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Parking Tips to Avoid Penalty for Illegal Parking

Every car owner in Singapore dreads getting a Notice of Traffic Offence (NTO). Drivers can face fines from $50 to $300 depending on the offence. Apart from the parking penalties, there are also very serious risks to your motor insurance in Singapore if you get into an accident while illegally parked. In this blog post, we will give you some much needed parking tips so you can avoid getting penalties for illegally parking as well as the other risks that go along with it.
The truth is there are so many parking restrictions to consider when parking in the country. Illegal parking violations are divided into two different types: offences without demerit points and those with demerit points. Offenses with demerit points are more expensive and will be accumulated, if you get to 24 points within a 12 month period, you will be charged as a repeat offender. Repeat offenders get stiffer fines. Here are some of the things you should avoid when parking your vehicle.

Non-Demerit Parking Violations

  • Yellow Lines – Parking in by an unbroken, single or double, yellow line can cause you a parking violation. A single yellow line is a no parking zone from 7am to 7pm on that side of the road. (Parking on a single yellow line during Sundays and public holidays are allowed.) Double yellow lines are no parking zones at all times.
  • White Lines – Parking in an unbroken white line is also a huge no-no. Whether it is a single or double white line, there are no parking at all times in either side of the white line.
  • Fire Hydrants – Parking within 3 metres from a fire hydrant is also another parking violation.
  • Junctions, Intersections, and Bus Stops – Parking within 6 metres of a junction or an intersection would also warrant you with a parking violation. Parking within 9 metres of a bus stop or bus bay is also a parking offence.
  • No Waiting & Stopping Signs
  • Pick-up & Drop-off Bays

Demerit Parking Violations

  • Yellow Zigzag Lines – Yellow zigzag lines along the side of the road, whether single or double, is strictly a no parking zone. These violations carry three demerit points.
  • White Zigzag Lines – Parking along white zigzag lines will cost you three demerit points.
  • Pedestrian Crossings – Parking in a pedestrian crossing is also a demerit worthy parking violation. Violating this will cost you three demerit points.
  • Demerit No Parking & Stopping Zones – These violations get you three demerit points.
  • Parking Abreast of Another Vehicle – These will also carry three demerit points.
  • Stopping or Remaining at Rest in a Shoulder or Carriageway of an Expressway – These violation will get you four demerit points.

Do note that parking in this case is a fluid definition. You can also get these parking penalties if you stop or remain in these zones. These violations are not limited to car owners. Motorcycles also get fined if they violate these parking restrictions.

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