Routine Car Maintenance You Can't Avoid 

Don't Overlook the Importance of Vehicle Maintenance 

Many accident causes are out of our control – particularly the behaviour of other drivers. But some causes, like mechanical failure, are fully in our control.

If you neglect your car, things will break down over time. Even the finest engineered vehicles require care and attention. Forget to set the correct tyre pressure and one day you lose a wheel in a busy intersection and someone hits you. Thousands of dollars in damage from something that could have been easily avoided with an extra minute at the petrol station.

Annual Brake Check

Checking your brakes every year will give you advanced warning on brake pad breakdown. Putting off the less costly pad change can lead to much more expensive brake rotor repairs and even failure when driving.

Tyre Air Checks/Rotation

You should visually check your tyre pressure every time you get into your car. Rotate your tyres around every 9,000 km or as your manual recommends. Inconsistent wear will increase the speed your tyres fail as well as lead bad handling which could result in an accident.

Scheduled Oil Changes

You'll need to check your engine oil about every 3-4 months due to the stop-go nature of city driving. This will help prevent engine failure and car stalls in dangerous moments.

Replace Timing Belt

The timing belt needs the least maintenance on this list, but if it goes out on you it could lead to a full engine failure. So be sure to have it checked regularly and replaced when your manual suggests.

Check Your Wipers

Often overlooked but the last thing you want malfunctioning in a rain storm are your cheaply replaced windshield wipers. You don't use them as much as other items on this list, but when you need them, they're a must.

Get Proper Maintenance

It's usually OK to have some minor things done at your local garage. But larger repairs and complicated maintenance work should be handled by trusted professionals. Check online reviews and pay once to have it done right the first time. You don't want to be in the middle of the road when you discover a corner has been cut.

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