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How to De-Register Your Car In Singapore - Quick Guide | DirectAsia


Your to-do list. It’s great when it includes happy things like ‘book dinner for Saturday’ or ‘get tickets for the new Star Wars movie’. But have you noticed how difficult things seem to stay stuck on your to-do List?

Why does this happen? Because most of us don’t like things we don’t understand, so we tend to avoid them. Here’s a case in point. Over 100,000 car owners in Singapore have a car between eight to 10 years old. You can bet there are a few to-do lists out there containing the line ‘find out how to de-register car’. It’s also a safe bet that the Star Wars tickets will get sorted sooner.

Direct Asia is here to help. Here is our handy guide to help you de-register your car, and we’ve added tips to help you buy a replacement.

Useful Advice

A vehicle owner is responsible for the de-registration and proper disposal of his de-registered vehicle.

The de-registered vehicle must either be scrapped at an LTA Appointed Scrapyard, temporarily stored at an LTA Appointed Export Processing Zone pending export, or exported out of Singapore. Proof of disposal of the de-registered vehicle must be submitted to the LTA.

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