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7 Essential Mobile Apps for Stress-free Travel

Travelling has gotten so much easier since the rise of smartphones. Through useful travel phone applications, we are able to find our way around a foreign city, communicate with the locals, and book flight tickets and hotel rooms all in the palm of our hand. Aside from your family travel insurance, these travel apps are the ideal safeguard for a stress-free trip. In this blog post, we our listing down the travel apps every globetrotter shouldn’t live without.

1. For converting currency – XE Currency

Calculating for currency can be time-consuming especially if you don’t have access to live exchange rates. With the XE Currency app, you will have access to live currency exchange rates perfect for converting currency on the go. Plus, you will also be able to calculate prices in app.

Available in: Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows.

2. For a comprehensive itinerary – TripIt

In order to get the most ideal group travel insurance, you must first have a comprehensive travel itinerary to be able to assess your travel insurance needs. With the TripIt mobile app, you are able to organise your whole itinerary. It also has a sharing mobile application that makes it perfect for travelling with your family or group of friends.

Available in: Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows.

3. For booking the best flight deals – SkyScanner

The SkyScanner mobile app allows users to access the best flight deals available in real-time. Whether it is short notice or for a long weekend trip, SkyScanner is one of the more popular apps for finding the best flight deals, hotel accommodations, and car hire.

Available in: Android, iOS, and Amazon Apps.

4. For booking last minute accommodations – Agoda

Avoid the hassle of manually looking for accommodations. The Agoda app gives you access to over 750,000 accommodations across the world. The app includes reviews and easy-to-use search that features the best deals in your location which is perfect for a short getaway.

Available in: Android, iOS, and Windows.

5. For navigating a foreign city – Google Maps

Google Maps offers real-time navigation. The great thing about the app is that you can also access traffic updates, transit routes, as well as nearby areas of interest. This makes travelling all the more convenient. It also has an offline setting which is ideal for those with poor mobile connections.

Available in: Android and iOS.

6. For translating a foreign language – Google Translate

Communication is one of the greatest hindrances of travel. Google Translate is an awesome application where you can interpret spoken or written foreign languages on the go. Connected to your camera you can take snapshots of signs and have it translated instantly. It has an offline feature, so it comes in handy for those without access to the internet.

Available in: Android and iOS.

7. For finding the best restaurants and bars – Time Out: Discover your City

If you are familiar with Time Out website and magazines, then you will enjoy their app. Time Out: Discover your City is the perfect app companion whenever you visit a new city. You can get restaurant recommendations based on your location and your preferences. This allows you to find out the best dining and nightlife options in the city. Plus, the app also recommends the latest events in your chosen city.

Paired with the best annual travel insurance in Singapore, these essential and convenient travel apps make travelling stress-free.

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  • Thanks for the article! I travel a lot and it is nice to find apps that make it easier for me. Time Out: Discover your City is one of my favorite apps. I don’t feel like an alien in a new city if I know I can easily find few nice places I can hang out at.
    Also, I was thinking about installing SkyScanner but after reading that the app has an access to contacts and accounts in this review http://www.insidetheapp.com/skyscanner-hotels-app-review/ I am not so sure. Is this okay for a mobile app or should I look for something else?