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3 essential gadgets for a motorcycle rider in Singapore - DirectAsia

The Geco Cam

1. Get Your Rides Recorded at Eye Level

Thinking of getting a GoPro to stick on your helmet and record your rides? That is too yesterday. Here comes a high definition action camera that can be fixed to the stem of your sunglasses. Called the Geco Mark II, it is one of the smallest HD action cams to come into the market. It comes with elastic straps that allow it to cling to your sunglasses. You will get an eye level recording of your ride with a 100-degree lens. The camera will be packaged with an 8GB microSD card and charging hardware. It has a battery life of up to one hour when recording at 720 pixels. You can see the camera in action on YouTube here. The Geco Mark is going for USD199 at its website Geocam.com.

2. The Backpack You Have Been Waiting For

Finally, a stylish futuristic looking backpack specially designed for us bikers, especially the speedsters among us. The typical backpacks can have flaps flying around on your back as you commute to work or school, which can mar the smoothness of your ride. The Ogio No Drag Mach 3 backpack is designed with airflow in mind. It has an aerodynamic shell structure that allows good airflow. But this is just the beginning. It has chock full of other features that make it truly a rider’s backpack. Mach 3 Motorcycle Backpack It has a hard PU exterior shell, giving your contents added protection. Don’t worry about fitting your stuff in this back. At 1125 cu., it is voluminous and has enough space to fit your 15” laptop. There are multi compartments to snugly fit the usual gadget that almost everyone carries these days – smartphones and tablets. The designers have put enough thought into it to position the hip belt buckle away from the centre. This small change can save your gas tank from all the inevitable scratches. Don't Miss: 3 Gadgets to Tech Up Your Ride This Mach has adjustable load divider to evenly distribute weight and a body conforming shoulder gasket for the comfort and fit that you deserve in your ride. The designers made sure that the handle can be concealed into the bag structure to maintain the overall aerodynamic form. For those heading for gym or sports, you will be glad to know that there is a dedicated shoe storage compartment. It’s good to know that the manufacturers have added a lifetime limited warranty to the Mach backpack. It is currently retailing at USD150 here.

3. Communicate Well on Your Next Tour

The Sena 20S is a Bluetooth communication system that is a cut above the rest of its kind. It has a beautiful sleek look that comes integrated with a jog dial making it easy for riders to handle. Sena 20S Motorcycle Bluetooth Comminication System It is built on cutting edge dual Bluetooth 4.0 communication modules. It produces high definition audio quality and an hi-tech Audio MultitaskingTM technology that allows a seamless blend of incoming and outgoing mixed audio experience. This means that you can be listening to stereo music while listening to GPS navigation instructions, and when needed, blend into intercom conversations with fellow riders. All these in full duplex mode. The accompanying app is available for both iPhone and Android phones where users can adjust the settings. You can get it here at USD494.20. You May Also Be Interested In: The Man and His "Pimped Up" Helmets You Want a Smart Ride. So Be Smart About Your Insurance. Get the exact insurance that you need. Remove the middlemen and get the best quote for your next motorbike insurance. At Direct Asia, you get a savings up to 25% on your insurance because you avoid paying brokers’ commission. Choose the plan you want. Pay the way you want. It’s online and it’s easy!
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