear in his explanation. This is critical and without it, the process would be delayed. Perhaps, the claim form should include all essential information for the person using it. My friend told me he was happy and satified with the service standard. Keep on having dedicated staff who can treat customers' happy. Thanks for the experience. 

17 June 2016


  Travel Insurance : Except for the slight confusion of my claim at the start, it was resolved very quickly and efficiently. Special thanks to Joleen for this. 

17 June 2016


  Travel Insurance : Good follow up by my consultant. 

Katrine Nadira Ruud
16 June 2016


  Car Insurance : To Surjit and Theresa Leong, thank you for the great customer service experience. Surjit listened, understood, empathised, followed up beyond the call of your duty after your working hours and closed by referring me to your colleague Teresa who called me back in the said time and closed the whole registration in minutes. I had an awesome experience. You both have left me with a lasting impression as well as gained your organisation a loyal customer just through the service you have provided.

11 June 2016


  Car Insurance : Spoken to a very nice guy (Eiwia) to assist me on my issue and problem i am facing/unsure, sounded like a vet to solve all problem.

10 June 2016


  Travel Insurance : Good in speed & efficiency. Give rewards to referrer, renewal policy & birthday gift to get closer to customer. 

Kun Hang Lim
9 June 2016


  Travel Insurance : When I emailed DirectAsia to check the possibility and claiming procedure while still overseas, I got a detailed response very quickly. After providing the required documents, the claim was settled very promptly too, with phone calls to confirm the claim amount. I am not sure if it is available, but having the claiming policy documents (i.e., the details of amounts claimable with relevant documents provided) online would be good. 

Hanyong Ee
9 June 2016


  Travel Insurance : Good customer support 

Lim Thiam Leng
7 June 2016


  Travel Insurance : A dedicated claims specialist rather than having to deal with multiple specialists. Understanding and speed of response was great! 

Kian Voon Low
7 June 2016


  Travel Insurance : Miss Joleen constantly reminded me to submit the claim n follow thru the whole claim process. Happy n satisfied with Direct Asia claim process. 

Seow Fong Hee
7 June 2016


  Car Insurance : Impressed much with DirectAsia!! Although no claim is a pleasant affair, your team made it as smooth, effortless and painless for me. Being a claim newbie (i.e. 50% NCD policy owner for many many years), I had no idea of how to make a claim, also the responsibility of the other party etc. Gave a call to Flora Quek from your claims dept and she was extremely patient with me, explaining to me everything systematically and for almost 45mins on the phone (I find that experience itself unheard of or unbelievable in Singapore!!). Flora is a gem and service staff like that are hard to find, she is the one big reason I am thankful that we buy policy from Direct Asia...big thanks and kudos to her for the trouble she took and answering all my questions (some of them might have been very basic and stupid questions too!)The good experiences don't end there - Derek your claims assessor / approver is a wonderful guy too, very well-mannered and very pleasant to talk to. I had a nice time at the workshop talking to him and understanding a bit more about car insurance claims, and Derek patiently helped me assess the damage to my car (even though it was very slight damage, Derek systematically went through everything with me).Although I could choose my own workshop as per my policy, I decided to go ahead with your appointed workshop Char's Customcraft - I highly recommend them, very sincere and great service by Sharon and team there (right from the moment of filing my accident report to the actual repair and advice).Great experience overall, very happy with Direct Asia - kudos to you!!I would have really appreciated some advice when I renewed my policy - I had no idea that there was an option to protect the NCD available too. Given that I have paid extra already to buy a policy to use my own workshop, Zero excess...I would have also gladly paid a little bit extra to protect my NCD. This option was not clear on your website when I renewed every year. Also this year I renewed my policy via phone - the phone operator could have at least once asked me if I wanted to buy a NCD protection along with my renewal and that would have helped me immensely (as now I have lost my entire NCD benefit because of one small claim - and the accident was also not really my fault in my opinion). I wish some mention would have been made that NCD protection option exists, it was not clear from your website options during earlier years when I purchased online too (I believe it is a new feature - more the reason it should have been highlighted on the phone when I called this year to buy the policy on the phone).This is my small feedback - overall wonderful experience otherwise on everything else - KEEP IT UP! (so happy to be one of your first customers right from the year Direct Asia was launched!!) Thank you. 

Hoshang Mehta
6 June 2016


  Car Insurance : efficiency on claim & approved claim update. As I had to send in my car for parts replacement when the parts arrived. 

6 June 2016


  Travel Insurance : Ms Elyn 服务很好,很耐心。

Wusheng Jiang
2 June 2016


  Travel Insurance : have been a policyholder for 4years and my claim this time around was resolved very quickly. It has significantly improved compared to my past claims. Hopefully, cheque processing & remittance could be shortened further.

James Ramos Rodillas
2 June 2016


  Travel Insurance : It was fast and the only issue is the exchange rate used. I learned now that I would need to keep the exchange rate receipt and then to use them for the claim purpose.

Boo Lak Khoo
2 June 2016


  Travel Insurance : very good knowledge and able to handle situations well. not like many new other insurance companies that stick to rules like robots. I think you are doing well. I just renew my policy last week anyway. 

Goh Chee Kiong Alvin
2 June 2016


  Car Insurance : reach hotline easily, and very efficient. 

1 June 2016


  Travel Insurance : I think the fact I was able to get clear directives while I was still overseas help me get all the necessary papers and documentation for the claims. Now this is a notch above the rest - Elyn actually called me to follow up and asked me why I have not mailed the originals to them. I was pleasantly surprised. So far so good. I will write in if I think of anything or come across - but touch wood, I hope I don't have to make any claim in all honesty. 

Ho Su Lin Brenda
30 May 2016


  Travel Insurance : A single travel abroad invariably involved a surface i.e. land/sea and air travel to a final destination. If on the onset a travel delay occurs a chain of events which is beyond ones control will cause travel misconnection. Perhaps this unique situation should be looked into by Directasia insurance, so that customers will travel with comfort and a peaceful mind. In my daughter's case. Her flight from Padang Indonesia to Batam was delayed overnight. When she flew the next morning her previous day sea shuttle ferry to harbour front, was void and she had to purchase a new ticket. Your travel clause does not cover such claim. I personally believed that page 14 of the Travel Clause is repugnant. In modern days, a travel sometimes involved frequent transits with on-line and off-line connections or on other surface connections. The clause should be reviewed and improved to the benefit of the insured. Otherwise this will cause the insured unnecessary hardships and concern. I am very happy with Ms Joleen Tan's help and assistance. She took ownership of the situation. She attended my claims application promptly, efficiently and professionally. I couldn't be happier. A job well done. Thank you. As per above-mentions feedback. 

29 May 2016


  Car Insurance : The initial calls to the customer service allowed me to have prompt assistance. The follow-up by Elyn, your claims officer, to authorise the workshop repair was very good. The claim registration system could have allowed claims to be registered in the system even on weekends instead of migrating data only on working days. 

Cheow Gim Lee
28 May 2016


  Travel Insurance : The professionalism of the claim officer is very good. Timely updates which is very important for us. The whole claim process is very efficient, direct and simple, very good. Nothing but just keep up the good work! 

Chin Yin Kuah
27 May 2016


  Travel Insurance : There is flexibility in approving my doctor's visit (3 days after arriving back to SIN) , which did not conform to the 48hrs procedures . This as an oversight on my part and I am glad DirectAsia promptly acknowledge and approved my medical claims. Thank you .Affordable Annual Travel Insurance Rates as compared to other companies. Hope DirectAsia will maintain this rate. 

Chia Jiew Hee Gilbert
27 May 2016


  Travel Insurance : Prompt follow up. Claim specialist very efficient and helpful. Thank you so much! 

Tan Xuan Xin Yvonne
27 May 2016


  Car Insurance : The customer service person, Maxis, was very helpful in assisting us to process the claims. Her advice and guidance throughout the process was very helpful and reassuring. Having more options for clients to customize their auto insurance policies will help clients to purchase only what they need. 

Theron Theron
25 May 2016


  Travel Insurance : Elyn Pan is an outstanding staff that has helped me to process my travel claim without much hassle. She is very patient and understanding in handling my case. I will continue with Direct Asia because of this wonderful experience with Elyn. 

Mun Ying Ho
25 May 2016


  Car Insurance : I would like to especially thank Erwin Pangilinan for his patience and effort in helping me with my car insurance renewal. He is polite and has been very attentive in assisting and responding to my numerous queries.

25 May 2016


  Travel Insurance : Although my claim started late, it was still dealt with expeditiously. 

Zixian YE
25 May 2016


  Car Insurance : I called up on one Sunday and this customer service officer is not well informed about the claim process for the replacement of my windshield. She told me politely that she handles accident calls. I believe every customer service officer should be well informed on the company claims policy. I am happy being with, this is just my honest feedback to improve your overall service. Thank you. All is good! 

Nidzamuddin Bin Noh
25 May 2016


  Travel Insurance : You guys have done a good job. Very prompt and hassle free. Well done! 

Goh Kng Sang Denise
24 May 2016


  Travel Insurance : Empathising with the policy holder ~under the unfortunate circumstances we had to cancel our holiday due to my sudden acute illness and surgery. Rabinder kaur and Balbir singh.Well done. 

21 May 2016


  Motorcycle Insurance : Cheaper quotation for vehicle insurance, great customer service!

