I Forgot To Buy My e-licence – Help!

The demands of life in Singapore can mean we forget some of the details – one of which can be remembering to buy a day e-licence.

It happens more often than you might think, with many well-meaning OPC drivers simply forgetting to make this purchase. Perhaps it’s because the e-licence can be bought after the event – until 23.59 of the next day – that it slips our minds. We just get on with whichever task has brought us out onto the daytime roads of Singapore, then as the clock strikes (or beeps) midnight the next evening – our heart skips a beat or two.

Forgot to buy e-licence - Help!

Will I turn into a pumpkin?

Forgetting to buy your e-licence shouldn’t be anything to worry about. Even the LTA can’t turn you into a pumpkin. The worst they can do is mete out is a S$30 fee for the violation, which is just S$10 more than the e-licence cost – as long as you pay them within 3 days.


If you wish, you can file an appeal on the OneMotoring.com.sg website, explaining why you were late paying. It may have been an emergency situation, for example. The appeal option is more applicable to those for whom 3 days have elapsed since they used their car outside OPC times. An unattractive fine of up to S$5,000 is waiting those who cannot give the LTA a good excuse, and a penalty of up to S$10,000 is there for repeat offenders.

Both situations are still better than being turned irreversibly into a pumpkin.

Don’t forget, you can buy your e-licence online at LTA (e-services section), One Motoring , or via mobile phone at Mobile Pay.

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  • This article from Mr Craig Hindmarsh contains some ambiguities and seems to be out of date.

    First, OPC cars are not provided with any “free” coupons anymore, unlike probably weekend cars from years ago.

    Second, even with an excellent and geniune excuse, LTA will still not hesitate to slap a heavy fine.

    • Hi Lee Kah Meng,

      Many thanks for your response on this. Your point about the “free coupons” has been reflected in the post, thank you for that.

      On your second point, there have certainly been some high profile fines given out to some drivers who did not buy e-day licences on time.

      Once again, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us 🙂


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