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Thoughts about this Year’s Safer Roads Campaign

It’s easy to be hopeful on a beautiful day like today.

Where thoughts dark and gripping are distant;
Where everyone we care about is happy and healthy;
Where everything is as it can be.

Claims are a part of what we do.

I remember going into the office, feeling sunny like today then to be told how blood was found inside a car of a recent accident.
I closed my eyes and felt the sorrow, the anguish of the family.

This was the second time this year that I had encountered news of a fatality… I vividly remember months ago sitting across from my colleague who lost a good friend on his cycling team.

His eyes were vacant.

That disbelief coupled with shock;  a hopelessness beyond helplessness — it was this very expression that had kept me going, particularly in these last 6 weeks, in putting together this year’s DirectAsia.com Safer Roads Campaign.

As a Company, we work hard to champion the cause for safer roads. As people, we bear witness for a life known & now a life lost.

A silent but poignant reminder that the safe roads isn’t just the responsibility of few; but to us all.

The roads that have brought us this far can only be made Better, Greater, if we persevere towards keeping it safe, in the same fervor we strive for prosperity and progress.

Let’s Drive to Zero Accidents Singapore — Every life matters.

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