Mohamad Siddiq
18 May 2016


  Car Insurance : Fast solutions, pleasant service. 

17 May 2016


  Car Insurance : There was no claims done. I requested for breakdown assistance due to my flat tyre as that’s covered in the insurance. I was very grateful for the guy who came to tow my car and kudos to him for braving the heavy rain and getting my car towed to my workshop! 

Woon Yoke Liew
17 May 2016


  Travel Insurance : Claim department staff were very helpful and facilities the claim quickly

16 May 2016


  Travel Insurance : Overall service is good. 

16 May 2016


  Car Insurance : Everything is in good efficient way of management. No comment. Keep up ..with the good and friendly style of management… 

16 May 2016


  Car Insurance : Mine wasn't exactly a claim. It was the emergency towing service. I was very happy with the service provided anyway. Very prompt and fast actions. 

14 May 2016


  Travel Insurance : The claim process was straight forward and fuss free. No back-and-forth requirements in requesting further documents. No, I am a satisfied returned-customer ! 

Chong En Jordan Tan
13 May 2016


  Travel Insurance : The officer called back after a week to check on the status of the claim. Highly commendable 

Gary Yoong Sem Wye
12 May 2016


  Travel Insurance : Direct Asia will always be the first insurer that cross my mind when I am travelling. It is fast and easy to purchase your travel insurance before you fly without worrying. Their staff is always efficient on their service to customer. Rest assure they won't disappoint you! I am pleased with their service thus far :) 

12 May 2016


  Travel Insurance : Good to be able to submit claim via email. Received call for acknowledgement of receipt of claim submission and request for original copy of receipt. Received acknowledgement of receipt of original document. Received call on clarification of claim details. Continue personal contact/acknowledgement will make customers comfortable. Usually customer who encountered "bad situation" during overseas trip and need to put up a claim, doesn't feel good. Thus comfortable assurance from DirectAsia does help to calm situation. 

Yeow Chew Tan
11 May 2016


  Car Insurance : As this is my first experience, I’m satisfy with the service render and if it can take care of my other family members to ferry them home will be much appreciated. Understand that my insurance covers the Repatriation costs but not sure if it applies here i.e. if there is any service (transportation) to ferry family members home at any location in Singapore or Malaysia where the vehicle breakdown whilst waiting for the tow truck. 

10 May 2016


  Car Insurance : I would like to thank Ms.Yati for provided me timely, friendly and helpful services on the renewal of my car insurance policy through the phone, I was able to complete the transaction within minutes without any problem. Thank you very much.

Tan Puay Meng
10 May 2016


  Travel Insurance : Very quick response- much appreciated! I've been with DirectAsia for a few years now, so some of the information could be processed on the web-page, making the claim submission faster.

Jagmeet Singh Sidhu
10 May 2016


  Car Insurance : I first called the hot line to report the accident on my windscreen. The operator advised that i could just go straight to the authorised workshop. When i call the workshop two days later to book, i was then told that directasia had not send in the authority email for my repair. I had to call hotline again. However, the lady at the claim side was apologetic and managed to expedite my claim so that i could go to the workshop on the same day. Good customer recovery! 

Sze Kee Koh
9 May 2016


  Travel Insurance : Customer service response to my reply fast, even call to update me about it. really very happy with the service. i also not sure, so far so good. thanks. 

8 May 2016


  Motorcycle Insurance : Great follow up, speedy response and always helpful. Special mention to Mr Erwin Pangilinan who displays professionalism, knowledge and patience.

Wilson Teng
6 May 2016


  Travel Insurance : Claims officer responded quite promptly. Could be better if claims could be done online instead of mailing in. 

Jocelyn Kau Shi Xuan
5 May 2016


  Travel Insurance : Extremely fast response 

Joel Ang Nian En
5 May 2016


  Travel Insurance : None, Service is already excellent. None, Service is excellent! 

5 May 2016


  Travel Insurance : Was glad that DirectAsia accepted by claim form and travel documents by e-mail instead of through postal mail. However, it is still a hassle to submit original invoice by postal mail. Evaluate the possibility of submitting all documents through e-mail or online portal instead of postal mail. 

5 May 2016


  Car Insurance : Professional and good service provided. Well done! 

Chong Wei Louis Thng
3 May 2016


  Travel Insurance : Easy claims form. Personal point of contact. Extremely professional, speedy process. Great customer experience! No. Better than any insurance company we have ever dealt with. Well done. And thank you. 

Steven John Vorster
1 May 2016


  Travel Insurance : It was extremely comforting to receive an email from your insurance representative while trying to recover in a foreign hospital. Your staff (Joleen Tan) was extremely efficient, patient, and precise in explaining requirements and procedures in our email exchanges. Thank you. 

1 May 2016


  Car Insurance : When I called in, my request was attended to immediately. My request is that I would like free towage to my workshop any time I need when my car breakdown. 

29 April 2016


  Travel Insurance : The front line staffs were very helpful and friendly. Jolene from the claims department who handled my claim was very professional, friendly and efficient. 

Chan Yau Seng
29 April 2016


  Travel Insurance : Everything is good. Cannot ask for more! Allow for more avenues to submit claims. 

Tan Soong Geck
29 April 2016


  Travel Insurance : Completely satisfied. 

28 April 2016


  Car Insurance : Completely satisfied. 

27 April 2016


  Car Insurance : I am amazed that there was someone manning the emergency hot line when I called passed midnight to make an enquiry. I have been insured with Direct Asia for the last few years without any claims. However, I did not see any significant reduction in my premium when compared with what other motor underwriters are offering. Perhaps, Direct Asia can introduce a loyalty program which provides some form of reward for long standing customers

Eddie Sim
27 April 2016


  Travel Insurance : Claim was fuss free. Elyn follows up promptly with phone calls immediately after I send queries. She's very polite and professional. 

Dehui Chen
25 April 2016


  Travel Insurance : Claim was smooth and fast. Very satisfied with your prompt attention, thank you.

Sow Thoe Choi
25 April 2016


  Car Insurance : Very patient and professional in handling my car transfer queried to Direct Asia. Straight away signed up the car policy with Direct Asia without any hassle. Now only waiting for the refund of the previous car's cancellation fee of $90. 👏👏

Caren Phoon
22 April 2016


  Travel Insurance : Elyn was helpful in providing her assistance regarding the claim and resolved the claim faster than expected. Perhaps have a specific section with information on who to contact will maybe help speed up the consideration. Eg although the policy was in my husband’s name, the claim information and contact person for this claim would be me. 

21 April 2016


  Travel Insurance : Efficient as ever. 

Cheong Kam Seng Eugene
21 April 2016


  Travel Insurance : Elyn was very helpful and promptly help me solve my issues and submit the claims for me.

Wu Pei Sang
20 April 2016


  Travel Insurance : Towing company was fantastic. Very efficient & even took a photo of my car once he delivered it to the shop for service so I knew it was safe. The phone service during out of office hours could be a bit more knowledgeable. 

Ewan Gordon Clark
19 April 2016


  Travel Insurance : Everything was more then perfect. Very very happy staff is friendly and very helpful. I will definitely recommend this insurance to everyone. Every single thing is more than perfect. 

Irfan Fraz
18 April 2016


  Car Insurance : Speed & efficiency. Above my expectation. 

18 April 2016


  Travel Insurance : Elyn Pan who served me was efficient, proactive and excellent at her service. Though I was dissatisfied at the policy wording, she did not hesitate to make me understand and did her best to make this experience far less frustrating than it could have been. I believe the policy wording for loss of personal items should be made very clear when someone is buying the policy. 

Nasrulla Tasneem Hozefah
18 April 2016


  Travel Insurance : Elyn Pan was very helpful in assisting with the claim. Her emails was also very prompt

Kah Heng Lee
15 April 2016


  Car Insurance : The tow truck came with stated time. Thank you very much.

14 April 2016


  Travel Insurance : Everything was good. The claim officer was really efficient. 

Xin Yi Quek
13 April 2016


  Car Insurance : Great advice from DirectAsia upon accident reporting and excellent support and speed of repair from authorised workshop in Woodlands. 

11 April 2016


  Travel Insurance : My claims executive, Jenny Lew has been very patient and understanding with me during the process of my claims. She was able to process my claims quickly, efficiently & my experience of the process with her was exceptional! Keep your good staff, they are excellent! 

Su Yin Wong
8 April 2016


  Car Insurance : Tow Truck driver is professional and friendly. Highly recommended. 

8 April 2016


  Car Insurance : Very friendly, Very very good

Asharf Ali
8 April 2016


  Car Insurance : I always had the impression that customer service level for Online purchases will never be good. I was surprised at the personalised service I received from Direct Asia customer service. Service Staff Hanee was patient, returned my calls promptly and even advised me on the best option to opt for. I am impressed at that level of service. Good job! Keep up the excellent service!

Patrick Ho
8 April 2016


  Travel Insurance : Today I come into Direct Asia's office a very angry man! My travel claims were miscalculated! Both your staff at the SC were very helpful in helping me to find answers to my questions by calling the claims dept & speaking to the officer in charge. All problems resolved. Thank them both so much.

Anthony Yip
7 April 2016


  Car Insurance : The conversation was fast and communicated properly. The tow truck came and pull me out of a predicament in a timely and orderly fashion. Keep up with the good work! 

