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5 Common Reasons Why Road Accidents Happen


Whether you're a driver, rider, cyclist or pedestrian, road accidents can happen at any time.

Because accidents are unintentional, you can simply prevent one by being more cautious and courteous on the road.

Drawing data from data.gov.sg, we reveal the five most common reasons for car accidents in Singapore.

1. Failing to Keep a Proper Lookout

In 2016, failing to keep a proper lookout resulted into 2,729 injuries and 41 fatal accidents among drivers, riders, or cyclists.

This can be attributed to the many distractions that drivers face nowadays. From the vehicle's GPS system to the use of mobile phones, drivers are increasingly distracted today.

Avoid this by removing possible distractions around you while driving. It can be as simple as turning off the radio or setting your GPS guide prior to leaving for your destination.

2. Failing to Have Proper Control

In 2016, Failing to Have Proper Control resulted into 1,058 injuries and 36 fatal accidents.

To avoid such accidents, it would be best to be conscious of various road conditions. Wet roads, road works and pot-holes are among the most common issues faced on the roads daily.

By being actively aware, the likelihood of losing control of your vehicle decreases significantly.

3. Failing to Give Way to Traffic with Right of Way

Failing to give way to traffic with right of way resulted into 882 injuries and 8 fatalities in 2016. This is tragic, considering that it is completely avoidable just by being more patient and courteous.

While driving, priority is given to traffic to the right. If you find yourself in an intersection without any traffic lights, yield to cars already in the intersection.

Also, regardless of whose right of way it is, always take due care when approaching pedestrians.

4. Changing Lanes without Due Care

Lane changing may be a fundamental aspect of driving, but it surely has dire consequences if done negligently.

In 2016, changing lanes without due care resulted in 497 injuries and 4 fatal accidents involving drivers, riders, or cyclist.

To avoid such accidents, always check 3 times before filtering into your desired lane.

A look at the rear mirror, then a look at your side mirror and finally a quick blind-spot check should be standard procedure. Of course, don't forget to signal your intention to other road users!

5. Disobeying Traffic Light Signals Resulting in Accidents with Vehicle

Again, another tragic and completely avoidable reason makes the list.

In 2016, disobeying traffic light signals resulting in accidents with vehicles resulted in 112 injuries and 3 fatal accidents.

Despite the immense importance of traffic lights, there are still drivers who fail to comply with them. For one reason or another, they choose to put not only themselves but also others in danger.

There is no other way to say this: obey the signals. And remember, the amber light means "slow down" rather than "speed up", unless it isn't safe to do so. Yet, a safe driver would not even be driving fast when approaching a junction to begin with.

Safety First

As a licensed driver, you ought to know that road safety is a top priority. To reduce likelihood of accidents, strive to be a safe, patient and courteous driver.

By actively reminding yourself of these 5 common reasons, you can be a better and safer driver. Don't add to the statistic; instead, strive to increase your accident-free mileage!

In case you find yourself in an accident nonetheless, make sure that you are protected by getting comprehensive insurance for your car. It always pays to be fully prepared.

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