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As human beings, we each have our own pet peeves. From the time we wake up in the morning, to the time we rest for the night, there are things that, no matter how hard we try, we just can’t help but get annoyed by. And in the sunny island of Singapore, it’s usually the things that we encounter in our daily travel that gets under our nerves, particularly the driving habits of some of us. We list down the 7 things car drivers do that repel people. If you do any of these things, stop them now for they are such a big turn off.

1. Being a complete show off

It’s very hard to miss a show off. They are the ones who purposely make their engines sound louder. Honking indiscriminately as if announcing their presence to the world. And always cutting other cars off as if it proves that they are the better car driver. There aren’t too many around but it’s quite amusing when you encounter one.

2. Changing lanes without signalling.

If there’s one road habit that Singaporeans detest the most, it’s the habit of changing lanes without signalling. In fact, according to one poll conducted by Straits Times, 26% of all respondents expressed frustration about this, making it the top pet peeve of road users in Singapore.

3. Strutting around with booming car stereos.

We get it. You’ve installed your vehicle with the latest, most expensive sound system available in the market. We also get it that you like to turn up the bass – a lot! Just be mindful that while you’re immersing yourself in your own kind of music, other people shouldn’t have to be forced to listen to it as well. Let’s turn the volume down a little bit, shall we?

4. Using your mobile phone excessively.

Using a phone while driving is not only dangerous but illegal. However, there are those who can’t avoid checking their phones excessively. Sometimes, you will even see these drivers taking selfies in the middle of traffic. For yours and others’ own good, please stop doing this.

5. Being lazy and apathetic.

Lazy driving can be okay sometimes. But a lazy driver is a big turn off. Maintaining your vehicle and making sure that it’s always in good condition doesn’t take much anyway so why not keep it that way? For example, keeping the interior of your vehicle clean and neat goes a long way. Also, making sure that your vehicle is insured by the right insurance provider is important. Do not just automatically renew your car insurance if you’re not sure that it provides customisable policies (which means more savings for you) and speedy, personalised claims support. Remember: don’t get stuck with the wrong car insurance. Doing these things will help you attract, instead of repel more people (and friends).

6. Being a parking hog.

You’re a good driver. So make sure that you also have good parking skills. In a place like Singapore where there is limited space, nothing ticks people off more than spending an hour looking for a parking spot only to realize that two parking spots are being occupied by a single vehicle which has been badly parked. A classic definition of a parking hog. Don’t be one.

7. Tailgating

There is absolutely no reason to tailgate. You annoy the driver in front of you because you’re just too close for comfort and you also get annoyed because you can’t go faster anyway. Don’t get stuck, why not avoid this tension by simply keeping a safe distance. By doing this, you make yourself, and everyone around you happy.

Do you have anything to add to this list? Tell us in the comments section below.

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  • Rather surprised that road hogging is not on your list. It’s no. one on my list followed by not signaling when switching lanes.

  • Yes, don’t tail gate. If someone is driving too slowly on the overtaking lane just flash your lights from a slight distance to alert the driver in front; they may not realise that they should not be on the overtaking lane when they are not overtaking. Some drivers feel that so long as they are driving at the maximum speed limit they are entitled to be on the overtaking lane.
    Another point, if you one to sound your hone to warn another driver, do not do it with a long blare; a tap or two on the horn would be enough, otherwise it may be taken as an irritation and generate a similar irritating reaction.

  • Glaring white headlights, road hogs and bikers hogging the highways without front but usually taillight and in dark clothing!

  • I dare to swear that i have at least kept up with the good habit of signalling my intention at least 90% of the time. Most of the other time when i did not signal is when i am very sure that there is no car within 500M away from me.

    Now the problem that lies with majority (more than 65%) of the road users upon seeing me intending to switch lane with the signals, they slam the gas to drive up and narrow the gap forcefully making it difficult for me. Worse still the other cars after the driver follow suit to also make it not possible for me to switch lane.

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