7 April 2016


  Travel Insurance : Overall good experience with great efficiency and helpful advice given on claims matter. Speed of claims processing was faster than expected. Room for improvement on more clarity of claim period end date and items claimable for travel insurance. 

Lim May Ching Monica
7 April 2016


  Travel Insurance : I particularly liked the simple instructions on the documents to be submitted for claims, as there are many tasks to do at hand esp after one has return from trips, all the more clear, n simple instructions are a must! 

Nathan Ong Kee Wee
7 April 2016


  Travel Insurance : Speed. I particularly impressed with your respond and keep me informed about the status of the claim. For eg., you send an email to inform me when u received my claim form, call up to follow up with my condition, etc. Good job! 

Choo Yih Ong
7 April 2016


  Travel Insurance : The information provided by the staff was adequate in order for me to make a successful claim. She also explained the terms and conditions which was essential before submitting a claim. Job well done! 

6 April 2016


  Car Insurance : It was fast and hassle free.

Yin Hao Joseph Goh
5 April 2016


  Travel Insurance : Happy with the speed that the claims team process clients' claims. 

2 April 2016


  Travel Insurance : Good: Claims executive is so friendly as if I am talking to a friend.

Boon Keng Fong
1 April 2016


  Travel Insurance : No. Everything was perfect! Elyn Pan is very professional in her work. Claim was fast and hassle free. Well done! 

Wai Mun Ho
1 April 2016


  Travel Insurance : Ms Elyn Pan processed my claim electronically (which is already a win in my book) and she took only 1 day. She also followed up with a call to inform me that the claim was successful. Superb! Nothing bad so far, very good experience. 

1 April 2016


  Car Insurance : Your service staff is very good and friendly

Poon Kin Meng
31 March 2016


  Car Insurance : The customer service experience was extremely good. I was assisted by Mavis. Very professional. 

31 March 2016


  Car Insurance : Compare with other insurance company, Direct Asia quotation is cheaper. When we had accident and claim it, insurer Ivan Teo is quite friendly and helpful. He is patient to answer all our queries. Workshop doesn't have rim stock and refund me by cheque. I was told that I need to come down to the office another day. I felt a bit disappointed that cannot post the cheque to me. 

31 March 2016


  Travel Insurance : Appreciate your excellent respond thru email pertaining to my claim which indicate all details for submission and acknowledgement. 👍

Tan Bee Choo
30 March 2016


  Car Insurance : Overall service was good from operator to towing personnel. Only downside was the waiting time for towing service. 

30 March 2016


  Car Insurance : A good insurance company with staffs that are very helpful and attentive to your request. Will continue to purchase policy from them as long as I am taking my own transport.

Goh teck khim
30 March 2016


  Car Insurance : The tow driver very experienced. Faster responds time. 

29 March 2016


  Car Insurance : Friendly/ Professional service

Chow Mui Nyuk
29 March 2016


  Motorcycle Insurance : Very efficient

Jack Chen
28 March 2016


  Travel Insurance : Keep up the good job! Website can be a bit more friendly. Trying to find the claim button for travel insurance. 

Tan Poh Hoon
28 March 2016


  Car Insurance : Tow truck driver could not speak English which made it difficult to communicate, but he was very helpful, efficient and polite. 

Awatif Davies
26 March 2016


  Travel Insurance : Everything is perfect! Elyn Pan is very professional in handling my claim. This is my fourth travel insurance with Direct Asia. Well done! 

Ho Wai Mun
24 March 2016


  Travel Insurance : Prompt reply. 

Loh Wai Yee
24 March 2016


  Travel Insurance : Speedy call back from claim officer and are helpful. 

Tian Sze Min
24 March 2016


  Travel Insurance : Response was fast. Not at present. 

Keng Hock Tan
24 March 2016


  Travel Insurance : Just keep getting better. None. Happy as it is. 

Radzeyah Binte Sa’at
24 March 2016


  Travel Insurance : I was v pleased with Ms Elyn Pan's response to my request of wanting my original doctor's report back . She posted it back immediately. V fast n efficient 👍🏾 Reimburse faster once the claim is approved.

Ansala Kumari Ansala Vanniasingham
24 March 2016


  Car Insurance : The staff here are helpful and explain very detail. And the insurance price are reasonable.

Chua Hock Sng
24 March 2016


  Travel Insurance : I really appreciate the dedicated agent who professionally reviewed my case in just 3 days. Very impressed! I cannot think of anything better. Keep it the way it is now! 

Debin Gao
23 March 2016


  Car Insurance : Great Service with reasonable price at good value!

Teck Leong
23 March 2016


  Travel Insurance : Well, there is really nothing negative to express with my claim experience but the claim form could be tabulated in such a way that those who are not very good with the understanding of English can also file their claim with ease. What more can I say except 'Excellent, a job well done!' Your people can digest our input very well and make the right calculations even though our payment receipts are in a group. Keep it up ! 

Han Hoe LEE
22 March 2016


  Travel Insurance : Speedy replies and prompt calls from staff to understand the situation and process claims. Jenny was extremely helpful. Well, the claim I made was for missing baggage. However due to the missing baggage I had to extend accommodation and rebook flights that also cost more expenses on my end. Would have been better if that had been reimbursed as well. If not the accommodation then at least the rescheduled flights as a result of the delayed baggage. 

Nandakumar Narasimhan
22 March 2016


  Car Insurance : Attentive and dedicated claim specialist maintain one point contact for our most convenience in updating claim status. I just hope to be able to renew my insurance all the way with direct asia, and hopeful next year premium is affordable after this year unlucky OD claim. 

Chin Leong Chang
21 March 2016


  Travel Insurance : The person handled my claim is very polite and nice. At this moment is very good nothing that can be improved. 

Goh Bao Xian
19 March 2016


  Car Insurance : Excellent service. 

19 March 2016


  Car Insurance : So far so good, keep up the good job ! 

18 March 2016


  Travel Insurance : Everything went smoothly & efficiently. Just keep up with the good work. 

Radzeyah Binte Sa’at
17 March 2016


  Travel Insurance : Speedy turnaround! One insurance firm has a standard "We will review and reply in 14 days..." - but Direct Asia replied and approved the claim within 48 hours! 

Lisa Hui Chin Lim
17 March 2016


  Car Insurance : I am very much delighted to see the excellent service offered by Direct Asia and its excellent team of staff. I will be a customer of Direct Asia for ever. I will not go to any other insurance company for my insurance needs.

Veerappa Chettiar Thiagarajan
17 March 2016


  Car Insurance : Telephone follow-up was very prompt. 

Thian Teck Ong
15 March 2016


  Travel Insurance : Your claims officer Elyn Pan took immediate ownership of my case from the very beginning after my first class in. She followed through with my claims in a swift manner and was always easily and readily available to assist me. Good work Direct Asia and thank you Elyn. 

Hall Aaron Charles
14 March 2016


  Travel Insurance : Efficient and respond faster than expect. Keep up the good job. Continue with the job well done.

12 March 2016


  Travel Insurance : Prompt follow-up by Jenny Lew, excellence service. 

Sim Keh Teck David
11 March 2016


  Car Insurance : The speed faster than my expected. 

Tao Jiang
11 March 2016


  Travel Insurance : Efficient, responsive and fast. Keep up the good job. Continue with what you are doing now and make it even better for all. 

10 March 2016


  Travel Insurance : Prompt attention plus clear communication from the claims department. Nope. I'm glad with the current service. Keep it up.  

10 March 2016


  Travel Insurance : Fast response, good customer care and concern. Referral bonus. For eg, I refer a friend, if he take up the travel insurance, he get 1 mth free, I get 1 mth free. 

Ng Boon Tian
9 March 2016


  Car Insurance : Ms Stella, the claims executive, kept in contact throughout the incident and responded fast to my enquiries. Instead of the customer asking for updates about the claims process and status, automatically provide regular updates so as to assure the customer. Sometimes the fear of customer is that we are kept out of the loop and not sure what are the status. This causes additional stress on top of the emotional turmoil caused by the accidents. 

Meng How Patrick Lau
9 March 2016


  Travel Insurance : Actually dont bother to claim, however Officer jenny listen to my case and told me it can be claim as long I have those documents. Submitted on the 26 Feb, Process on the 29 Feb and received cheques on the 07 March. Thats was really Fast! Thanks Jenny!

9 March 2016


  Car Insurance : The shop manager definitely plays a part in soothing all the creases in a traffic incident. Well Done Bro Raymond from ARC Woodlands.

Augustine Silvester
7 March 2016


  Car Insurance : Easy, convenient and reasonable pricing.

Wendy Lim
5 March 2016


  Car Insurance : Excellent customer service to Ms Puspa for attending my request for a tow truck service with much patient.

3 March 2016


  Travel Insurance : The answerer was very efficient and polite. keep it up. Actually yes, I happened to find out that Aviva premium was competitive and enormous in coverage. 

Heng Nei Kwan
3 March 2016


  Car Insurance : There is really none. The claim process was entirely smooth, customer oriented and professional.

Teck Leong Lim
2 March 2016


  Car Insurance : Very efficient and good Especially the officer attending to my case Jenny excellent customer service and patient will recommend my friend to try direct Asia .Caring what else can we ask for Jerome up the good work. 

