7 Simple Ways You Can Protect Yourself on the Road

7 Simple Ways You Can Protect Yourself on the Road

Ideally you'd be able to drive your whole life without experiencing an accident. But even the safest drivers are still at risk from others on the road, mechanical failures and other road hazards.

But that doesn't mean you're powerless and doomed to crash. Understanding who's on the road, common issues and hazards in Singapore will help prepare you for what you'll face.

Drivers Using Devices

Despite the fines, some in Singapore still text/talk and drive. You should pay extra attention while on the raods because drivers could be distracted by their mobile devices while on the road. 

Speedy Drivers

Despite numerous speed cameras, some drivers still speed on our highways and cause accidents in Singapore. Watch for speeders and be careful riding so close to others on the highway.

Watch For Signals

Stay alert and keep an eye out for other drivers who occasionally forget to use their turn signals. Instead, set a good example for others by using your indicators. This simple safety tip will increase the likelihood of others seeing and reacting to what you're doing on the road. 

Take A Cab Home

Drink driving is sadly still an issue in Singapore. Don't drink and drive, ever. Either have a designated driver if you are going out and will drink or hail/call for a cab.

Buckle Up

Always buckle up and use child seats for small children. Seat belts are cool; make sure you and your passengers use them every time you're in a car.

Be Mindful of Maintenance

Since COE's remain high, many Singapore drivers keep their cars for as long as they can. Regularly service your car and do safety checks such as ensuring good tyre pressure before setting off.

Drive At The Right Time

When you can, avoid driving at night and when it's raining. Sometimes it's unavoidable, but the number of accidents increases sharply in Singapore at these times.

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