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Steps to Renew Road Tax in Singapore

Road Tax Renwal SG

Road tax is just one of the many running costs of driving a vehicle in Singapore. It is required by law and has to be renewed annually or on a 6 month basis. For new car or motorcycle owners, the process of renewal may seem complicated but in this article we aim to clarify any questions you may have about your upcoming road tax renewal.

Check This Pre-Requisites Before Renewing Your Road Tax

Before renewing your vehicle’s road tax, make sure to prepare these pre-requisites:

  • Road Tax Renewal Notice – If you are unable to produce the renewal notice, a validated road tax disc will not be issued on the spot.
  • Certificate of Motor Insurance or Cover Note – LTA requires that you have insurance for the entire duration of the new road tax. Make sure you renew your motor insurance with a trusted car insurance company.
  • Inspection CertificatePassing a vehicle inspection is required to renew your road tax. Inspections must be conducted by authorised inspection centres. Here is the frequency of inspection depending on your vehicle:
Frequency of Inspection
Age of Vehicle Less than 3 years 3-10 years More than 10 years
Motorcycles & Scooters Not Applicable Every Year Every Year
Cars & Station Wagons Not Applicable Every 2 Years Every Year
Off-Peak Car Seal Check Every Year Every Year Every Year


  • Number Plate Inspection Certificate (applicable to off-peak cars)
  • Vehicle Parking Certificate (applicable to heavy vehicles such as buses, trailers, mobile cranes, and recovery vehicles)


4 Easy Ways to Renew Your Road Tax

Once you have all the applicable pre-requisites, there are four easy ways in which you can proceed with your road tax renewal.

Road Tax Renewal Counter
  • Online (service is available daily from 6 am to 12 midnight)
  • Kiosks – AXS Stations (service is available from 6 am to 12 midnight) & iNet Kiosks
  • GIRO (General Interbank Recurring Order)
  • Collection Centres and SingPost

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For a complete list of the Road Tax collection centres in Singapore, check out the One Motoring website here.

Paper Road Tax Disc

If you have successfully completed the road tax renewal, a validated road tax disc will be sent to you within 5 working days. Road tax disc are used to identify vehicles which are up to date with on their road tax. [Starting February 15, 2017, however, the LTA will no longer be issuing any paper road tax discs and will not be a required display on vehicle windscreens. Motorists will only be given a payment notice which must be in the vehicle at all times.] Do note that you will only be able to use your vehicle 14 days (excluding Sundays and Public Holidays) after the road tax’s expiry. Please renew your road tax before the expiry date. Otherwise, late renewal fees will be imposed. Driving a vehicle without a valid road tax is an offence and liable to a fine of $2,000.

How You Can Calculate Road Tax for Your Car

Road tax is computed by a variety of factors. The age of the vehicle, engine capacity, vehicle scheme, and propellant used are all taken into account. Take a look at how some of these factors might affect the cost of your road tax.

  • Old Vehicles (Cars and motorcycles 10 years and older)

Vehicles more than 10 years old incur a surcharge of 10% to 50% on top of the standard road tax. (10% surcharge for 10 year old vehicles with 10% increments for each additional year – a maximum of 50% surcharge)

Revised Off-Peak Cars (ROPC)

Revised off-peak cars, on the other hand, get $500 off their annual road tax which is subject to a minimum road tax payment of $70 annually.

  • Engine Capacity for Petrol Cars
6-Monthly Road Tax Formula
Engine Capacity (EC) in cc From 1 July 2008 to 31 July 2015, and from 1 August 2016 From 1 August 2015 to 31 July 2016 (with 20% rebate) Please refer to the Press Release for more information
EC < 600 S$200 x 0.782 S$200 x 0.6256
600 < EC < 1,000 [S$200 + S$0.125(EC – 600)] x 0.782 [S$200 + S$0.125(EC-600)] x 0.6256
1,000 < EC < 1,600 [S$250 + S$0.375(EC – 1,000)] x 0.782 [S$250 + S$0.375(EC-1000)] x 0.6256
1,600 < EC < 3,000 [S$475 + S$0.75(EC – 1,600)] x 0.782 [S$475 + S$0.75 (EC-1,600)] x 0.6256
EC > 3,000 [S$1,525 + S$1(EC – 3,000)] x 0.782 [S$1,525 + S$1(EC-3,000)] x 0.6256


  • Engine Capacity for Motorcycles
6-Monthly Road Tax Formula
Engine Capacity (EC) in cc From 1 July 2008 to 31 July 2015, and from 1 August 2016 From 1 August 2015 to 31 July 2016 (with 60% rebate) Refer to the Press Release for more information
EC < 200 S$40 x 0.782 S$40 x 0.3128
200 < EC < 1,000 [S$40 + S$0.15(EC – 200)] x 0.782 [S$40 + S$0.15(EC-200)] x 0.3128
EC > 1,000 [S$160 + S$0.3(EC – 1,000)] x 0.782 [S$160 + S$0.3(EC-1000)] x 0.3128


For more detailed computations, be sure to check out the LTA website here.

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Reminders Before Road Tax Renewal

  • Make sure to resolve any pending traffic and parking fines from the Housing and Development Board, Urban Redevelopment Agency, Land Transport Authority, and the Traffic Police before you renew your road tax.
  • Your motor insurance must not expire within the new road tax period. Extend or renew your motorcycle or auto insurance policy before getting your insurance certificate. To add to this, a valid car or motorcycle insurance must be in your vehicle at all times.
  • Avoid delaying your road tax renewal. Late fees will be applicable to those who haven’t renewed their road tax on time. Rebates are available for those who renew their road tax ahead of time.

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