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Adrian Pang Gets Serious with Road Safety Campaign

Singapore – Well-known Singapore actor and funnyman, Adrian Pang has teamed up with Singapore’s online insurance company to launch a road safety campaign to address the rising number of motorists who do not belt up and other disturbing trends on our roads.

Adrian Pang Gets Serious with Road Safety Campaign

The road safety campaign will consist of a series of videos targeted at both parents and children and will focus on dangerous behaviours such as not using seatbelts, drink driving and using mobile phones while driving. The videos communicate a serious message but deliver this in a way that is intended to reach a broad audience using humour.

Recent Singapore police figures have shown a big increase in the number of summonses issued for adults not wearing seatbelts. Even more worrying is the fivefold increase in the number of cases of children not being buckled up.’s Chairman, Anthony Hobrow said:

As an insurer that rewards good driving, we are very pleased to be able to do our part and contribute to the Singapore community in this way. Each of us, at one time or another, has seen examples of unsafe driving such as children not buckled up or drivers using a mobile phone while driving. It is up to all of us to take some responsibility and ensure our families, friends and the wider community are kept safe. Our videos provide a humorous but firm reminder of the importance of safe driving habits.”

Adrian Pang said,

Whilst I may be better known for my work in the world of entertainment, I personally take the issue of road safety very seriously. I am delighted that both my family and I are part of the road safety campaign.”

Indeed, the road safety campaign is a Pang family affair. Produced in conjunction with Adrian Pang’s production company, Pangdemonium! Productions, the videos were directed by his wife, Tracie, and star Adrian Pang and their sons, Xander and Zachary.

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