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7 Great Gadgets to get for your Car

Having a car in Singapore is a prized possession. Some people even treat their cars like it is their second home. Since we spend so much time in our cars, doesn’t it make sense to make it a little cosier? Here are 7 great gadgets that can make your ride more convenient and comfortable.

1. Holder for Phone or Tablet

Don’t get us wrong, we are not advocating for the use of your mobile phone or tablet while you drive. But the fact is many drivers use the GPS on their phones to help them get to where they are going. You only have two hands, so you better make sure your hands stay on the steering wheel.

Phone mounts or holders secure your cell phone and can help prevent you from getting distracted while driving. It’s also handy if you use your mobile phone to play music or talk to someone without having to pick up the phone.

Do make sure that the phone holder fits your phone snugly though, or it could be more of a hassle than convenience.

2. Neck Pillow

There’s a likelihood that you are already spending too much time sitting in your office, facing your computer for some 8 hours a day. The extra time spent sitting in your car driving home during the peak hours will likely not help with your already-stiff neck and shoulders.

Why not invest in a car neck pillow to help relieve that pressure? A good car neck pillow can  help to relieve pressure and keep the neck aligned with the spine, so you don’t strain your body while driving. It’s a little extra comfort that most drivers can afford.

3. Car Sunshade

Living in tropical Singapore, it’s a little surprising that there isn’t more drivers buying a sunshade for their cars. You might think that sunshades are little luxuries, a little like a sunglass, but it can be more useful than just shielding you from the hot sun while driving.

For instance, they also keep your car cool by blocking out the sun’s rays, protect the areas where you might have your electronic gadgets. They also serve to protect your car interiors, such as your dashboard, making them last longer.

4. Dashcam

A dashcam has been an increasingly popular gadget to get for car drivers these days. In short, the camera has the ability to record the view of your car’s interior or exterior. Most driver attach it somewhere near the windshield; it is extremely helpful in the event of a car crash or accident. Just remember to attach it to a spot that will not obstruct your view while you drive.

5. Bluetooth Car Kit

You don’t need to buy a new car just to get a newer model that allows you to pair your smartphone with. A Bluetooth car kit is good enough. Given the fact that a smartphone is so indispensable in our daily lives, having the Bluetooth car kit will allow you to play your favourite music on your car stereo and make convenient hands-free calls while you drive.

6. Parking Sensors

Great for new drivers or those who want to make sure that they don’t scratch their shiny new ride when parking, parking sensors covers your blind spots by detecting obstacles while you park.

For novice drivers, it can be challenging to measure the approximate distances of each stationary car without having the help of a guide. A parking sensor thus comes in handy. This is especially true for those who are driving bigger cars. By installing parking sensors, they can potentially save you a few hundred dollars from an unfortunate bump or scratch on your car.

7. Portable battery jump starters

A jump starter kit is basically a battery source that allows you to start your car when the car battery dies. Usually, you will be able to jumpstart your car by using another car’s battery and making a connection with the jumper cables. However, who is to guarantee that you are not driving in the middle of the night and that there are no vehicles around that will stop to help you?

Life will be a little easier if you had portable battery jump starters in your car. They are also compact - the size of your smartphones' power bank - so there’s no excuse not to get one. Just remember to charge it!

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