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Blazing a Trail with Road Safety Campaign - DirectAsia.Com

DirectAsia.com’s marketing maestro, Rachelle Lee, tells us how she helped create a road safety campaign that blazed a trail across the nation… Rachelle Lee
Rachelle Lee: “Much to the boss’ chagrin, I successfully pried myself out of our Hong Kong office and made it back for the National Day Parade. A sense of national pride washed over me as I stood shoulder to shoulder with fellow Singaporeans as we sang Majulah Singapura, looking up towards the skies where our flag was flown high. There's simply nothing like celebrating Singapore, in Singapore. It was this very same national pride that woke me up one morning last year with the determination to author a national campaign. One that would make a difference to the community in which the Company I work for, is operating in.
At DirectAsia.com, we speak to drivers everyday on their claims, their insurance needs, their frustrations. The entire machinery of our business works hard each day to protect safe drivers. Everything we do is much about keeping the roads safe.
I thought: What if we could make road safety a way of life amongst all drivers in Singapore? What if there was a way to reiterate the basic pillars of a good driving society where road users will always make it home safe?
We looked beyond the term 'safety', found 'courtesy' to be the forefront of safe driving and a campaign was born: Supported by the Singapore Road Safety Council, the Singapore Police Force and the Traffic Police Singapore, the 2012 Road Courtesy Campaign "Courtesy Counts - Let's drive the message home" featured 5 values of courteous behaviour:
'Space’, ‘Respect’, ‘Patience’, ‘Foresight’, and ‘Considerate’. On their own and collectively, they call out to road users to change their behaviour and attitude on the roads for the better, and remind everyone – whether a motorist, heavy vehicle driver, motorcyclist, pedal cyclist or pedestrian – that patience, good etiquette, tolerance and mutual respect are key to safe and conflict-free use of the roads.
Featured across a series of 5 car decals road courtesy decals Designed by DirectAsia.com's marketing department, these decals were simple yet vivid; contemplative yet impactful. Road users were invited to collect these free decals from any Shell petrol station to badge their support for the Courtesy trait they supported the most. By displaying the decal on their rear windscreen, drivers were also able to evangelize the Road Courtesy message to other road users. One hundred motorists who were spotted doing a courteous act were rewarded with $80 petrol vouchers each. Public engagement on the campaign Facebook page, SgRoads carried a Road Rants photo story contest where motorists were invited to share their frustrations. Twenty stories with the most likes each received a $80 petrol voucher. Reinforcement of the campaign message was seen on LED screens and lamp-post banners on major road arteries, buses, taxis, car parks, bus stop shelters, press and radio ads. courtesy campaign launchcourtesy count buslamp post featuring respectcourtesy count taxi Radio events at public car parks, hosted by popular radio DJs bolstered public participation. Support for the cause was very encouraging. Within months of its launch, the SgRoads Facebook page garnered more than six thousand likes. I am honored to be able to make a contribution to my country and look forward to extending our efforts to keep Singapore roads safe for the years to come." safe road mascotcourtesy count campaign exhibition