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What To Do With My 10 Year-Old Car? Your Smart Guide


Sell, scrap or renew.  If you have an eight to 10 year-old car, you have choice. Good when the choice is simple, not so good when it involves both math and acronyms. We like to make complicated things simple, so here’s a quick guide to your options, and simple steps to help you navigate the process.

Option 1: De-Register Your Car

A vehicle owner is responsible for the de-registration and proper disposal of his de-registered vehicle.

The de-registered vehicle must either be scrapped at an LTA Appointed Scrapyard, temporarily stored at an LTA Appointed Export Processing Zone pending export, or exported out of Singapore. Proof of disposal of the de-registered vehicle must be submitted to the LTA.

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Option 2: Renew Your COE

If you want to continue using a car after 10 years, the car’s COE must be renewed. The cost will depend on the Prevailing Quota Premium (PQP). When the vehicle is de-registered, the COE rebate will be available at this time, giving rise to the name COE Car.

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