2 March 2016


  Travel Insurance : Everything was perfect. From the phone operator to the claim officer (Jenny). Keep on calling me and informed that I yet to submit the forms. Even though the first time I call were just enquiries. Claim process within few days after submission. Keep up e good work directasia!! And big thanks to jenny! 

Muhammad Siddiq Bin Amir
2 March 2016


  Car Insurance : So far so good!

Razib Bin Bahrom
2 March 2016


  Travel Insurance : Prompt response. Clear on what supporting documents are required.

Cheong Guek Hua Winnie
2 March 2016


  Car Insurance : The claim was processed expeditiously. 

Tamilarasu S/O Ettiken
1 March 2016


  Travel Insurance : DirectAsia has been exceptionally helpful whenever I purchased the travel insurance with them. The claim process has also been so easy and prompt. I will now sign up for an annual travel plan.

Nurazza Binte Mahmood
1 March 2016


  Car Insurance : Overall, the lady I spoke to, Stella, was very helpful thru out the whole process from reporting to answering my queries at random times when I called back. Please give her an award or something. She is a keeper. Probably only one thing is to train your cs officers on the claiming procedures. As some might be unsure abt reporting at IDAC. 

1 March 2016


  Travel Insurance : Efficiency. I mailed out the claim and received a personal email within a week. Received the cheque in 2 weeks! The whole process is fuss-free and simple.

Xiu Xuan Ang
29 February 2016


  Car Insurance : Very friendly and helpful customer officer I have met.

Ng Tze Chang
26 February 2016


  Car Insurance : Excellent service.

Chee Si Wan
25 February 2016


  Travel Insurance : Please continue with this service, I'm absolutely satisfied with it. It's so much better than the others! 

23 February 2016


  Travel Insurance : Extremely fast response. Good price! 

Ng Yeow Chuan
23 February 2016


  Travel Insurance : The speed of how the claims were done. All within a couple of days!!Cannot think of anything at the moment. 

Ann Marie P Sharmila Rajni
20 February 2016


  Travel Insurance : At the moment, the claims was handled efficiently and quickly. Keep up the good work. Maybe for some others, Direct Asia can have some form of assistance in Letter of Guarantee to the hospital for treatment costs. 

Ted Min Wong
18 February 2016


  Travel Insurance : If there's an app for it would be better. Everything is smooth so far.

Muhammad Syahmi Bin Abdul Kayum
17 February 2016


  Car Insurance : In switching over to Direct Asia I had dealings with Ayu & Hanee and I find these 2 reps very helpful and professional in their dealings. Wish them well in their endeavours.

17 February 2016


  Car Insurance : Specially thanks to Stella Goh for her extra effort on updating of the status. 

16 February 2016


  Travel Insurance : Reminders to submit my receipt which I almost forgot. 

Degeng Chen
15 February 2016



12 February 2016


  Car Insurance : Directasia already has a perfect team. 

11 February 2016


  Car Insurance : No further comment. Everything is good.

Ng Kwee Kee
11 February 2016


  Travel Insurance : Fuss Free. Processed quickly and paid out quickly. 

11 February 2016


  Travel Insurance : Ideally claim form could be in word format for ease of entering details, and also to facilitate submission of required docs online or via email instead of snail mail. The staff (I think her name was Sarina) was superbly professional! She was polite and extremely patient and helpful at all times - helping me to fill in the numerous IC numbers of my group of close to 20 pax and ensuring that I was kept updated on the status of my purchase via phone even after work hours. Great job! Please accept passport numbers in your online purchase forms in place of IC numbers. Thank you. 

Ng Gek Huang Julia
6 February 2016


  Car Insurance : the whole process was speedy and able to escalate immediately. hopefully able to give more discounts upon renewal of insurance policies. i believe its competitive of prices in e market. 

Quek Wei Chong
5 February 2016


  Motorcycle Insurance : i have forgotten the one that have assisted me. He had helped me to cancel my old policy and getting a new one at the same team. He is skilled and service oriented. Please help me to compliment him. 
Just less than 15 mins i have gotten what i needed. That is way more faster then going down a insurance centre and getting a queue number to do everything.

joseph kwa
5 February 2016


  Travel Insurance : Our insurance agent Jenny was fantastic. She was efficient, pleasant and helpful throughout our dealings with her. It was easy to get in contact with Jenny and she always responded in a timely manner. In this case, the only trying part was the amount of documentation necessary for our claim. 

Meagan Jennifer Douglas
4 February 2016


  Travel Insurance : Phone service could be more direct, i.e. not have to wait so long (and more direct menu options) to get through to a customer service/claims officer. Once I submitted my claim and a claim officer was assigned, the service was good.

David Soo
4 February 2016


  Travel Insurance : Elyn was fast, responsive, and helpful. Online claim form instead of requiring customers to download, print out, fill in, and post in the claim form.

Daniel Yeo Kwang Hwee
4 February 2016


  Car Insurance : Great service from Theresa as she was patient and helpful. Assisted a PG to renew licence and attended to many questions on insurance claims.

Mabel Wee
3 February 2016


  Car Insurance : Fast and efficient for geting my new insurance up. The customer service Ms Terisa, is very helpful and patient with me enquiry.. Thks.

Jason Tang
3 February 2016


  Travel Insurance : An officer is assigned for every case. Good to have a point of contact. 

Yeo Siew Lei Daphne
2 February 2016


  Travel Insurance : Speech & efficiency. Give some rewards for renewal policy

Lim Kun Hang
2 February 2016


  Motorcycle Insurance : Thank you for the information and the excellent service that your company has provided.

Steve Koh
1 February 2016


  Travel Insurance : The respond was super-fast

Cheong Seng Choy Benedict
29 January 2016


  Travel Insurance : Very quick response in terms of claims, fuss free and no questions asked. my claims are legitimate but I expected queries on my claims as what insurance companies usually do, which is very annoying. well done. 

Mohamad Khairil Bin Suhairee
28 January 2016


  Travel Insurance : I received an email stating that DirectAsia is looking into the claim I have submitted but by afternoon, they have processed it and Ms Elyn even called me about writing my name in the correct way in the cheque which they will send me. I am very impressed by the speed and efficiency of DirectAsia and the helpfulness of Ms Elyn. Your excellent customer service is highly commendable and I would definitely consider DirectAsia for my insurance needs. Thank you. 

28 January 2016


  Car Insurance : 1) call centre staff product knowledge is very good. Service is good n they are friendly .2) towing service response time was less than 30 mins.3) towing service staff is friendly.4) tip top service throughout :)give out car decals to policy holders so we do not have to search of the hotline number when in need. We can just refer to the decal on the windscreen. 

26 January 2016


  Car Insurance : Good: periodic update of the status...customer centric explanation without using difficult insurance wording. It was ideal claims handling I can think of...friendly and fair. 

26 January 2016


  Travel Insurance : The officer was patient in trying to contact me to explain the necessary documents needed to be submitted in order to make a claim. 

Zainab Bte Dawan
25 January 2016


  Motorcycle Insurance : A very helpful customer service team u have 👍👍👍 keep up the good work!!!

Muhammad Amir
25 January 2016


  Motorcycle Insurance : Very prompt and timely service by the staffs who took the extra effort to help me insure my uncommon motorcycle. definitely my top insurer in Singapore! keep it up!

Joseph Lee
24 January 2016


  Travel Insurance : I received a confirmation email on the reimbursement of my claim just a day after submitting my claim form. I am impressed by the efficiency of the claim officers, namely, Elyn Pan. 

22 January 2016


  Car Insurance : All went well. 

22 January 2016


  Car Insurance : Nothing. But would like to thanks the claim dept "Stella" for her extra effort, keep updating us on the status. Keep it up! 

22 January 2016


  Car Insurance : Your team is very helpful and knowledgeable .Not at the moment. 

21 January 2016


  Car Insurance : The speed and teamwork is very impressive. Keep up with the good job. Currently no improvement. Good job. 

20 January 2016


  Travel Insurance : All the officers that I have communicated with such as Elyn Pan and Andrew Yeo have been extremely helpful in outlining what I can claim for and what documents to provide. International toll-free calling number would help in cases of emergency. Also I found it difficult to find the pdf of the Travel Detailed Policy. During my trips overseas I had search over google and finally found it only on Direct Asia’s HK website. It would be useful to have this detailed pdf sent along after purchasing my travel insurance, so that I can save it on my mobile devices before a trip. It would then make it easier to reference the document while I am overseas when something happens. 

Lydia Shah Binti Shahrir
20 January 2016


  Travel Insurance : Very smooth claims process. Nope! Excellent service! 

Su Li Chong
19 January 2016


  Travel Insurance : I absolutely love how easy it is to submit a claim to Directasia. Very smooth process. Got a reply from claim executive, Jenny within few hours of submitting the claim. Super-efficient and straightforward. No, I'm very satisfied with the current service now. 

Rino Tan Yi Ling
19 January 2016


  Car Insurance : This is a first time I made a claims for damage, I’m very pleased with your customers service personnel Jenny who handle my queries in well manner. (The name sounds Jenny hope is right) ."Damage Access" cost should also cover in the insurance premium. 

18 January 2016


  Car Insurance : Elyn Pan is very helpful and always update the latest profile that make me feel secure with the claim. I will continue to support Direct Asia Insurance in the future. 

