Insuring your car for less? Mums know best

Why Pay More, for Less?

save money from gourmet coffee

Unless you’re someone who prefers paying $6 for a cup of coffee at Starbucks, you’d probably appreciate the savings from getting your caffeine-fix at a kopitiam. The amount of kopi may be less than the venti (large) sized Americanos or Lattes, but coffee-connoisseurs will tell you that it packs just as much of a punch, if not more.

In the same vein, if you rarely use your car, why pay more for car insurance, when you can be paying less? While this may seem like a no-brainer, many of us may not be aware of the savings we can get from switching our insurance coverage

“How is that even possible?”

Well, let’s put it this way. Singapore isn’t big. In fact, its only 710m². The distance from Tuas to Tampines is 46.9km, so a round trip would still be less than 100km. Unfortunately, if you work in Tuas and live in Tampines, this policy wouldn’t be too suitable for you.

But for those who bear the brunt of staying at home to look after the kids, this is probably the insurance gods’ way of saying “Thank you for your hard work at home”. Stay-at-home-mums/dads (SAHM/SAHD) have nothing to lose, and everything to gain from this product. If you’re predominantly using the car to run errands like the weekly trip to the market, taxing the kids to-and-fro from school, family outings into Orchard road every sunday… it is very unlikely you would exceed 8000km/year. So why pay more insurance, for a vehicle that is used less?

family who drive less pay less on car insurance

No Money, No Honey.

Singapore is notorious for 3 things. Our ban of chewing gum, Michael Fay, and in recent years, the cost of owning a car. As if car prices weren’t ridiculously high enough, we still have to throw in money just to be given a certificate to say we are entitled to own a car. Although Singapore’s COE bids have cooled off a little from the all time high of SGD$96,210 (cars 1600cc and above) in January 2013, foreigners still drop their jaws when they hear about the pricy system we use to limit the amount of cars on the road. Not forgetting the many ERP gantries, road tax, season parking et cetera… As Singaporeans, we have little say over these built-in costs of owning a vehicle, but we can certainly choose to pay less, if we drive less.

If your lifestyle happens to fall into a SAHM/SAHD category, maybe its time to review your car insurance coverage, and let help you incur some awesome savings. After all, it is not everyday that a company creates such a customer-oriented product, so you should definitely take advantage of low mileage car insurance policy which is unique to

That is unless, you’re someone who simply prefers paying $6 for a cup of coffee that you can’t even finish drinking.

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