Belt Up, It Could Save Your Life

Belt Up, It Could Save Your Life

An important area of’s safety campaigning relates to the simple act of using a seat belt. But as with so many things that could be called child’s play, belting up is so simple that sometimes we forget to do it. Or even worse, we decide it’s too much hassle. Not doing this simple thing, however, could have very serious consequences.

In 2011 enlisted the help of one of Singapore’s top acting talents, Adrian Pang, to help drive home this simple message. In the ad, Pang plays a father whose sons wish to carry out an ‘experiment’ in his car. Once inside, the two boys buckle up with a cake, and, as the boys pretend to drive the car like their dad, they hit the imaginary brakes: and the cake hits the windscreen.

The comical dialogue at the start contrasts starkly with the voiceover’s comments…

“Suddenly stopping your car at 50km per hour will throw this 5kg cake at a force equal to 30 times its weight…”

“…A 10 year old child will hit the windscreen with the weight of an adult tiger…”  

It’s pretty sobering viewing, despite the comic relief provided by Pang and the boys.

So as 2013 is now well underway, will continue to hammer home this very simple message throughout the year:

Belt up. It could save your life, and the lives of your loved ones

Seat Belt Laws in Singapore

On the 1st of January 2012 the law regarding seat belt use in Singapore changed. Before this date, any child under 8 was required to use a child restraint or a booster seat cushion, in addition to the seat belt. Those 8 and over were required to wear a standard seat belt.

After that date, however, the law changed to relate to height rather than age. Now, anyone under 1.35m in height must be secured with a child restraint suitable for that person’s height and weight, or make use of a booster seat – in addition to the seat belt, or an adjustable seat belt. Those over 1.35m must use a seat belt, no matter what their age.

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