18 January 2016


  Travel Insurance : Good coverage and Hanee was super helpful.

Brenda Ho
17 January 2016


  Car Insurance : The lady was very attentive and helpful. And the recovery man was prompt and courteous. 

Sangeeta Mantoo
16 January 2016


  Travel Insurance : Travel insurance. Pickpocketed. Claimed for item. Told to file claim after return. I saw no rational for the claim to be filed later, unless stated in the T&Cs which I might have overlooked. Julie Marie Mangubat was really helpful. Clear instructions. Prompt reply. Satisfied with the service. 

Muhammad Arif Bin Othman
15 January 2016


  Travel Insurance : I have consistently found that using DirectAsia for our (me and my family) travel insurance has been fast and good. In the very few instances that we have had to claim on the travel insurance, the problems have been resolved quickly and efficiently. The staff have always tried to help us resolve matters and have been flexible in their dealings. I always recommend DirectAsia to my friends whenever they need travel insurance. 

15 January 2016


  Travel Insurance : Good point is the claims progress is quite fast .Good point is the claims progress is quite fast.

Lim Kun Hang
15 January 2016


  Travel Insurance : Good follow-up service by your staff, Jenny Lew, who called although I submit my claim via online / email. 

Low Kam Houng Philip
15 January 2016


  Travel Insurance : Satisfied with the process and speed .Special mention for Jenny - Her efficient and helpfulness .Not for this particular case. 

Chan Teik Sim Coreen
14 January 2016


  Travel Insurance : Effective, friendly and patient staff (Elyn Pan). She is very helpful. She always give a warm greeting when call me, and also concern about my recovering. It is really touching that the staff at your company give me caring words like a friend. Since it is my first time to claim on an insurance, I am not sure what to do and what documents to prepare. She provided me clear guidance on the documents I should prepare for the claim, also answered all my questions with her professional knowledge. Thanks for getting such a nice staff to help me. I will definitely recommend DirectAsia to all my friends. 

He Qingqing
14 January 2016


  Car Insurance : Follow up was prompt .Respond to email enquires faster

Teo Peh Hoon Alicia
11 January 2016


  Travel Insurance : There were timely acknowledgements & updates of enquiries made. This allowed us to know that our enquiries are attended to. It’s been a pleasure insuring with DirectAsia. 

Tan Sia Chye
11 January 2016


  Travel Insurance : Opening hour at 8am is a good initiative. Convenient for office hour worker. 

8 January 2016


  Travel Insurance : Efficient, Good Service 

8 January 2016


  Travel Insurance : ok for now. 

Jeni Wongso
8 January 2016


  Car Insurance : Customer service overall is good , just keep it on going, efficiency like Elyn pan , she very helpful and speed , good follow up job with customer. she done a good job with me . thanks to her.. maybe can appoint more workshop in difference location. 

6 January 2016


  Car Insurance : I would like to compliment Joel's who has assisting throughout this period when I got myself an accident. A very helpful and dedicated to his customer. His definitely an asset to the company. I would renew my insurance with Direct Asia provided if the price are competitive enough. In addition, I would like to suggest Direct Asia should include NCD protection part of the optional item for the customer. 

Choo Yit San
6 January 2016


  Travel Insurance : Very fast and prompt response especially the advisor took the patience to listen. None that I can pick on...probably reward the team more and keep them motivated... My appreciation to Ms. Elyn Pan for the superb service. 

Melvin Yap Boon Haw
6 January 2016


  Travel Insurance : All good. Have an online form like wufoo for claims submission. 

Jorim Fu Chuan Lei
5 January 2016


  Travel Insurance : Staff re Very fast and prompt response especially the advisor took the patience to listen. None that I can pick on...probably reward the team more and keep them motivated... My appreciation to Ms. Elyn Pan for the superb service. responded quickly and clearly to queries and the claim was settled very fast. The claim was handled fast and efficiently with minimal outlay from my end, what more could you want? 

Tracie Pang
4 January 2016


  Travel Insurance : Claimed processed very quickly. Thank you. 

Derek Chan Hiang Hiong
4 January 2016


  Car Insurance : So far I am very satisfied with all that have been done for me. 

4 January 2016


  Travel Insurance : I get prompt replies whenever I have questions. Thank you direct Asia. 

Lim Ting Wei
3 January 2016


  Car Insurance : Speed & efficiency were extremely good. Expand the authorized workshop network perhaps, as I have to drive to either West or South to get my windscreen fixed while I am staying in the North

Wei Khoon Pang
31 December 2015


  Travel Insurance : Think the speed in handling my claim was impressive and there was an immediate follow up on the progress of the claim. I thought that exceeded my expectation as I was put at ease with regular updates on my claim. I have insured with your company for a number of years for my travel insurance. It will be fantastic to reward clients with an established relationship with your company. 

Fatt Lim Chin
31 December 2015


  Travel Insurance : Claim form was easy to fill in and processing of the claim very fast, beyond my expectation. To have a online claim submission. Although there is already one, it could not be use whenever I tried

Ming Yin Hsieh
30 December 2015


  Car Insurance : Wonderful Service very fruitful and happy with the service..

Gnana Sounthari
30 December 2015


  Car Insurance : Ease of getting the claim. 

Ng Wee Leong
29 December 2015


  Car Insurance : I had the pleasure of speaking to Mr Gavin Poon for the purchase of my car insurance. Mr Poon was patient and professional in our dealing and gives Directasia a good name. Mr Poon's professionalism was one of the main reasons for my purchase of the insurance. 

Kevin Khee
29 December 2015


  Travel Insurance : None to suggest to the already good service

Ching Wah Yee
23 December 2015


  Travel Insurance : Jenny Lew was very responsive to my emails which is important to me. 

23 December 2015


  Travel Insurance : Loved the part abt having a dedicated claims executive to contact and handle the claims. It's a welcome change rather than going they main hunting lines with operator responses. 

Lim Hock Kee Matthew
22 December 2015


  Car Insurance : Very easy to claim. NCD protection was also very useful. Be clearer on how claims can affect future premiums. 

Steven Seow
21 December 2015


  Car Insurance : Officer are very helpful. Keep your good job! 

18 December 2015


  Travel Insurance : Elyn is very friendly and informative in providing information with regards to the claim

14 December 2015


  Travel Insurance : Maybe direct asia can shorter the claim waiting period and advise customer how long it will take. Team is very professional. Team try the best effort to assist every enquiry n they try their best to assist every issues.

Tham Chee Yuen Raymond
10 December 2015


  Travel Insurance : Maybe direct asia can shorter the claim waiting period and advise customer how long it will take. Team is very professional. Team try the best effort to assist every enquiry n they try their best to assist every issues.

Tham Chee Yuen Raymond
10 December 2015


  Travel Insurance : Very professional and understanding. Willing to consider exceptions based on specific situation faced. Faster turnaround time for claims 

Aaron Raphael Chin
9 December 2015


  Travel Insurance : No. Everything was done with ease. I know you are striving to be better. But, I really cannot find any flaw in your whole claim process. Our experiences with your company has been very pleasant. And we have always tell our friends to insure with you for all insurances they need. 

Ng Swee Leng
8 December 2015


  Travel Insurance : Andrew Yeow is extremely helpful .Allow clients to fill up claim forms via online. 

Ng Swee Leng
8 December 2015


  Car Insurance : I filed my claim report on a Friday late afternoon and much to my surprise, the surveyor from direct asia handled it on a Monday morning. Fast and efficient service rendered made my claim a breeze. 

Wee Suat Kwan
6 December 2015


  Car Insurance : Overall satisfy with my claim experience. Loyalty package discount for insurer who intend to stay with DA for long term.

4 December 2015


  Motorcycle Insurance : Very efficient and patience in answering all my queries. Thanks DirectAsia.

Raymond Lim
4 December 2015


  Car Insurance : Thank you ! Miss Farina Tajree for your kind patience and great service even when it is already pass 8pm  you ensured that my car policy cert was being successsfully sent via my email despite my poor network coverage."Exceptionally Great Service !!!"

Chia Dai Wah
3 December 2015


  Car Insurance : Sanjeet Kumar is a very helpful, courteous and responsive agent. He helped to get a suitable insurance policy based on what I need any within my budget. Most importantly, am happy with the service he provided.

3 December 2015


  Travel Insurance : Ms Elyn - our claims officer was superb in following up and taking care of every aspect of the process. 

Daniel Patrick Ooi
3 December 2015


  Car Insurance : Response is quick (almost immediate), to keep it up! 

Choo Ying Hui
2 December 2015


  Travel Insurance : This was my second travel claims for ages. I am very impress with efficiency and satisfaction of Directasia service, will spread it accordingly. Well done and Keep it up! 

Lim Guan Chuan
2 December 2015


  Travel Insurance : Prompt respond n courteous service.

Kim Hoe Toh
2 December 2015


  Travel Insurance : Particularly worth mentioning is the efficient manner which your staff Jenny Lew displayed throughout the claim process. Not only did she respond swiftly but she was very helpful and kept me informed of the progress till the claim was successfully completed.

EE-LI Baey
1 December 2015


  Travel Insurance : I really appreciate the claim can be just done through email. Save the time to visit the office. Also very fast and reliable. Would be good if the claim can be done through online form fill-up and file attachment. 

