Bold Advertising Campaign from

Bold Advertising Campaign from

SINGAPORE — aims to ruffle a few feathers within the insurance industry with its latest advertising campaign.

You’ve seen the adverts in the Singapore press. Rows of happy smiling agents pictured celebrating their success with traditional insurance companies.

Bold Advertising Campaign from

Now has turned the tables in its latest advertising campaign. Instead of featuring smiling agents they’re showing happy customers in their spoof ad. Underneath are the words, “Insurance companies today seem to have a lot of happy agents. Quite frankly, we’d rather have happy customers.”

The award-winning online insurer, which cuts out the agents and sells directly to customers, sees the bold advert as a fun way to hit back at traditional insurance companies. It is meant as a light-hearted dig at recent advertising campaigns showing happy agents and financial advisers who have produced the most business and earned the most commission.

Simon Birch, CEO of, said:

This is meant as a playful dig at the insurance companies who are celebrating the success of their agents when we feel they should in fact be celebrating their customers.

“We’re here to change the face of insurance in Singapore and that includes making a stand when it comes to our advertising campaigns. We know this will be seen as a controversial move but we’re not afraid to be bold, bright and direct.”

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