Things to know before buying a motorbike in Singapore

Honda NC700x Top City Motorbike
Honda NC700X. Top City Motorbike (Photo:

Riding a motorbike, according an avid fan, can be a bit like yoga. Apart from the benefits of all that freedom from the metal box that is the car, there’s the wind, the speed, the other traffic.  All this to say that to ride a motorbike successfully, you need to be aware, moment by moment. In this way, motorbike riding requires mindfulness and that brings us back to yoga.

When much of life is programmed, motorbike riding can be one way to step beyond the boundaries. You develop a relationship with your bike, the roar of the engine, the way it handles. People with motorbikes seem to find each other, there’s a community amongst the two wheelers. Oh, and if this isn’t enough, a motorbike is a lot cheaper than a car. That’s why the words Motorbike For Sale, are so appealing.

But, like anything worth doing, you need to know what you are getting yourself into.  Here’s’s round up of the essentials to help you get ahead.

Scooter Riding in the City
Be Aware, Have Fun, Be Safe

1. Buying, Selling, Reviews, Meet Ups is a popular hang out for buying and selling new & used motorcycles, accessories & gadgets. Catch up with the latest motorcycling news and events, services, promotions and offers from Singapore Bike Shops, Dealers and Distributors.

2. Top 10 Motorcycle Safety Tips

“Riding a motorcycle doesn’t have to be an exercise in cheating death. Motorcycles may be inherently less safe than cars are, but there are a lot of things motorcyclists and drivers in cars can do to keep everyone safe.”  Jamie Page Deaton, Discovery Channel News

Discovery Safety Advice

3. How To Ride A Motorcycle Across South East Asia

“How about buying a Soviet-made motorbike for $300 and riding it from Saigon to Hanoi? Sound crazy? It is – but you can do it and Off Track Planet is well-prepared to guide you through one of the wildest adventures to be had in Southeast Asia.” Mark Ayling,

Off Track Planet Tips

Kawasaki Ninja 300
Kawasaki Ninja 300. This One’s Mine

4. How Illegal Modifications Could Affect Your Safety, Warranty And Insurance

“An increasing number of Singaporeans are modifying their motorbikes and cars, emphasising their personal style by adding parts that enhance performance or comfort, or simply improve their vehicle’s appearance. But such modifications can cause real problems for vehicle owners if they fall outside Land Transport Authority (LTA) regulations.” Felix Chong,

Low Down On Vehicle Modifications

5. Fun, Freedom, Discovery. Road Tests, How-Tos And Lots More.

“ brings you the best of biking online including the latest news, blogs and video. We also ride the latest bikes in road tests, how-to features, new and used bikes listings and buyer’s guides from respected journalists, including Niall Mackenzie and Jamie Whitham. Visit our motorcycle features section for the latest first ride reports and features.”

Check out

Motorcycle Rider in Singapore
Ride safe, enjoy freedom

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