1 December 2015


  Car Insurance : The service is good 

Wee Poon Hoe
28 November 2015


  Travel Insurance : Very efficient and responsive claim process with a personal touch. 

Yee Ching Wah
27 November 2015


  Travel Insurance : I was served by a Ms Elyn Pan. Professional and prompt. Good job! :) 

25 November 2015


  Travel Insurance : The online platform was very straight forward!! 

Ng Jing Rong
25 November 2015


  Car Insurance : Great to have Direct Asia and save money for my car insurance

Thaiw Ban seng
25 November 2015


  Travel Insurance : The follow up is good and clear, which is great, however, my initial interaction for claims started with a phone call to Direct Asia while I was still stranded in Indonesia. The reason why I called was because I could not obtain information online about the extent to which I can claim my insurance. I didn't know what was the limit for my accommodation claims, and if food or other expenses can be claimed as well. I think customers would highly appreciate information like this. I didn't find any live Chat platform, which I could have used for free as I had free internet access. That is why I picked up the phone to call Direct Asia to get more info on this. I incurred a $24 phone bill to Direct Asia hotline and the claim was declined. The hotel stay could easily have been $10-$15 more per night and probably accepted by Direct Asia. I didn't even submit a more expensive claim for phone call to my Airline to reschedule my flight. I still believe for customer satisfaction, the phone bill should be covered. Please set up other methods to contact Direct Asia so customers can contact for free while overseas. Help customers understand what can be claimed and what cannot be claimed, during the insurance sale process itself. 

Ho Joe Hay Adrain
24 November 2015


  Travel Insurance : Very good & fast .  Thank you.

S. C. Lee
19 November 2015


  Travel Insurance : Elyn Pan is very efficient, and communicates effectively and clearly. She adds an extra touch by asking how I am, if I am feeling better knowing that I had a bad fall

Choon Seng Ho
17 November 2015


  Travel Insurance : The efficiency speed by your claim officer is very fast. Their respond to all my enquiry were fast! Thumb up!

Teng Zi Wei
17 November 2015


  Travel Insurance : Very efficient. Already good enough. 

Johnny Tan
16 November 2015


  Travel Insurance : Queries and claims were promptly replied and solved. This came as a surprise as I have encountered many problems with travel claims elsewhere hence I was quite doubtful when my friend introduced me to Direct Asia. I have already recommended to some of my friends to use Direct Asia. Thumbs up Direct Asia, and keep up the good work. 

Stella Ng Sio Hoon
16 November 2015


  Car Insurance : Excellent service 

Thiagarajan Veerappa Chettiar
13 November 2015


  Car Insurance : Hassle free, Great swift responses, Settled my insurance renewal within a phone call of less than 10mins. Tell me what else do you need.

Mac Wee
12 November 2015


  Travel Insurance : Efficient and helpful service, well done! 

11 November 2015


  Travel Insurance : Fast, convenient, no hassle. Would be great if I can do everything online instead of having to print & mail in documents. 

Sharifah Nor Azlinda Binte Saleh Aljunied
9 November 2015


  Travel Insurance : No. Everything is perfect! Ms Elyn Pan did a good job! Keep it up! 

Wai Mun Ho
9 November 2015


  Travel Insurance : The claims officer was very prompt in responding and most helpful. Very clear on the documents required. Excellent communication skills. Hire more people like Elyn Pan. 

Choon Seng Ho
5 November 2015


  Car Insurance : Ayu has been very helpful. She was very professional in working out the best insurance coverage that suit my car which is also cost effective. Keep up the good work. Cheers !

4 November 2015


  Car Insurance : Thanks for being very patient and service oriented Hanee!

Jeromy Tan
21 October 2015


  Car Insurance : Very efficient, Hanee helped me to get through process quickly and professionally. Great job.

yong wong jin
16 October 2015


  Car Insurance : Very good service from Erwin Pangilinan. He called when I have questions on my car renewal premiums. He offered to provide free option upgrades for my 24hr towing and NCD protection! I wasn't expecting this and he really make my day! Thanks Erwin!

Mark Sim
16 October 2015


  Car Insurance : Very convenient as I can purchase Insurance on the phone and pay online with instalment plan,Customer service also helpful and knowledgable

Nor Hisham
13 October 2015


  Car Insurance : Convenience! Precise! Efficient! Managed to upgrade my existing Value Plan to Flexible Plan with some additional premium to include our new driver my daughter under the coverage with a phone call! Thanks!

Ronnie Hong
5 October 2015


  Car Insurance : Fantastic service - prompt and knowledgable , Patient and understanding .... I can keep going but guess you get the picture. Will definitely use your service again.

Esther Veerappan
28 August 2015


  Travel Insurance : Excellent services!! Nothing more you can ask from them. Was served by Crystal Mak and I am impressed with their patience to assist in my difficulties with the login portal and even took the initiative to think out of box to resolve my existing issue. Greatly recommended!!

Sebastian Quek
23 August 2015


  Car Insurance : Farina Mohd Tajree and Nina Mohd have been extremely helpful and patient in helping me. Excellent service from them!

Keegan Gan
23 August 2015


  Car Insurance : Very good customer service. Keep it up.

Loo Wai Tuck
23 August 2015


  Car Insurance : I was served by Janet from DirectAsia who provided me with 1st class service. What more can I say but a very very big thank you.

Danville Lim
22 August 2015


  Car Insurance : Hi Ayu, I would like to commend you on the professional advice and your prompt assistance in helping me with my  car insurance premium and application.

John Ang
12 August 2015


  Travel Insurance : All the officers that I have communicated with such as Elyn Pan and Andrew Yeo have been extremely helpful in outlining what I can claim for and what documents to provide. International toll-free calling number would help in cases of emergency. Also I found it difficult to find the pdf of the Travel Detailed Policy. During my trips overseas I had search over google and finally found it only on Direct Asia’s HK website. It would be useful to have this detailed pdf sent along after purchasing my travel insurance, so that I can save it on my mobile devices before a trip. It would then make it easier to reference the document while I am overseas when something happens. 

Lydia Shah Binti Shahrir
20 January 2015


Robin Hood helps Insurance say goodbye to ‘Boring’ Advertising believes that advertising by the Singapore insurance industry has relied too heavily on traditional imagery.

Release date: 20 May 2013 believes that advertising by the Singapore insurance industry has relied too heavily on traditional imagery.

Simon Birch, CEO of, said:

"So far, advertising for insurance here has remained traditional and rather boring. You know the ones with impossibly good looking families with perfect teeth standing under umbrellas etc.. Our latest campaign aims to change all that, as well as change people's negative perceptions about the way insurance is done." has enlisted folk hero Robin Hood to help them do just that.

The award-winning insurer believes the iconic figure will accelerate and further establish's standing as an innovator in the insurance industry.

The use of a branded character to accelerate awareness of an insurance brand is new to the Singapore market. It isn't, however, the first time insurance companies have created characters to support their brand awareness. Previously successful international campaigns have included the Meerkat for Compare the Market (UK); Bulldog for Churchill Insurance (UK) and the Gecko for Geico Insurance (USA). Although largely unknown in Singapore, such accelerators have proven to be highly effective marketing strategies.

Simon Birch, CEO of, believes the Robin Hood character embodies the ideal brand values for the company. He said:

"Robin Hood is a great spokesman for us on how we can change the way insurance is done all across the region. He is straight-talking, honest and a challenger. He hates injustice and is protective of the rights of the people.

Our business model is similar. Our mission is to change the way insurance is done. Our aim, like Robin Hood's, is to give back to the people by being more transparent and bringing real value for money. We cut out the middleman and create cheaper, more tailored insurance policies."

Robin Hood will feature heavily in the insurer's marketing campaigns. He is brought to life in the form of an animated character mixed with live action. The first adverts will promote the insurer's Best Price Guarantee message and will be aired on TV and cinemas starting from 20 May 2013 across Singapore.

Individual Plan if you're travelling alone.

Group Plan if traveling with 1 or more friends/ relatives. You get to enjoy a group discount when your group size is more than 2.

Family Plan if travelling with your spouse and children. You can include up to 4 children who are aged between 15 days and 18 years old or until 24 years old if they are in full-time tertiary education. If there are only 2 members travelling, you should choose our individual or group plans.
For Asia: 
Australia Brunei Cambodia China (excluding Tibet)
Hong Kong India Indonesia Japan
Laos Macau Malaysia Myanmar
New Zealand Philippines South Korea Sri Lanka
Taiwan Thailand Vietnam  

For Worldwide: Those listed above and all other countries.

