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6 scenic routes for those who love driving and travelling

6 scenic routes for those who love driving and travelling

More and more people are opting to take a self-drive holiday. The advantages are obvious – travelling at your own pace and discovering more of the authentic way of life instead of simply sticking to convenient tourist attractions. While you might be able to get from Point A to point B easily via the expressway, taking the longer but more scenic route is usually a welcomed alternative for those that can afford the time. If you love driving and discovering other countries, don’t miss out on these scenic road trips that you can plan for your upcoming holiday. Don’t forget your travel insurance before you go!

1. Great Ocean Road

Not a stranger to many Singaporeans, the Great Ocean Road in Australia is considered an easy drive for those embarking on their first road trip. Besides scenic views of the ocean, the express also cut through national parks that offer a number of hiking options and viewpoints. Of course, the highlight is no doubt the picturesque Twelve Apostles– magnificent rock stacks that rise up majestically from the Southern Ocean on Victoria’s dramatic coastline.

2. The Icefields Parkway, Canada

Canada is known for its beautiful landscape and a road trip along the Icefields Parkway is one of the best ways to experience all that it can offer. The route is a 232 km stretch of double-lane highway, stretching from Jasper National Park to Lake Louise in Banff NP. Along the way, you will see breathtaking views of more than a hundred glaciers, turquoise-blue lakes, waterfalls and interesting wildlife.

3. New Zealand South Island Road Trip

New Zealand Road Trip

It’s hard to isolate just a single stretch of road but if you have 2 to 3 weeks to spare, a drive around the South Island of New Zealand promises a rewarding holiday. Almost all along the way, you will be surprised by the wondrous landscape and the sheer variety of different terrains over the 3,000 km route.

Be awed by the snow-capped mountains, reflective lakes, alpine passes and sea of lupine flowers. Go in summer (December) for the best weather.

4. The Four Pass Route in Switzerland

Switzerland Road trip

Switzerland has plenty of scenic roads, but instead of long open expressways, you can expect twisty mountainous routes. But if you can conquer them, you’ll be greeted with some of the best scenery in Europe. One of the most scenic drives take you across four mountain passes in a day.

At a length of just 158 km, you can easily do the drive in just about 3.5 hours. The road starts at Innerkirchen near the resort town of Meiringen and goes through the Nufenen Pass, Susten Pass, Grimsel Pass and the St. Gotthard Pass. The highest of them, the Nufenen Pass, stands at 2478m.

There are many viewpoints along the way, so take your time, plan for a picnic and don’t rush. The Swiss mountain passes are only open in summer though and a good way to start your trip is to stay in either Interlaken or Lucerne area and start your drive in Meiringen.

5. Route 40, Argentina

For the ultimate road trip, Route 40 in Argentina is one not to be missed. It is one of the longest roads in the world at over 5,000 km long! It crosses some 236 bridges, 18 national parks and passes the Andes 27 times. Not for the faint-hearted or rookie road-tripper, but definitely makes for an epic drive.

Passing everything from flat open plains to lively cities and immense lakes, this road-trip route is a one-stop-shop for scenery. You’ll also find plenty to do along the way - penguin-viewing, treks, whale-watching and paragliding.

6. Romantic Road, Würzburg, Germany

The 350 km-long road draws an estimated two million visitors every year and is arguably one of the best-known holiday route in the world for a road trip. The Romance Road or Romantic Road is a stretch of road that links picturesque towns, fairytale castles, breathtaking landscapes, historic battlegrounds and cultural landmarks.

The most famous of them all is probably the Neuschwanstein Castle.  The Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the most visited castles in Germany and even served as the inspiration for the castle in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. Makes for a good road trip for honeymoon, we say.

Are you getting all excited for a road-trip yet? Before you go, ensure that you’ve got your planning all done – travel insurance, itinerary, pit-stops and rental car insurance. We promise once you’ve gone on your first road trip, you’ll never want to travel in a tour bus again!

your first road trip, you’ll never want to travel in a tour bus again!