"High Risk" Driver? Motor Insurance Options For You

Two, Three, or More Motor Accidents? What Are Your Insurance Options?

When it comes to car accidents, lightning can indeed strike twice – sometimes even more. As a road user, it is not only one’s own driving and attention skills that determine the likelihood of an accident. Other road users can be careless or even reckless. And if you are the unlucky one that happened to be in their path, that can mean big problems.

Unlucky for Some

“Hit and runs” by unknown culprits, being hit by drivers from other countries – these are just two of the less common situations that can arise, situations that can be difficult for an insurer to resolve. Such events can be even more frustrating if a not at-fault driver has already made one or more claims in recent years.

multiple car accident claim
Two or more accidents? Trouble renewing? Help could be at hand…

Informing the Insurer

If the at-fault party cannot be found, or fails to inform their insurer, this can mean claim delays for not-at-fault parties, and may lead to substantial premium hikes.

And for those who fail to inform their insurer about an incident, they can have their claim prejudiced or declined if the incident comes to light by way of the other party making a claim.

“Motorists who fail to report their accidents to insurers could have their claims prejudiced or declined.”  General Insurance Association of Singapore

The GIA also states that claims should be made within 24 hours.

But what options does a motorist have available to them if they experience such bad luck, having had perhaps two or three “at fault” accidents in the last three years?


Traditional insurers tend to be less charitable to ‘high risk’ drivers, but here at DirectAsia.com we believe there are drivers in Singapore who deserve a second chance. That’s where our SOS Car Insurance comes in.

get back on driver seat
At DirectAsia.com we believe some drivers deserve a second chance.

SOS Car Insurance – How Could it Help?

  • Prevents you being penalised for not buying road tax – since tax cannot be purchased without valid insurance.
  • Getting SOS Car Insurance cover means you won’t need to think about drastic measures such as transferring ownership to a spouse, whereby a 0% No Claims Discount might be instigated. In addition, loans relating to the vehicle will need to be transferred, amounting to a lot of hassle and wasted time.
  • The notion of “fronting” can be discarded out of hand; an exceptionally inadvisable action in any case since it may be considered fraud by the authorities.
driving in singapore
Get behind the wheel once again – with SOS Insurance from DirectAsia.com.

Get a Second Chance

If you are having trouble getting car insurance, why not find out more about SOS Car Insurance from DirectAsia.com. Getting back on the road may not be as difficult as you think.

Read more about GIA Motor Claims Framework here, and what to do in the event of road accident.

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