Please note that we do not cover you for the following countries: Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Somalia, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Nepal, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Yemen. 
Yes, you get a special family package rate for taking the family plan which covers you, your spouse and up to 4 children who are aged between 15 days and 18 years old or 24 years old if they are in full-time tertiary education. Your children can go free on the Family Plan with you and your spouse.
We'll automatically extend your policy regardless of annual or single trip cover, if your flight is delayed or you are injured and you can't get back home on your scheduled date.
Our single trip plans can cover you for trips up to 182 days.
Our annual plan covers you for all travel taken within a 12 month period. There's no limit to the number of trips you can take so long as each trip is no more than 90 days.
We offer you the option of including coverage for Extreme Sports and Activities with your annual policy - recreational activities perceived as involving a high degree of risk. When you have opted and paid for the Extreme Sports and Activities optional benefit then you will be covered up to the limits listed under the travel insurance plan you purchased when participating in the following sports or activities:
  • organized races where you are competing against others such as triathlon, cycling and obstacle races;
  • winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding;
  • hiking or trekking up to 4,000m in altitude (without ropes or specialist equipment);
  • martial arts, boxing or other similar activities;
  • sports tours where you are competing against other teams in contact sports (e.g. rugby).
With the Extreme Sports and Activities optional benefit, you will be covered for the following activities or sports provided that you have a licensed guide and a registered operator:
  • off-piste skiing;
  • trekking, hiking or mountain biking in extreme or hazardous areas, rock climbing, caving, pot holing or mountaineering or any similar activities that require the use of ropes;
  • scuba diving (up to a depth of 30m);
  • parachuting, sky diving, paragliding, parascending, bungee jumping, hang-gliding, or other similar activities;
  • white/black water rafting, canoeing or kayaking;
  • water skiing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, kitesurfing or other similar activities;
  • all-terrain vehicle (ATV), go-kart, sand buggy or similar (you must wear a helmet).
We do not cover the following even if you have opted and paid for the Extreme Sports and Activities optional benefit:
  • sports where you are participating as a professional or for any incentive or reward;
  • speed time trial or any form of race other than on foot, cycling or swimming;
  • trekking or hiking above 4,000m in altitude;
  • BASE jumping, wing suit flying or other similar activities; 
  • ski jumping, bobsleigh, skeleton and heli-skiing or other similar activities;
  • taking part in any of the activities without a licensed guide where we have said they are required.
We do not cover people who have been advised by a medical practitioner not to travel or anyone who is travelling on a trip to receive medical treatment.
We do not cover you for the following countries: Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Somalia, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Nepal, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Yemen.

That will depend entirely on your needs and considerations. Factors to consider:

  • How much your family would need without your salary to support them should you become disabled or involved in a fatal accident?
  • How much expense you need to cover for you and/or your family in case of trip delay or cancellation based on the hotel and flight you booked?
  • What are the necessary coverage you need and what would you want to add on for greater peace of mind?
No. The credit cardholder must be the policyholder. You can also arrange to pay by cash or cheque if you don't have your own credit card. 
Yes, for annual cover you can pay your premium in monthly instalments with your credit card at no additional cost.
If you need more time to decide, you can save your quote and go back to it at a later date. Your quote will be saved in our system for 90 days. Once you have decided, you can go ahead and buy your cover and it will take effect immediately if you choose. You will receive an SMS confirming your immediate cover.
Your premium is calculated based on a number of factors including duration, destination, extreme sports, number of travellers. Your premium is also based on the level of coverage you choose.
No refund will be entitled if you have reported or notified us of a travel insurance claim or we have paid a claim during the policy period. We reserve the right to collect any outstanding premium from you if you opt for our instalment payment plan for annual policy.
For annual plans, you can cancel this policy at any time by giving us 7 days’ notice. The refund premium will be pro-rated subject to a cancellation fee of S$10 (inclusive of GST).

For single trip plans, you may cancel the policy any time before the commencement date. The refund premium will be subject to a cancellation fee of S$10 (inclusive of GST).

The refund is calculated based on the following conditions:

Premium Refund = [Premium x (Unexpired Period of Insurance (Days) / Original Period of Insurance (Days))] – Applicable Cancellation Fee ($10).

You will receive your premium refund within ten working days.
For premium paid via credit card, we will credit the premium refund to the same credit card account originally used. For cash or cheque payment, we will send you a refund via cheque.

DirectAsia is a fully licensed insurance company registered by the Monetary Authority of Singapore so you are protected under the PPF Scheme.

For more details please go to or

For convenience and peace of mind, we have now made your annual policy as automatic renewal and we will simply deduct the amount from your credit card when your renewal is due. If you choose to opt out of automatic renewal, we will send you an invitation to renew.

You can easily make changes to your personal details 24/7 from our website in the My Account section. You can change your particulars, including contact information, billing info, and more

If you need to talk with us, you may call our customer service centre hotline at 6665 5555 from Monday - Friday: 8am - 8pm or email us at

You can contact us to request a change to be made to your cover. Please give us 7 days' notice in order for the change to be effective.

You may call our customer service centre hotline at 6665 5555 from Monday - Friday: 8am - 8pm or email us at

We will help pay you if your trip is disrupted or you become stranded because of natural disasters or if there has been an unexpected civil commotion that prevents you from continuing with the scheduled trip. You are also covered for additional hotel stays and costs incurred on your return to Singapore.
We will help reimburse you the cost for the rest of your planned trip (less the amount you are able to claim from the travel provider or carrier) if it has been disrupted due to an unexpected death, serious injury or illness to either yourself, immediate family member or travel companion.
Our claims process couldn't be simpler. We have a 24-hour dedicated Claims hotline to assist you in times of need. If you are out of Singapore, you can call us on our overseas number at +65 6603 3699 (Overseas/Emergency) or call us locally at +65 In Singapore
6532 1818 and we'll take care of the rest!
We prefer to make things simple for you, so no forms required. Just call us at +65 6532 1818 to start your claim process with your proof of travel, and copies of the supporting documents within 30 days upon returning from your trip. Within one working day, you'll be assigned a personal Claims Specialist. You'll have the ability to contact them directly throughout your claim process. Visit How to Claim for more information. 
Always report to the police within 24 hours at the place of the accident, injury or loss, and get a copy of the police report.
All information on how to lodge a claim with DirectAsia can be found at or call 6532 1818 for personal assistance.

In the case of an act of terror happening near to where you intend to travel to, and within 50km of your booked accommodation, we understand that you may decide to cancel, curtail, or amend your insured trip. So, if you purchase your policy from 2 February 2018 onwards, we will pay for any irrecoverable transport and accommodation expenses for which you have paid or are contracted to pay if you decide to cancel, curtail or amend the trip. The incident must take place after you have booked the trip and within 30 days before you were due to start the insured trip for you to be able to cancel or amend the trip.

We will also pay such costs if you have already travelled and there is an attack within 50km of your booked accommodation and you wish to return back to Singapore early. 
We understand that when you travel on your own, having a family member or friend with you overseas after you fell sick or are injured during the trip, makes the hospitalization stay feel more bearable. So, if you purchase your policy from 2 February 2018 onwards, we will pay up to the limits, depending on your policy purchased, the cost of reasonable return economy class transport and reasonable hotel accommodation expenses to allow one family member or friend to travel to be with you if you are hospitalised for at least five continuous days overseas.
We will pay till the date that your doctor confirms that you are fit to continue your trip or return to Singapore for up to 30 days (whichever comes first).
Starting 2 February 2018, as part of your trip, you may choose to include the Sports Equipment Optional Benefit as part of your annual policy to help cover for loss, theft or accidental damage to your equipment whilst overseas on an insured trip e.g. your skis, snowboard, scuba equipment, golf clubs. 
Starting 2 February 2018, you may choose to include your contracted foreign domestic helper as an Optional Benefit under your family plan when she is travelling with your family. We will pay for any losses you incur e.g. medical expenses, medical evacuation & repatriation, emergency phone charges, trip cancellation, or curtailment or delay. This policy will only kick in after you have exhausted the coverage under your compulsory maid cover where applicable (e.g. for medical matters) and you must prove you have done so. Any claims resulting from your maid will count towards ‘Per Family Limit’ specified in each of the sections covered
Plan Vehicle age
Comprehensive Up to 10 years old
Third-party fire and theft Up to 30 years old
Third-party only Up to 30 years old
We will be happy to provide you with a quote for any of our insurance plans. However, before you buy the policy, please check with your finance company. Some finance companies require certain levels of insurance cover for the motorcycle before they can continue with the finance.
There is no excess applicable for Personal Accident benefit and 24-Hour Breakdown Assistance. However, you will have to pay an excess of S$107 (inclusive of GST) each time you claim under Medical Expenses benefit.
Your own damage excess will be applicable in the event your motorcycle is stolen in Singapore. (You can refer to your certificate of insurance on how much your policy excess is). If your motorcycle is stolen outside of Singapore, an additional excess of 50% of the market value of your motorcycle at the time of the theft capped at a maximum of $2,000 will be applicable too.
No, we will not pay you for your modifications since these will have been done by you or a previous owner after the motorcycle was first registered. We will only cover you for the original standard equipment by the maker or distributor and we can decide whether to replace or repair these items or pay you the cost to do this.
If you choose our comprehensive motorcycle insurance we will cover you for accessories and spare parts if these were fitted as standard equipment by the maker or distributor at the time your motorcycle was originally bought and they were on your motorcycle at the time of the accident, loss or theft.

We can decide whether to replace or repair these items or pay you the cost to do this.

Medical Expenses, Personal Accident and 24-Hour Breakdown Assistance 
We have 3 different plan types depending on your needs. They are Comprehensive, Third-Party Fire and Theft and Third-Party Only. See 3 types of Motorcycle Insurance plans.

The policyholder is the registered owner of the vehicle – we cannot insure you if you are not the owner of the vehicle.

The main rider is the person that uses the motorcycle most frequently – he must be aged 25 - 65, 2 years’ riding experience. He would be the policyholder (vehicle owner).

