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Travelling with Toddler in Tow

Travelling with your little one when they are still a baby and at the toddler stage can be a very different experience. As a toddler, your precious one will likely be able to run about and can totally wipe out your energy.

But at the toddler stage, it can also be a very rewarding experience to bring them travelling with you. They are discovering the world and will likely bring many unforgettable memories of your time spent together as a family.

Of course, getting an annual travel insurance should be at the top of the list to ensure safety for everyone. If you intend to travel a few times a year, an annual plan can take your mind off having to look for a travel insurance each time to relieve any extra load off your travel-planning.

So how do you bring along your toddler on your trips and still enjoy your time as much as possible? Here are some tips for new parents:

1. Choose the right destination

You and your spouse might be active travellers who loved a good hiking trip that takes you on the mountains for days. But that’s not exactly something your toddler would be able to do, even if they’ve just found their legs. If it’s your first trip together, it’d be a good idea to take it easy and choose a more manageable destination, like some of these we’ve suggested here.

Even if you think that going to a country that you are familiar with like Bangkok will be easy, it can be an entirely new experience with your toddler in tow. You need to consider that there could be transportation options which are lacking in child-safety measures, such as sitting in a Tuk Tuk or mini-vans without seatbelts. Pushing strollers along uneven walkways or busy areas can also be more hassle than you think!

2. Decide on a style of travel suitable for your family

Most of us would think that flying would be the easier option to travel when it comes to convenience. Going on a road trip, on the other hand, requires much more planning – you’d need to consider how far you can drive per day, fuel station stops, meal stops and of course, the available accommodation along the way. Travel conditions can also derail some of your well-planned itinerary.

But when travelling with toddlers, road trips can turn out to be easier to manage, especially if you can simply put everything you need in the boot. You’d just need to buffer extra time for unexpected stops along the way. Without luggage weight limits and liquid item restrictions, a road trip could be an ideal time for the family to spend a vacation together. What’s more, it can turn out to be a cheaper option too.

Picking the type of vacation can also mean having a relaxing stay in a Club-Med type resort, or bringing your toddler along to the rural areas for a feel of the countryside. Whichever way you choose, consider the ease of having everything you need and the type of family time you want to spend together.

3. Put your child’s comfort as a priority

While holidays are meant to be relaxing and enjoyable, what’s fun for you may not be fun for your kid. Take for instance the case of going on a road trip – you might enjoy driving along the scenic routes, your wife is happy to take a backseat but your child might get rather restless after an hour on the road. He might start to move a lot, make a fuss, for he might not care about the big waves crashing against the cliff, the birds flying in the blue sky and that mountain-view.

At times like this, you’d need an “arsenal of goodies” to keep them entertained and distracted. Your “arsenal” should include lots of handy snacks and toys, even games you think up of to ensure they have fun on the trip.

On the plane, kids that kick up a fuss can also cause you to be at your wit’s end, especially when you get disapproving looks from other passengers. You might want to consider comfort aids that can help your child sleep longer or stay more comfortable, such as PlanePal and BedBox by Taxibaby. The latter is an innovative travel product for toddlers; it is your child’s hand luggage, ride-on suitcase and bed/leg-rest, in the very same box. It’s even approved by many major airlines!

Travelling with a toddler can be an extremely rewarding experience as part of parenthood. At this stage, they can still use a pram, and at the same time, they can get on their own feet and discover the world, introducing you to old things with new eyes. While it can also get challenging, it will no doubt bring much more colour to your trips – none will be the same again!

Before you embark on your next family trip, remember to get your family travel insurance first so that you can strike one off your long to-do list! With our improved travel insurance plans, not only do they cover up to 4 kids for free under the family plan, they get to enjoy the same payable limits as adults as well. Get a quote today!