Named riders are occasional riders you name under the policy. They have to be aged 25 - 65 with 2 years’ riding experience.

Authorised riders are people that you give permission to use your motorcycle. Sorry, this policy covers only 1 main rider and up to 1 named rider. It does not cover any unnamed riders. The adding of additional rider is subject to additional premium charges.

Yes, your policy remains valid even if you have had modifications done to your motorcycle, provided these modifications are LTA compliant and/or approved and have been declared to us. Please check if your modifications are LTA compliant.

No. The credit card holder must be the policyholder. If you do not have a credit card for payment, you can arrange to pay at 88 South Bridge Road S(058716) via cash or cheque.

No, we are sorry that our motorcycle third-party only insurance is available on a single payment basis only.
  1. Your chassis number. You can get this by logging onto LTA website
  2. Your NRIC for you and any named driver
  3. Your previous registration number if you plan to transfer your NCD to a new motorcycle
  4. And your credit card details
Yes. You just need to tell your motorcycle dealer that you will be getting your Motorcycle Insurance from DirectAsia.
You can get a quote by following our simple step by step guide. If you're satisfied you can go ahead and buy. You can choose the start date of your policy and even have immediate cover if you wish. You can print off your insurance certificate straight away. If you need time to gather more information, then you can save your quote and go back to it at a later date. Your quote will be saved in our system and will be valid for 90 days.

We make our policies in such a way that you pay only for what you need. Here are a number of ways you can cut costs on your premium.

  1. We have three different insurance plans for motorcycle policy. You can select the plan according to your needs.
  2. Opt to pay a higher excess. The higher the excess the lower the premium. (Note: This only applies to our Comprehensive plan).
  3. Certain motorcycle models are more expensive to insure than others. Keep this in mind when purchasing a new vehicle.
  4. Be sure to only pay for the optional extras you need, as any you add will increase your premium.
Your Motorcycle Insurance premium is based on a number of factors including driver profile which looks at your age, driving experience, No Claim Discount and the number of profile named on your policy. We also take into account the motorcycle's make, model and age. The excess you choose will also affect your premium. The higher the excess, the lower the premium. (Note: This only applies to our Comprehensive plan) Any optional benefits you choose will also affect your premium.
An excess is the amount that you must contribute towards the cost of a claim. The type of excess and the amount payable will be shown on the Schedule. If you make a claim, you will have to pay us any excess that applies.

If your No Claim Discount (NCD) is 20%, your Certificate of Merit (COM) from the Traffic Police entitles you to a discount over and above your NCD. This is your Offence Free Discount. At DirectAsiawe reward safe drivers.

You can check your status here

If you have been a named driver on someone else's insurance, you are not entitled to any NCD. However, if you have been driving a company motorcycle and you then buy a personal motorcycle, you would be allowed to transfer the NCD. This is provided you can show the number of claims' free years you have with a letter from the HR department of your employer or from the leasing company, if the motorcycle is leased. More details on NCD.
No you cannot protect your NCD. When an accident occurs, your No Claim Discount will be reduced as described in the table below. Please declare the NCD according to your situation: Your current No Claim Discount If you make 1 or more at fault claim 20% 0% 15% 0% 10% 0%
A No Claim Discount is a discount that we offer you on your renewal premium if there are no claims on your policy during the current period of insurance. You may still be entitled to a No Claim Discount even if you have made a claim, provided you are not liable for the accident or in cases of thefts and Acts of God.

No, you do not need to select Private and Business Use to make a few business calls. If you need to use your bike for a use outside of your policy, you must inform us prior to when you’ll be riding your bike off your selected use. You can ride outside of declared use up to five times per policy at no extra cost.

  1. Private use: You are only using your motorcycle in the course of your private life and for leisure.
  2. Private use and commuting to work: You are also using your motorcycle to go to and from your office.
  3. Private and business use: You are also using your motorcycle for and during the course of your work.
Your policy covers you when you ride your motorcycle in Singapore, West Malaysia and Southern Thailand (Within 80km of the border between Thailand and Malaysia.)
Statistically, young drivers tend to have more accidents. At the moment, we do not insure very young drivers, but we do strive to review our policies from time to time. Nonetheless, we appreciate you considering us and hope you will choose us for your motorcycle insurance in the future.

Only a driver named by the policyholder in the policy aged between 25 and 65 with 2 years' driving experience is covered under the policy.

If the claim is reported by the named driver under this policy for loss of or damage to the motorcycle then the named driver would enjoy the same cover as the policyholder.

If you meet the below requirements, then yes you do.

  • The policyholder must be the registered owner of the vehicle – we cannot insure you if you are not the owner of the motorcycle.
  • The main driver is the person that uses the motorcycle most frequently – they must be aged between 25 and 65 years old, with at least 2 years’ driving experience.
You can add one named driver to your policy aged between 25 and 65 years old, with at least 2 years’ driving experience.
Making a claim against motorists from another country can turn out to be costly and time-consuming. You have to get the help of your repairer to assist in your claim. If you are not at fault and you are able to provide the registration number of the third party vehicle, your NCD will not be affected.
You can use a repair workshop of your choice.
Call 995 for the fire brigade. Get details of the officer who attends to the fire and a copy of the fire report.; If your motorcycle is damaged in an arson attack, report it to the police so that they can investigate.

Get a copy of the police report and call us to lodge a claim on In Singapore
6532 1818 or +65 6603 3699 (Overseas/Emergency). 
If you settle the matter amicably with the other driver, then there is usually no need to make an insurance claim. You must still report the matter to us, though. It will NOT affect your No Claim Discount. Complete and send us a copy of the Private Settlement form when you're reporting the claim.
If someone is injured, then you'll need to report the accident to the police. If nobody is injured and you settle the dispute with the other driver amicably, then there's usually no need for police involvement. However, should a hit-and-run situation occur or a government vehicle/property, foreign vehicle, or pedestrian/cyclist be involved, you need to report this to the police.

The refund is calculated based on the following conditions: Premium Refund = [Premium x (Unexpired Period of Insurance (Days) / Original Period of Insurance (Days))] – Applicable Cancellation Fee ($53.50 inclusive of GST).
Please note that the above is subjected to no claim/accident in current policy period.

Please ensure you have the following documents:
  • Sale / Purchase Agreement by car dealer stating the details of the sale of the vehicle, and the effective sold date and handover date; OR
  • LTA Notification Transfer of Ownership for the vehicle.
You may fax the documents to 64231197 or email us at Once we receive these documents, we will backdate the cancellation date to 1 day after the vehicle sold/ handover date.

Alternatively, you may also give us a call on our Customer Service Hotline at 6532 2888 from 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday.
No refund will be given if there is a motorycle accident reported and/or claim made under your motorcycle insurance policy.
For premium paid via credit card, we will credit the premium refund to the same credit card account originally used. For cash or cheque payment, will send you a refund via cheque. You will receive your premium refund within ten working days.
If the overall claims experience is bad that year then insurance companies have to increase their premiums across the board for all motorists irrespective of whether you have made a claim or not. If you have a clean driving record, though, your premium will still be lower than those with accident claims.
There are a number of factors involved in pricing premiums. Firstly, there may be an increase in claims for your motorcycle make and model, which will lead to higher premiums. The higher price may also be driven by inflation. For example, increased repair costs, legal fees and medical costs means increased insurance premiums to keep up with these costs in general.
There are many things taken into consideration when calculating premiums particularly risk factors including vehicle model, capacity, and driver's profile. The market value of the motorcycle is not considered to be a direct risk factor because it does not influence the claims received from third parties for property damage and injuries. Also, repair cost for motor vehicles continues to increase therefore impacting insurance premiums.

As a fully licensed insurance company registered by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, we are a member of the PPF Scheme.

Your Motorcycle Insurance policy issued by DirectAsia is covered by the PPF Scheme. For more details please go to or

You can cancel this policy at any time by giving us 7 days' notice. The refund premium will be pro-rated subject to a cancellation fee of S$50 before GST for car insurance & motorcycle insurance, S$10 for travel insurance.
We make it easy for you to renew your policy. This can be done automatically and we will deduct the amount from your credit card when your renewal is due. If you don't opt for automatic renewal we will send you an invitation to renew.

You can easily make changes to your personal details 24/7. Login to My Account space to change your particulars, including contact information and more.

If you need to speak to us, you may call our customer service centre hotline at 6665 5555 from Monday - Friday: 8am - 8pm.

You can contact us to request a change to be made to your cover. Please give us 7 days' notice in order for the change to be effective.; You may call our customer service centre hotline at 6665 5555 from Monday - Friday: 8am - 8pm or email us at

We have to exclude some drivers to keep your premium down
We cannot cover you if:

  • You have been declined when trying to renew your policy in the last 3 years. Or you have had your policy terminated in the last 3 years.
  • You've had your licence suspended or cancelled in the last 5 years.
  • Your motorcycle is registered under your company
  • You use your motorcycle to perform delivery services, whether on a full time or part time basis

We do not insure certain professions. These are:

  • Personnel of foreign armed forces
  • Professionals who are involved with the entertainment industry
  • Professional sportsmen or sportswomen
  • Foreign diplomats and foreign diplomatic staff
All information on how to lodge a claim with DirectAsia can be found at or call 6532 1818 for personal assistance.

Have questions? Speak with us directly at 6665 5555 or provide your details and we’ll call you.

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